Billions Invested in Japanese Wind Farms

The Toyota group will invest 3.5 billion yen to set up two major windfarms.

NAGOYA, Japan, JP, 2001-10-01 [] Toyota Tsusho Corp., affiliated with Toyota Motor, will set up two subsidiaries to oversee the operations of the planned wind-power electricity generation facilities. One facility in Oga, Akita Prefecture, will start generating electricity after a year’s preparation. The other, in Yokohama, Aomori Prefecture, will sell its output to Tohoku Electric Power in two years. The two units will operate a total of 15 turbines, with Akita generating 7,650 kW and Aomori to produce 10,500 kW. Toyota Tsusho expects sales at the Akita unit to reach 60 million yen in 2003 and the Aomori facility to bring in 80 million yen in 2004.
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