Boston Shows Its True Color: Renewable Green

Thanks to a gift to the city of Boston from Clean Air – Cool Planet (CA-CP), the holiday lights on Boston Common this year will be powered by clean, renewable energy — they are symbolic of Boston’s commitment to carbon emissions reduction.

Boston’s “Green Lights” program, reducing the carbon dioxide and other emissions from electricity used over the next few weeks in the annual display, will be offset by wind energy purchased by CA-CP through the Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance. “We thought this would be the perfect gift to the city and people of Boston,” said Amelia Ravin, community coordinator for CA-CP, a nonprofit that works with communities, campuses, and corporations throughout the Northeast to reduce the carbon pollution that causes global warming. “In terms of actual emissions, it’s a relatively small thing, but it’s a symbol of all of the ways the city has worked hard to reduce its emissions and to lay the groundwork for a sustainable future,” said Ravin. “In our work in the region, we always stress that offsets are an important measure in reducing greenhouse gases,” said CA-CP’s Ravin. “Used in conjunction with energy efficiency measures, they can help an individual, a corporation, or a community make their energy use ‘carbon neutral’ while promoting the development of more renewable power sources.” CA-CP started the “Green Lights” program this holiday season “to celebrate the work of communities in reducing their emissions and to help people understand that there are many things we can all do to combat global warming,” Ravin said. Other cities participating in this first year include Portland, Maine; Keene, New Hampshire; and Stamford, Connecticut.
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