450 MW Wind Farm Bid Gains Approval

The Knob Hill Wind Farm, a development of Sea Breeze Power Corp., was issued an Environmental Assessment Certificate. The certificate marks the first approval by the Environmental Assessment Office of British Columbia to build a utility-scale wind farm. The proposed wind farm – which the company believes to be the largest single wind farm to receive planning approval in the world – will comprise 150 wind turbines with a total generation capacity of up to 450 megawatts, enough energy for approximately 350,000 people. The site for the proposed wind farm is 35 kM west of Port Hardy on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. This area is part of the coast of British Columbia, which has been identified as having the best wind potential in the world by the World Energy Council. The certificate requires that substantial construction begin within five years of the date of issuance. The assessment process included review by the public, representatives from federal, provincial and local government agencies, and the Quatsino First Nation and Tlatlasikwala First Nation. The completed facility is expected to cost in the range of US $550 million.
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