Whopper Of An Idea Tested At BK

Renewable energy technology developer New Energy Technologies, Inc. have conducted the first-ever durability field-tests of the company’s prototype MotionPower technology for generating electricity from the motion of cars and light trucks.

Designed to be installed in locations where vehicles decelerate or stop, thus ensuring that vehicles are not ‘robbed’ of energy they would otherwise use to accelerate,  the devices apparently assist vehicles in slowing down, and in the process of doing so, capture some of the vehicles’ kinetic energy.

“The early data we’ve acquired from these Phase 1 tests of our first prototype for cars and light trucks validates our engineering approach, materials selection strategy, and product deployment plans – all very important factors in developing a commercially successful first-of-its kind technology for generating clean electricity from the motion of vehicles,” said Meetesh Patel president and CEO of New Energy Technologies.

Durability testing was conducted at a Burger King franchise restaurant in the New York Metro area in Hillside, New Jersey.

“It would be great to generate clean electricity by mechanically capturing the kinetic energy of the 100,000-plus cars that drive through our Hillside store alone each year,” said entrepreneur and Burger King franchise owner, Drew Paterno.

In addition the company is undertaking additional durability testing of the system in the upcoming weeks at the Four Seasons Washington, DC and at the Holiday Inn Express in Baltimore.

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