Solar Panel Efficiency in the Rain

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If you live in South Carolina, you already know that the Palmetto state is a great place for solar power! There is plenty of sunshine and taxpayers can claim a generous  tax credit of 25% off the costs of  a solar PV system.

However, South Carolina summers are known to be unpredictable when it comes to weather. One minute the sun is shining, the next there is a full on downpour. Residents regularly experience torrential summer rainstorms. These frequent rain showers make solar homeowners wonder if solar panels will still generate power when the sky is gray?

Solar PV System Efficiency and Rain

The good news is your solar PV system will still produce energy even when it's raining and cloudy outside. Solar panels installed on your roof can use direct or indirect sunlight, though they are most effective when they receive direct sunlight. On cloudy or rainy days, photovoltaic panels can produce anywhere between 10-25% of their optimal capacity. The exact amount will vary depending on how dark and heavy the rain and cloud coverage is overhead. It is interesting to note that rain does help your solar panels operate more efficiently after the storm because the water washes away any dirt, dust or pollen.

LG Solar Panels

The type of solar panels installed on your roof also affect how much power they produce during overcast or inclement weather. Palmetto Solar uses LG solar panels, which are designed to capture a broader range of the solar spectrum. The LG photovoltaic panels deliver some of the highest efficiency numbers available in the solar industry so there is no question that your solar power system will generate electricity even when it’s overcast or raining.

South Carolina is also one of the states with a strong net metering policy. This means energy produced by your solar system when the sun is out and shining will offset the power used when your system is not operating at full capacity such as during a rainstorm.


If you have any other questions about solar panel efficiency during rainy, cloudy days, please give us a call! Palmetto Solar is happy to answer all your solar energy questions! We will walk you step by step through the process of going solar! We install solar power systems across South Carolina including Charleston and Columbia. Schedule an in home consultation with on our experienced solar specialists today! (855) 339-1831.


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