A New Spin on Wind Energy Training

Lotus Creative Innovations is one of our latest Total Access partners. I immediately took note of their innovative product and thought it was one of a kind! The Wind Turbine Trainer is a scaled down model of a real commercial wind turbine to give real, hands-on training experience.

I talked with Arvind Gavali, the co-inventor of this innovative tool about the product and about why he founded the company.

Gavali told me that they designed it from a need his brother, Ashish, found while attending Iowa Lakes Wind Energy program. When he graduated and started working in the wind energy field, he felt that a hands-on learning tool was what people needed to simulate the real workings of a wind turbine. What better way to learn! He and his brother came up with the prototypes and now have several patents pending.

The kit comes pre-assembled, so instruction starts from actually building the turbine itself to show the basic mechanics behind the structure. It gives a complete introduction to kinetic energy as well as delving into the advanced level topics such as troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Wind Turbine Trainer applications:

  • College students – to give real-world experience
  • Any school age group – teach the basics of wind energy
  • Wind Energy Company new hires
  • Community education – benefits of having wind turbines in your area
  • Homeowner education – benefits and savings

The model teaches the basic electro-mechanical aspects and has a clear gearbox to view the inner workings. It comes equipped with a 50 volt generator so you can make it work without the risk of electrical shock. To see all of the features of this one-of-a-kind wind turbine, click HERE to view Lotus Creative Innovations company profile page and learn all about it.

If you are a company in the wind energy industry and need a tool to train new users or would like to educate your community on the basic concepts and advantages of wind turbines, then this product is for you. If you have any questions, comments or ideas for other applications, let Lotus Creative Innovations know!

If you are a Total Access partner, contact me to let me know how you are using the program and what features you would recommend to other partners. If you are a Free Access partner and want to learn why you should upgrade to Total Access, contact me and I will be more than happy to tell you!

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