Grid Scale

On Monday and Tuesday, June 25-26 in Charlotte, NC at the Grid-Scale Storage Summit, grid operators from ISO New England, PJM, and California ISO explained that now is the time that all energy storage companies need to be attending meetings and adding their voices to the mix because grid operators are currently in the process of defining rules around how they will meet FERC’s Order 841, which allows energy storage to participate in wholesale markets.

Last month’s FERC order 841 was hailed by some as a watershed moment in energy storage history. But the devil’s in the implementation, according to Mike Berlinski of Customized Energy Solutions. Berlinski and his colleagues at CES will present details of FERC’s order and address implementation in a Clean Energy States Alliance webinar on April...

It has been a long, long, long road for the global photovoltaic industry and its participants from its early days with few manufacturers and support primarily limited to oil companies looking for a feel-good business unit to what seemed like its overnight success in the mid-2000s. In 1977 the industry had 1.74 MWp of capacity to produce PV cells. At the end of 2017 the industry had 98 GWp of capacity to manufacture PV cells.

The biggest U.S. grid operator is asking regulators to reject Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s plan to prop up ailing coal and nuclear plants. "I don’t know how this proposal could be implemented without a detrimental impact on the market," Andrew Ott, who heads up PJM Interconnection LLC, told reporters by phone Monday. 

Grid operators and traders thought they were totally prepped for the historic U.S. solar eclipse. There was just this one thing they didn’t completely factor in: “irregular human-behavior patterns.”  

As the Trump administration actively dismantles and passively lets atrophy the U.S. government’s painstakingly constructed systems for addressing climate change at home and encouraging sustainable development worldwide, it is reassuring to observe China confidently moving ahead with its ambitious plans to restructure its economy, revolutionize its energy sector and live up to its commitment to aggressively address climate change.