3TIER Releases New FirstLook Prospecting Tool

3TIER announced the expansion of its FirstLook Prospecting tool, now providing free access to average wind speed ranges anywhere in the world, through a 5 kilometer resolution map. FirstLook is Web-based assessment tool to globally prospect for viable wind energy generation locations.

“The map’s underlying dataset provides the information developers, financiers and governments need to target the best regions in the world for data collection and higher resolution studies,” said Ken Westrick, CEO of 3TIER. “In short, this map and dataset shorten the process needed to make sound decisions about where to invest in wind energy generation.”

A FirstLook Wind Assessment Report includes:

  • Average annual wind speed for the area around a site (50 km x 50 km)
  • Average monthly wind speed and standard of error for each month of the year
  • The distribution of hourly wind speeds throughout the year
  • A wind rose for all hourly wind speeds during the year
  • The average hourly wind speed and standard of error for each hour of the day
  • Wind roses for each month of the year
  • Daily wind speed patterns for each month of the year

FirstLook Assessment Reports are currently available for the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Reports for additional regions will be made available throughout the year as the datasets are validated to the standard of accuracy established for the United States.

To navigate the map and find out more about FirstLook Prospecting, click here.

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