600 MW of Wind Power Expands Renewable Energy Projects

Siemens Power Generation received an order from FPL Energy for wind turbines totaling up to 600 MW. FPL Energy currently operates 45 wind facilities in operation in 15 states.

This order will support the planned expansion of FPL Energy’s wind-driven electricity generation projects. Siemens will manufacture, install and commission its 2.3-MW Mk II wind turbines, with delivery scheduled to begin in 2006. “The wind power business, especially in the U.S. and Canada, is more favorable now than it was in the past,” said Randy Zwirn, member, Siemens Power Generation Executive Management and president and CEO. “With the increased focus on clean renewable energy, as well as high natural gas prices and volatility, wind power is an increasingly attractive alternative. In addition, the recently passed Federal Energy Policy Act includes provisions for subsidies and tax credits for the development of renewable energy, which enhances the attractiveness for our customers.” FPL Energy, a subsidiary of FPL Group, generates electricity using clean fuels such as natural gas, wind, solar, hydroelectric and nuclear. “Wind projects continue to be an important part of the growth strategy for FPL Energy,” said Jim Robo, president of FPL Energy. “This new turbine agreement with Siemens provides us with a platform to deploy turbines early next year.” “The recent passage of the Energy Policy Act that contains a two-year extension of the wind production tax credit enables us to execute, without interruption, our wind development program,” said Robo.


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