Wind Power in Hawaii

Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) has begun a one-year study to verify the wind energy potential on the ridges above the company’s Kahe Power Plant. The study began in April of this year to monitor wind speed, direction and turbulence so the utility can confirm the area’s potential to generate electricity with wind.

August 26, 2004 [] Recently completed high-resolution wind resource maps indicate that the ridges above Kahe have one of Oahu’s strongest wind resources. HECO has erected two 165-foot poles with anemometers in the area below Camp Timberline. Wind data is being monitored remotely by cell phone technology. HECO consulted with Leeward Coast community leaders and Hawaiian cultural representatives before beginning the study. Archeological and environmental experts are assisting to site the test equipment, and care is being taken to keep impacts on the area to a minimum. Should the on-site monitoring yield positive results at the end of the year long trial, additional consultation with the Leeward Coast community will take place on any possible wind energy project.
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