Allegheny College Harvesting the Wind

Allegheny College announced recently that 7.5 percent of its electricity will come from wind power – higher than any other college or university in the eastern United States has invested in Renewable Energy.

MEADVILLE, Pennsylvania – April 17, 2002 [] Allegheny will purchase a portion of New Wind Energy(TM) from Community Energy, Inc. (CEI), a clean energy marketing company in Pennsylvania. New Wind Energy(TM) is electricity supplied from newly developed wind resources in Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region. “Allegheny College is committed to exploring and promoting sustainable and environmentally responsible approaches to energy production and use,” said Allegheny College President Richard Cook. “Colleges and universities have a special obligation and role to play in the research, development and demonstration of new technologies that will improve both our economy and the environment.” Allegheny College has committed to purchasing more than one million kWh of New Wind Energy(TM) each year, which equals more than one-quarter of the output of a new wind turbine to be built in the Allegheny mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania. According to Community Energy, Inc., the College’s 7.5 percent commitment will prevent nearly 1.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide from polluting the air and produce environmental offsets equivalent to planting nearly 89,000 trees. Pennsylvania is home to the five largest retail wind energy purchasers in the nation.
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