Why Mass Storage Is So Important for Renewables

A common criticism of renewable resources such as wind and solar is that they are intermittent — meaning that storage is necessary for times when the resources are not so plentiful.

But Dr. Hermann Scheer, General Chairman of the World Council on Renewable Energy, says that the storage problem isn’t as big as opponents of renewables make it. Dr. Scheer, who was also Chairman of the first International Renewable Energy Storage Conference held in Gelsenkirchen, Germany last month, tells us about the many techniques and innovations in the field of mass storage. One innovative product is the vanadium-based Flow Battery from VRB Power Systems. Tim Hennessy, CEO of VRB says that the Flow Battery is a huge step forward for the wind and solar industries. This burgeoning technology is making an impact in Europe and could soon be serving large-scale North American wind and solar installations. Tim explains how the battery works and why it’s so important for the future of renewables. Inside Renewable Energy offers the latest in renewable energy news and information.

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