150 MW Wind Power Project Will Proceed

SaskPower International Inc. and SaskPower are proceeding with plans to develop a 150 MW Wind Power Project in the Rushlake Creek area in southwest Saskatchewan.

“Moving forward with the development of this wind power facility reinforces Saskatchewan’s commitment to develop alternative energy projects in support of a green and prosperous economy,” Minister Responsible for SaskPower Frank Quennell said. “We believe that further wind generation development in Saskatchewan is viable and the decision to move forward with this project at this time, with or without a joint venture partner, demonstrates that.” This project is part of SaskPower’s Green Power portfolio, which was developed to ensure that all of Saskatchewan’s new electricity needs until 2010 are met from environmentally friendly sources, whose operations do not add to greenhouse gas emissions. Construction will begin in October, with upgrades to municipal road construction. In addition, SaskPower International has awarded the turbine supply and installation contract to Vestas-Canadian Wind Technology, Inc. When completed in December 2005, the project is expected to generate enough zero emission energy to meet the electrical needs of approximately 64,000 homes. “SaskPower International and SaskPower remain committed to pursuing wind generation as part of the Green Power Portfolio and will continue to look at options for bringing on a new joint venture partner or partners as the project is implemented,” SaskPower President and CEO Pat Youzwa said. “SaskPower is taking a leadership role in the development of alternative energy sources. We will continue to pursue more renewable energy projects – including wind power – where it makes sense economically and environmentally, and we already know that renewable energy is not only good for the environment, it’s good for business as well.” SaskPower International Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SaskPower and is the corporation’s development arm. SaskPower operates three coal-fired power stations, seven hydroelectric stations, four natural gas stations, and 16 wind turbines (Cypress Wind Power Facility) with aggregate generating capacity of more than 3,000 MW, and has 449 MW of contracted capacity (Meridian Cogeneration Station, Cory Cogeneration Station and SunBridge Wind Power Project). SaskPower maintains more than 152,000 kilometers of power lines.
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