[first published 8/4 and updated 8/7 with Vote Solar comments] Cost-shift to non-solar customers is at least $25M annually, study adds. Yesterday, Energy + Environmental Economics (E3) – an energy consulting firm commissioned by SMUD to study the value of solar in its service territory – released an independent study that evaluated the true value...

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Board of Directors adopted a climate emergency declaration, committing to working toward the goal of delivering carbon neutral electricity by 2030. The utility said it has previously helped to pioneer renewable energy programs and standards. In 2018, SMUD reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 50% from 1990 levels. Furthermore, SMUD...

Sacramento’s municipal utility will use blockchain software to track rewards for customers who charge with solar power. The city of Sacramento is preparing to test a hyperlocal electric vehicle charging program that will use a Chicago company’s blockchain software to track customer rewards. The pilot project will offer blockchain-based “tokens” for charging vehicles when there’s...
Community Solar

The insurance industry has lots of exposure to climate change. But as Warren Buffet has explained, not so much for companies that do annual policy adjustments, like Berkshire Hathaway. Their exposure is limited because the trends are baked into the premiums. But there is an opportunity for reducing insurance risk due to climate change, and it comes from the insurance industry itself. The business model is to have car insurance salespeople provide leads to virtual electric car charging services. This has perfect demographics because electric vehicle owners are very receptive to solar electricity. Who wouldn’t want a clean transportation solution with local job creation that can’t be offshore?

Just the number of acronyms in the headline for this article ought to offer a tiny glimpse into the complexity surrounding the deployment of Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS). On Monday, during DistribuTECH, the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) held a grid management working group meeting to discuss what requirements are necessary for successful DERMS deployment.