Xantrex Unveils Portable Electric Power Products

New portable power products from Xantrex Technology will allow consumers to plug into electricity anytime, anywhere.

Las Vegas, Nevada – January 10, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] The XPower line of portable power products consists of compact inverters that provide AC power from a vehicle’s battery and Officepacks, which are battery-integrated systems that provide portable electricity. “Many of us are becoming increasingly dependent on electronic devices and we often need more than typical battery power to keep these devices running longer,” said Lawrence Neill, Director of Consumer Markets for Xantrex. “Our XPower products are compact and economical power solutions that are becoming popular with North American consumers.” Xantrex originally introduced its XPower products to the hardware and automotive segments, where they are widely used to provide household power on boats and long-haul trucks. “Our research indicates that mobile consumers are looking for ways to extend the runtime of their cell phones and laptops without having to carry multiple adaptors,” explained Neill. “Our XPower inverters provide a portable electricity outlet in a vehicle and our Officepacks incorporate a rechargeable battery so consumers can literally operate their devices anywhere.” XPower inverters convert DC power from a vehicle’s 12-volt battery to ordinary household electricity. The XPower 175, 400 and 800 watt inverters plug into a vehicle’s DC socket to run laptops, cell phones, work lights, TVs, stereos, camcorders etc. Built with a 20 amp-hour battery, the XPower Officepack 400 provides 400 watts of household electricity. It will power a cordless telephone for up to 40 hours, a laptop computer for six hours, and a portable stereo for 17 hours. Its built-in fluorescent light will provide up to 25 hours of light. “In addition to mobile power uses, the Officepack is a practical tool for power outages – how many of us can’t even use our home phone because it’s cordless and needs electricity to work?” said Neill.
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