Xantrex Increases Off-Grid Inverter Capacities

Xantrex has introduced higher power models of its new SW Plus Inverter/Charger line for off-grid and backup renewable power applications. New 4000 and 5500 watt models of the SW Plus are available now.

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada – November 10, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] “In designing the new inverter/chargers, our engineers have kept the best qualities of our popular SW Series while improving on key features like non-volatile memory and surge capacity, which is the highest available in the market today,” said Xantrex sales director, Smitty Ovitt. “Our SW Plus 2500-watt inverter/charger was introduced last year and received great reviews. We are already receiving widespread dealer support and customer interest for these higher power models.” The company said their SW Plus Inverter/Chargers meet FCC Part B specifications, which means there is less chance of noise and interference when powering radio and telecommunications equipment. In response to user feedback, the new SWs also have non-volatile memory so customized settings do not have to be reset following a loss of DC power. For quicker, simpler and cleaner installations the units have improved wiring access. Xantrex is offering introductory pricing on its new SW Plus models until the end of the year. Both 24- and 48-volt models of the 4000-watt SW Plus are now available for US$2,800. The 48-volt, 5500-watt SW Plus is now available for $3500. “For a limited time, our new SW Plus Inverter/Chargers actually cost less than our original SW Series,” said Ovitt. “With this pricing and breakthrough technology, there hasn’t been a better time to purchase a Xantrex SW Plus Inverter/Charger.” Designed to provide homes with a completely independent power supply, the SW Plus 4000 and 5500 Inverter/Chargers combine an inverter, battery charger and automatic transfer switch in one package. As part of an off-grid renewable power system, the SW Plus provides AC power for household appliances and DC power to charge batteries when another source of AC power is available. The SW Plus can also be used as part of a backup power system to automatically provide AC power when utility power fails. To save on utility bills, the SW Plus can be programmed to switch to battery power from utility power during peak-rate periods.
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