300-MW of Offshore Wind Planned in Netherlands

RWE has submitted a permit application and environmental impact assessment for its Tromp Binnen offshore wind farm to the Dutch Public Works and Water Management Authority. Initially composed of 59 wind turbines with a total capacity of approximately 300 MW, the project will use transportation cables leading to shore and a transformer station on the coast of Velsen-Noord.

The report analyzes the environmental impact of the wind farm, which RWE would like to build 75 kilometers off the shore of Callantsoog. RWE submitted proposals to the Dutch authorities in February 2008 of this year to build at least two major offshore wind farms in the Netherlands.

With a total volume of up to 2000 MW the projects is thought to represent one of the largest offshore wind developments in the world. To date, the development will be the largest wind farm in the North Sea and located furthest from the shore. The use of a pedestal made out of concrete will make it unnecessary to drive piles into the ground. This technique will be a first for the Netherlands.


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