Blue H Launches Floating Wind Turbine

Blue H Technologies BV has launched a large scale prototype Submerged Deepwater Platform (SDP) which will be anchored in 108 meters waters at a distance of 10.6 nautical miles from the coast in Southern Italy.

The technology for the prototype uses submerged tension-legged platforms, developed by the oil industry for some of its off-shore rigs, to create a platform large and stable enough to support a tower and a wind turbine. This technology reduces the overall weight of the structure. Blue H expects its future deep sea wind energy units, at comparable installed capacity to standard installations, to weigh less than 800 tons.

The SDP can be assembled onshore and then towed out far offshore, at distances of 10 nautical miles or more and positioned in deep waters (50 meters or more in depth) and it also allows a localization far enough from the coast to benefit from stronger and more regular winds.
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