As Wind Farm Comes Down, Another Slot Opens

The Danish Energy Authority is looking to auction offshore wind farm development concessions at Horns Reef in the North Sea. The tender includes a license to carry out preliminary surveys and the right to construct an offshore wind farm of 200 MW. In what might be called inauspicious timing, however, this offer comes on the heels of a major wind farm on the reef being dismantled for repairs.

Copenhagen K, Denmark – July 23, 2004 [] The tender is the result of a Danish energy policy agreement among a broad majority of the Danish Parliament regarding wind energy, and decentralized combined heat and power among other issues. According to the agreement, two offshore 200 MW wind farms will be established at Horns Reef. Candidates interested must submit a request to participate in order to be considered for pre-qualification. A wind farm of 160 MW was established at Horns Reef by Danish wind power giant Vestas, but the company recently announced it would dismantle for repair all of the turbines installed in the Horns Reef project because of a series of difficulties it has experienced with the transformers and a number of the generators. The notice of offshore wind farm concession describes the documentation and information interested candidates are required to submit to the Danish Energy Authority. The information submitted will form the basis for the Danish Energy Authority’s evaluation and selection of the pre-qualifying candidates to be invited to submit bids. The notice also states the award criteria that will be used in the selection of the concession owner. They include the cost of energy, the location and design of the project, and the timetable for implementation of the project. The criteria for award will be described in more detail in the bid material. The Danish Energy Authority will select five candidates as pre-qualified. Interested candidates must submit their requests to participate in pre-qualification to the Danish Energy Authority by September 1, at 2 p.m., Danish time. The notice is available on the homepage for the Danish Energy Authority at the following link.


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