Aussie High School Tests Solar Energy

A high school in Australia is taking the initiative to bring Renewable Energy to its community. Townsville State High School recently launched a project that will feed electricity into the main grid and determine the best type of solar power for the city.

Queensland, Australia – December 6, 2002 [] The research conducted by students at the school is designed to determine what type of solar technology is most appropriate for the community. This type of solar research has never been done in the twin cities of Australia region. “The future of domestic energy is from renewable sources such as the sun and wind,” said Townsville High Principal Bill Sperring. “We are putting together the figures for Townsville.” FNQ Solar Renewable Energy specialist Graeme Hunter, who is supplying equipment and expertise for the project, said this was the first of a three-stage effort. The first stage uses polycrystalline solar technology, while the second will use amorphous thin film technology. A specially designed computer system will allow for a direct comparison of the efficiency of both types of solar module. The third and last stage of the project will implement wind power. “By measuring the output of solar and wind hybrid systems, Townsville High is assisting the transformation of Townsville as the Sustainable City,” said Hunter. Stage One and Two combined will produce the equivalent amount of energy used by an energy efficient house. Stage Three will incorporate a US designed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine never before seen in Australia. Access:
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