3TIER Releases Global Wind Map

3TIER, has launched its REmapping the World initiative by unveiling the a global wind map, which people will be able to view for free online. The map provides global wind data at an 80 meter (m) height over a 15 kilometer area for a single year.

3TIER has determined that more than 40 percent of the world’s land mass has wind speeds at more than 6 m per second. Even though some of that land is not accessible for commercial development, the potential for future renewable projects is quite large. Currently, less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the global land mass has been developed for large-scale wind projects.

“Communities in developing countries finally will have – at little or no cost – the information to help them decide whether renewable energy can power their communities,” said Kenneth Westrick, 3TIER’s CEO and founder. “These maps will help leaders and developers throughout the world assess their renewable energy potential and make important policy and economic decisions as a result.”

The global wind map can be viewed at firstlook.3tiergroup.com.


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