Two kinds of voices were heard at the 2020 World Economic Forum at Davos. From the climate activists like Greta Thunberg and others: Do something. Cut fossil fuel use. Stop emissions. The other voice was less strident, but had the momentum that comes from the status quo: You do not know enough, young girl. Technological...

It’s no secret that most reports on climate change are filled with dire warnings for our future. The consensus is that the earth is getting progressively warmer, and our energy-consumption habits have had a direct impact on that.  Coal and fossil fuels as energy sources increased our ability to produce, but there have been some...
Wind Power

By Laurence Arnold, Bloomberg T. Boone Pickens, the onetime Texas oil wildcatter turned corporate raider who became a billionaire energy investor and television pitchman for wind and natural-gas power, has died. He was 91. He died Wednesday of natural causes, according to spokesman Jay Rosser. Pickens’s primary residence was in Dallas. In late 2016, he posted...

California’s rapid renewable energy expansion has led to a boom in large-scale solar and wind projects and a huge expansion of rooftop solar. As costs have fallen, solar energy has become much less expensive, and utility-scale solar and wind are now less expensive than new gas plants, and far less expensive than existing coal.

Cities and renewable electricity have, respectively, become the habitat and energy of choice globally. The two are increasingly inseparable. Urbanization and electrification trends have turned cities and the grid into leading platforms for human activity, presenting unique opportunities for today’s utilities to partner with municipalities to achieve their smart city goals.