Wind Energy Plans from California to Poland

U.S. Wind Farming is taking care of business at home and abroad with plans to replace turbines at older wind farms in California, and to develop a wind-energy cooperative in Poland.

Altamont Pass, Palm Springs and Tehachapi, which are part of a cooperative owned by USWF, should become less of a hazard to birds when turbine technology that is two decades old is replaced with 45 MW of GE turbines. Power produced by these wind turbines will be delivered to the grid for sale to the local electrical utility during peak demand times. During off-peak demand times the turbines will provide electricity to Stuart Energy’s Proprietary Decentralized Hydrogen Technology, which works to produce, pressurize, store and deliver hydrogen to the local infrastructure. USWF contracts with the existing wind utility operators and property owners for a portion of the renewable energy cooperative’s revenues. American and international corporate partners are also working with the company to develop and own a 100 MW Wind Energy Electricity/Hydrogen Cooperative in the Baltic Coast area in Poland. An agreement has already been reached with the State-owned electrical utility to purchase the electricity produced, and contracts for the purchase of the hydrogen produced are in negotiations. The government of Poland will provide the project with a $10,000,000 grant after the other funding arrangements are in place.
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