Podcast: Assessing the Financial Health of the Wind Industry

This week, we’re podcasting from the Wind Power 2009 conference in Chicago looking at the state of the wind industry in the face of a dismal economic climate. As we’ll hear from our guests, the health of the industry is still positive, despite the myriad challenges that companies are facing today.

We’ll talk with Joshua Magee, a Senior Analyst with Emerging Energy Research about the entrance of new and old players in the space.

“Several of the traditional banks and financial institutions which historically were active in this market, are actually slowly starting to come back in,” says Magee.

We’ll also talk to him about changes along the supply chain due to the slowdown in demand for turbines, components and materials.

Then, we’ll speak with Project Finance Attorney Ed Feo about when the U.S. and other markets will fully recover.

“I think what we’re seeing right now is a burst of activity, which is the result of this somewhat pent up demand from nothing happening for six months,” says Feo.

We’ll also chat with him about why a feed-in tariff would simplify the very complicated incentive structure for wind in the U.S.

Finally, we’ll chat with Dennis Moritz of Advantage for Analysts, who will flesh out some of the changes will will take place in the wind project finance space due to the restructuring of incentives under the recent stimulus plan.

“As we move forward, it will be increasingly important for people to understand how these changes will impact the industry,” says Moritz.

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