American Contractor to Build Turbine Supports

Anyone questioning whether renewable energy offers a true jobs and manufacturing multiplier effect, should take one look at just one of GE Energy’s subcontracts. Chicago Bridge and Iron Company (CB&I) has contracted with GE Energy to fabricate 150 tubular steel support towers for GE’s 1.5 MW wind turbines that will be installed in wind farms in the western United States. In October, GE Energy announced orders for 750 MW of power to wind farms in the U.S.

CB&I’s contract work will includes fabrication, installation of internals and painting of the 80-meter (262.5 ft) towers, which will be manufactured and shipped from CB&I’s fabrication plant in Provo, Utah. More than 18,000 tons (16,329.3 metric tons) of steel will be used for the 14-month project. In addition to the western U.S. project, CB&I will work with GE Energy company on two large offshore wind farm developments in the U.K. The projects are due for award in early 2005 and are part of the initial Round 1 licenses granted by the U.K. authorities. If the development company is awarded licenses from the U.K. authorities, they will supply more than 600 MW of wind energy generation at each site. For these projects, CB&I would draw upon its extensive offshore experience to supply and install everything but the wind turbines, including the turbine foundation support, offshore transformer platforms, offshore inter-array cabling, offshore and onshore export cables and connection into the electric grid. “We are pleased to participate in these significant renewable energy projects,” said CB&I President Gerald M. Glenn. “We believe wind energy has the potential to develop into a substantial market for CB&I. We are proud to contribute to the continued advancement of this reliable, non-polluting energy source.”
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