Xantrex Expands Manufacturing to Meet Demand for Solar

A company that manufactures a solar inverter has been forced to increase its production facility to meet consumer demand.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, CA, 2001-10-03 [SolarAccess.com] Xantrex Technology Inc. produces the Sun Tie product line at its plant in Arlington, Washington. The 1 to 2.5 kW solar inverters allow homes and offices to generate electricity from solar PV panels and to sell the excess back to the utility grid. The systems can be expanded in future, lowering the expense of initial installation costs. In January of this year, production capacity for the Sun Tie line was 3 MW. Xantrex has added personnel and production shifts to increase capacity to 35 MW. “We have more than doubled our Sun Tie production area, added new ergonomic lines for efficiency, and installed high-speed automated test equipment to ramp up our production capabilities for Sun Tie,” says sales director Kevin Hagen. In August, the new production area in the Arlington facility delivered 1,000 Sun Tie inverters, representing 2 MW of grid-connected units. “The Sun Tie inverter connects the power of the sun to your electric meter,” says Hagen. “Using solar generated power, then selling the excess to your utility reduces or eliminates your dependence on public power; it reduces peak demands and allows homeowners and businesses to become energy independent.” Grid-tie products enable consumers to generate electricity from solar, wind, microturbines and fuel cells. Xantrex manufactures power electronics for renewable energy systems, ranging from 50 watts to 1 MW capacity, under the brand names Xantrex, Trace, Heart and Statpower. The privately-owned company has annual revenues of US$95 million and has additional facilities in Livermore, California.


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