8 Reasons Wind Power Rocks

After having some fun with my article on 11 reasons solar power rocks, I thought I’d do a piece on 8 reasons wind power rocks. Wind turbines are not as much of a consumer technology as solar panels, but they still offer several benefits we all can appreciate.

1. Of course, wind power is one of the greenest technologies out there, helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions even more than solar panels, as well as air and water pollution.

2. Wind power also beats solar power when it comes to water use. It is the most water-efficient method for creating electricity in a large scale.

3. Wind turbines look awesome. I understand some people disagree with me, but I don’t know how — wind turbines look absolutely awesome.

4. Wind turbines save farmers. Farming isn’t the most lucrative business in the world, and it’s no secret that small farmers have been going out of business left and right in the past several decades. Wind turbines offer a lot of revenue and can be placed in a very complementary fashion on many farms, sometimes even helping crop growth. The revenue boost has helped many a farmer to stay in business.

5. Wind power, like solar power, creates a lot of jobs. Per $1 million invested, wind power creates a lot more jobs than coal, natural gas, or nuclear energy.

6. Wind power brings down electricity prices. Wind power is now the cheapest option for new electricity capacity in much if not most of the world. Furthermore, the way many wholesale electricity markets are set up, fuel-free wind (and solar) power plants are able to underbid everything else, thus driving down wholesale electricity prices.

7. Again, like solar power, the distributed nature of wind power makes the grid more secure.

8. The renewable energy source and its free fuel from nature also provides energy security, not being reliant on fuel shipments from other countries. Plus, the fuel is never going to run out.

Originally published on Sustainnovate.

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