Zeta Solar LED Solar-Powered Bus Stop

UK-based Zeta Solar have developed a line of customized technologies that provide solar-powered LED lighting solutions for transit applications, amenity lighting, signage and other specialized products. Shown here is the company’s solar-powered, LED-lit bus stop. Working with firms, such as Trueform Group, Zeta Solar can customize bus shelters and stops, incorporating the solar-powered lighting solution with minimal disruption, to suit the needs of the client. Citing what they call a ‘brains from beginning’ philosophy Zeta offers full maintenance servicing, emailable data outputs and options for ‘light on-demand’ push button features, for their products.

Zeta develops solar photovoltaic microprocessor based electronic control systems to harness the synergy between solar energy and high output LED based lighting. At the core of the system is a microprocessor that can manage the light output in accordance with the energy in the battery. Five times over DTI SMART award-winners, Zeta are leading product development and providing easy, bespoke and durable lighting solutions across a diverse range of everyday and surprising arenas.
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