Aussies Could Race Around in Teslas Soon

Electric car maker Tesla Motors (TSLA) announced that its Tesla Roadster is now approved for Australian roadways and available for purchase.

Roadsters are handmade, carbon-fiber all-electric vehicles that come with a hefty price tag.  The company says its car accelerates from 0-100km in less than four seconds, plugs into any conventional socket and can travel over 380 kms on a single charge.

EV enthusiast, Simon Hackett, a technology entrepreneur in Australia, is the first Tesla owner in Australia. Hackett also holds the record for distance driven on a single charge in a production electric vehicle, which he broke driving 501 kilometers in a Tesla Roadster.

“In a Tesla Roadster, you know you’re driving the future,” said Hackett.

According to the company, the Roadster requires less routine maintenance than conventional cars, does not need oil changes or exhaust system work and has no spark plugs or pistons to replace.

While most experts agree that the Roadstar’s high cost puts it out of reach for most of the consumer market, the company’s recently announced partnership with Toyota – which left one of our bloggers stunned — may mean that a more mainstream version will soon be on the market.

Just last week the companies announced that they will be working to develop an electric version of the Rav4, which could be available as early as 2012.

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