Bonneville Foundation Gets Green-e Certification

The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) has granted Green-e Certification for the Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s (BEF) Renewable Energy product – Green Tags.

PORTLAND, Oregon – May 8, 2002 [] BEF Green Tags are recognized as a way to offset the emissions associated with fossil-fuel burning energy production. One Green Tag equals the production of 1 mWh of renewable, non-polluting electricity and offsets 1,400 pounds of emissions. Each Green Tag is generated from 100 percent new Renewable Energy sources including wind turbines and solar panels. “Our Green Tag supporters expect our product to meet the highest environmental standards,” said Angus Duncan, Foundation President. “Green-e certification is the environmental ‘Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.’ Its rigorous review process commands national respect.” “BEF has been involved in developing the Green Tag market from its very early days. Our Green Tag agreement with EPA was one of the first in the nation. From the beginning, BEF has worked to ensure customers buying Green Tag products were getting what they paid for,” said Foundation Vice President Rob Harmon. “We are gratified that CRS has created a certification process which confirms our own commitment to product integrity.” As part of the certification, BEF agrees to abide by the Green-e Code of Conduct, including submission of marketing materials to meet Green-e disclosure and truth-in-advertising requirements. BEF will also participate in an annual review to verify that the quantity and type of renewable electricity purchased meets customer demand and marketing claims.
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