Alliance for Renewable Energy to Promote Feed-in Tariffs

The Alliance for Renewable Energy (ARE), a coalition of businesses, non-profits, energy experts, legislators and citizens, was launched on October 12th at a pre-event of the Solar Power International 2008 conference in San Diego, California. ARE’s mission is to promote Renewable Energy Payments (REPs), also known as Feed-in Tariffs, legislation in states and provinces throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) are in place as legislative policies in more than 40 countries. Lois Barber and Paul Gipe, co-chairs of ARE, said in a statment, “REPs have proven to be the most widespread and effective legislation for the promotion of renewables. Our mission is to bring REPs to North America where they can help to rapidly increase our shift from fossil fuels to renewables, and in doing so improve our energy security and generate hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs.”

ARE will build on the recent passage of federal renewable investment and production tax credits by urging policymakers to now focus on proven policies that have led to the rapid deployment of renewable energy throughout the world. REPs can be introduced at the state, provincial, and municipal level.

ARE is promoting REP legislation in many states, including, California, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Washington, Illinois, Rhode Island, and Hawaii. 


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