Airtricity Acquires Wind Presence in Canada

Airtricity, Inc., has acquired Gale Force Energy, a Toronto-based privately held wind farm developer with more than 4,000 MW of projects under development across Canada. Airtricity’s purchase signals the start of consolidation for Canada’s wind energy industry, as Airtricity has renewable energy operations in Ireland, the U.K. and North America.

“I am very pleased to announce the acquisition of Gale Force Energy (GFE), given their reach in Canada — a key market for us — and the advanced stage of many of their more than 30 development projects in eight provinces,” commented Eddie O’Connor, Airtricity’s CEO and founder. “This acquisition is indicative of the type of consolidation necessary to allow small wind power developers to succeed in the increasingly competitive international wind energy market.” “We are still a Canadian company,” said Greg Coleman, the founder and CEO of GFE, “and we will continue to work with our landowner groups across the country to complete our projects. We are the same company we were yesterday — the difference is we now have the resources and expertise to help get these projects across the finish line faster and in a more cost-effective way.” “A major issue for GFE, and for all small developers in Canada, is the international shortage of wind turbines,” said Coleman. “GFE can now take advantage of Airtricity’s inventory of more than 500 MW turbines. Having a supply of turbines with locked-in pricing provides a significant competitive advantage for our projects in Canada.”
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