WhisperPower introduces solar hybrid system at EU PVSEC

WhisperPower introduced a combined diesel generator/inverter system, designed for off-grid power systems. The Genverter is available in three versions: Basic, fully hybrid, and DC-only.

(July 30, 2010) — WhisperPower will display at the 25th EU PVSEC a recently introduced combined diesel generator/inverter system, designed for off-grid power systems. The Genverter has been developed in close cooperation with power systems specialists and a number of leading European universities. It is available in three versions: Basic, fully hybrid and DC-only.

The basic principle of the Genverter is that a variable speed diesel generator, consisting of a High Yield Permanent Magnet Fly Wheel Alternator and a one-cylinder diesel engine, generates 230 VAC power to charge the battery during low irradiation periods. The speed at which the generator runs reflects the power demands: it runs faster when more energy is required (max speed 3600 rpm) offering a maximum power of 5 kVA, and switches to a low 2200 rpm when the demand is low. The engine is loaded in a balanced and fuel-efficient way that considerably extends its life-span. The system is radiator cooled, with the audible noise being less than 50 dBA at low rpm at a distance of seven meters. Two units can be installed for parallel operation. The Basic Genverter is the ideal backup system for existing off grid inverter systems to recharge batteries at low radiation periods.

In addition to this Basic model, the Genverter is available in a fully Hybrid version with an integrated inverter and charger. At low power the Hybrid Genverter will switch to the 3 kW sine wave inverter (silent mode) while the diesel engine will be switched off. The unit has 24 or 48 V battery charging capabilities for the main service bank. The inverter operates bi-directionally and will charge the battery in case utility power is available. The battery is also charged at Generator Operating Mode. The system can be stacked with a second Genverter and can be connected to utility power. This offers a considerable degree of multi-functionality: As a back-up power system for areas with frequent power cuts, as the main AC power system in a PV-system equipped with a built-in autonomy extender, and as an extra back-up source in a line tie/grid connected power system.

A third variation of the Genverter range consists of DC-only versions as 24 or 48 VDC high output chargers for small or large battery banks. These versions also include Variable Speed Technology ©: at high DC demand the system will run high speed, at low demand the generator will reduce speed.

The Genverter range will be on display at the WhisperPower stand (Level 3 Hal 2 Stand A37) at the 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition in Valencia. See more events here.

For more information, visit www.whisperpower.eu

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