ADB Supports Tata Power’s 100 MW Wind Energy Project in India

Asian Development Bank (ADB) is promoting renewable energy in India by helping to finance the construction and operation of wind energy facilities of the Tata Power Company Limited, India’s largest private power company. The project is expected to produce about 100 megawatts (MW) of power.

ADB will provide an Indian rupee denominated loan of up to Rs3.52 billion [US$85.7 million] to Tata Power without a government guarantee to set up and operate wind energy facilities at two locations in the state of Maharashtra. “India urgently needs to explore sustainable energy development, and the Government has been working proactively to promote the use of renewable energy sources and we are glad we would be partnering with Tata Power to drive this initiative,” said Takeo Koike, an Investment Specialist with ADB’s Private Sector Operations Department. The Indian Government has provided support measures to increase renewable energy contributions in the country and has issued policy guidelines for the state governments to establish and maintain policies to promote renewable power projects. Maharashtra, where the subprojects for Tata Power are located, is one of the leading states in promoting wind power generation. As of September 2006, installed wind power capacity in Maharashtra was 1,242 MW, the second most among states in India. From 2003 to March 2006, Maharashtra developed more than 750 MW of additional capacity.


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