Web Site Addresses Climate Change Blockbuster

May 17, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] On Memorial Day weekend, 20th Century Fox will release “The Day After Tomorrow,” a rather exaggerated and dramatized action flick about the catastrophic effects of global warming. In the film, abrupt climate change decimates the civilized world as hurricanes, floods, blizzards of epic proportions, precipitous drops in temperature, tidal waves, and tornados announce the dawning of the next Ice Age in no uncertain terms. “The Day After Tomorrow” is likely to provoke a new degree of interest in climate change and global warming, according to The Energy Future Coalition. That’s why the coalition has created a new web site (see link below) to answer people’s questions and explain what’s factual and what’s not in the movie. With testimony from renowned climatologists and plenty of factual scientific information presented in plain English, the Web site is a resource for anyone looking to learn more about global warming and the possible threat it poses to civilization.


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