We Energies, Customers First! Partner to Promote EE

With the scorching temperatures of the past few days and several more weeks left to the summer season, air conditioners are running on high and many customers are wondering how they can make the most out of their energy dollars.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – August 7, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] Customers also spend a great deal of time outdoors in the summer months and may be wondering how their energy decisions impact the environment. We Energies and the Customers First! Coalition are working to answer these questions from the ground up. The organizations have formed the Energy Building Code Collaborative (EBCC). The EBCC will review the energy efficiency aspects of Wisconsin’s residential, commercial and rental unit building codes for new construction. After reviewing the codes and working with experts and stakeholders, the group will propose changes that are both technically feasible and economically justifiable with the overall goal of improving energy efficiency across the state. “Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of our company’s commitment to a clean and healthy environment. Looking at the way homes and other buildings in Wisconsin are constructed gets right at the heart of energy efficiency,” said Larry Salustro, We Energies senior vice president. “As part of our Power the Future plan, we have made a commitment to energy efficiency. This is part of that plan.” Organizations participating with We Energies and Customers First! in the EBCC represent a wide variety of interests and play a leadership role in the state relative to consumer, business, labor and energy issues. The EBCC will hold its first meeting in September. Participants will look at homes and buildings as complete systems, making recommendations that balance energy efficiency and cost. This latest announcement comes just weeks after We Energies, Customers First! and several other groups announced the formation of the Renewable Energy Collaborative (REC). We Energies has committed that at least five percent of its retail electric energy sales will come from renewable energy sources by 2011. The REC will guide We Energies in achieving its renewable energy commitments.
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