Beatrice Wind Farm Puts Renewable Energy On Stream

Talisman Energy (UK) Limited announced that the Beatrice Wind Farm Demonstrator Project has begun generating energy. The 85-meter high, 5-megawatt (MW) turbine, the largest in offshore deepwater, will be used to generate electricity for the nearby Beatrice platform, 25 kilometers off the east coast of Scotland.

A second turbine will be installed nearby in the summer to complete the project. The joint venture between Talisman and Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) is a central part of DOWNViND (Distant Offshore Wind Farms No Visual Impact iN Deepwater). “We are making history with the first electricity being generated by this offshore deepwater turbine,” said Dr. Jim Buckee, Talisman Energy Inc. president and CEO. “This achievement is a huge milestone in the DOWNViND project.” DOWNViND, which includes 18 organizations from six European countries, is one of the European Community’s largest renewable energy research and development programs and is designed to ensure that Europe is well positioned to take a global lead in developing deepwater offshore wind farms. Funding for the project was provided by a variety of organizations including the European Community (EUR 6 million), the Scottish Executive (Pounds Sterling 3 million) and UK Department for Trade and Industry (Pounds Sterling 3 million). The remainder of the funding came from Talisman and SSE, augmented by contributions in kind from many participants.
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