West Virginia Report Calls for Adding RE to Energy Mix

West Virginia Governor Bob Wise, with members of the Governor’s Energy Task Force, have unveiled an energy action plan for the state, which calls for the continued use of West Virginia’s vast coal and natural gas resources, while also urging the development of new energy and environmental technologies, energy efficiency measures, and the use of Renewable Energy.

Charleston, West Virginia – September 16, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] “Events around the globe have signaled the need for a more efficient, environmentally friendly energy supply. West Virginia has a unique opportunity to become a leader in the research and development of new energy technologies – technologies that will allow us to continue to utilize our fossil fuel resources,” Wise said. The Governor’s Energy Task Force – consisting of business and industry leaders, scientific researchers, academics, labor, environmental leaders and governmental officials – presented Wise with “West Virginia’s Energy Roadmap: Our Approach to the New Energy Economy,” an action plan that the Task Force crafted over the past year. Wise created the Governor’s Energy Task Force by Executive Order in 2001 to develop a comprehensive roadmap for West Virginia’s energy leadership. The state energy plan, in addition to stimulating the research and commercialization of new energy technologies, calls upon the state to assist the private sector in its efforts to develop new power plants that utilize West Virginia’s vast fossil fuel resources. “West Virginia has been an energy leader over the past century, thanks to our rich fossil fuel supplies. To remain a 21st century leader, we must also focus on the delivery-side of the energy equation through the development of new power facilities and new energy technologies. By remaining ahead of the curve, we can ensure energy, environmental and economic growth for our citizens,” Wise explained. West Virginia leads the nation in underground coal production and is the largest producer of oil and natural gas east of the Mississippi River.
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