Bonneville Environmental Foundation to Provide Solar Incentives

The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) has announced that it will pay the owners of new photovoltaic systems 10 cents per kilowatt hour for the environmental attributes – or Green Tags – associated with their operation to satisfy the new solar specified in sales agreements with Xantrex Technology Inc. and Schott Applied Power. Both companies have signed commitments for Green Tags requiring the installation of 80 kW of solar to meet their demand.

RENO, Nevada – June 21, 2002 [] The announcement was made during the National Solar Energy Conference presented by the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) in Reno, Nevada. ASES demonstrated its support for Renewable Energy by buying BEF Green Tags to offset the environmental impact of the electricity use of the four-day conference. “We are pleased to welcome Schott Applied Power into our 100 percent club for companies that purchase enough Renewable Energy to meet all of their electricity needs. And, to provide special acknowledgement for Xantrex Technology,” said Robert Harmon, Vice President of BEF and Director of Renewable Energy Programs for the Foundation. “After making the 100 percent commitment to Green Tags in 2001 for their facility in Arlington, Washington, Xantrex has now expanded to include their facility in Livermore, California.” Both of these companies made a three-year commitment that specifies that 5 percent of their Green Tags come from new solar resources. This makes Xantrex the largest purchaser of solar Green Tags in the United States. Green Tags represent the offset in emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants that occur when Renewable Energy replaces traditional forms of power generation. BEF Green Tags, which are certified by Green-e and The Climate Neutral Network, come from new wind and solar resources endorsed by three regional environmental groups. The net revenue from selling BEF Green Tags is invested in the next new Renewable Energy project. “Our commitment to green power demonstrates our commitment to a sustainable future,” said Kevin Hagen, Director of Sales and Marketing for Xantrex’ Distributed Power Market Unit. “We made this purchase to help stimulate the demand for Renewable Energy and to contribute to the growth and development of the solar industry.” Schott Applied Power, a solar electric systems company, was attracted to BEF’s offer to customize their purchase, allowing them to specify extra solar Green Tags. “We look forward to working with BEF to support an expanding market for green power products, particularly those with a strong solar energy component,” stated Tom Starrs, President of Schott Applied Power. “BEF is doing remarkably innovative and pioneering work in promoting the development of viable markets for new environmentally preferred power.” To provide the new solar for these customers, BEF will be partnering with the Northwest Renewable Energy Cooperative by providing incentives to install approximately 50 new small solar installations on homes and businesses. “Solar energy, while a wonderful renewable source of power, is still somewhat expensive when compared to wind energy or polluting fossil fuels,” said Harmon. “We are looking forward to supporting those individuals who need a little extra revenue to make their solar systems more affordable.”
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