Waterpower XV Exhibitors

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about more than 240 exhibitors. An easy-to-use layout of the Exhibit Hall showing the location of each exhibitor’s booth is provided in the Waterpower On-Site Conference Guide.

ABB Excitation Systems Division

10 300 Henri-Bourassa
St-Laurent, Québec H4S 1N6 Canada
Telephone: 514-332-5350, extension 2212
Contact: Derek Monk; derek.j.monk@abb.com
www.abb.com Booth #414

ABB Inc. (Excitation Systems Division) has served the hydro industry for more than 100 years and is recognized as the leader in static excitation systems and voltage regulators. The Montreal, Canada, facility has been the North American design and manufacturing center for more than 30 years. ABB offers full turn-key project capabilities, including site engineering, installation, and start-up. ABB’s Life Cycle program ensures utilities with long-term system support and service.

ABB Generator Circuit Breakers

1460 Livingston Avenue
North Brunswick, NJ 08902-6005
Telephone: 732-932-6345
Contact: Ed Sharp; edward.sharp@us.abb.com
Booth #414

The PPHV Division, High Current Systems in Princeton, N.J., is responsible for replacement of generator circuit breakers, specifically with the HGI and HECS series of ABB SF6 generator circuit breakers. Employing 120 professionals, including approximately 80 engineers, the division is highly regarded in the technical community for its capability of providing replacement solutions from simple to extremely complex and technically challenging situations.

ABB Power Generation

3450 Harvester Road
Burlington, Ontario L7N 3W5 Canada
Telephone: 905-333-7542
Contact: Kazmer Borovszky; borovszky@  ca.abb.com
Booth #414

ABB is a leader in the supply of automation and electrical systems and products, with offices in 100 countries. For the hydroelectric industry, ABB offers electrical and hydrological solutions including: remote dispatch centers; hydrology systems; power plant automation; protection systems; communication systems; medium-voltage (MV), low-voltage (LV), and direct current (DC) switchgear; generator circuit breakers; static frequency converters; excitation systems; transformers; and complete substations. ABB offers water-to-wire solutions for all types and sizes of hydroelectric power plants.

Accusonic Technologies

28 Patterson Brook Road, Unit 1
West Wareham, MA 02576
Telephone: 508-273-9600
Contact: Terry Burch; sales@accusonic.com
Booth #220

Accusonic Technologies is a supplier of penstock flow meters, turbine efficiency monitoring systems, and penstock leak detection systems for the hydroelectric industry. For more than 25 years, Accusonic has provided products and services for hydro projects throughout the world. Accusonic flow meters are installed in more than 1,500 penstocks, low-head intakes, and inlet canals to provide unit and power plant performance and environmental information. Accusonic flow measurement and efficiency monitoring services have been used to evaluate turbine condition and performance.

ACME Industrial Piping, Inc.

P. O. Box 72936
Chattanooga, TN 37407
Telephone: 423-867-1001
Contact: Jim Bailey; acmepiping@bellsouth.net
Booth #604

ACME Industrial Piping, Inc. is a full-service mechanical contractor specializing in balance-of-plant construction and fabrication. Our experience includes: steel fabrication and machine work from trashracks and intake gates to stainless steel stator finger plates; and process piping and control work from raw water piping to fire protection deluge systems and everything in between. If you need it, we can build and install it! Our get-er-done mentality has allowed us to serve industry since 1968.


1200 Landmark Center, Suite 1300
Omaha, NE 68102
Telephone: 402-233-7705
Contact: Erin Humlicek; ehumlicek@
Booth #131

Adesta is a systems integrator that brings innovative, flexible, and cost-efficient thinking to design, construction, and maintenance of stand-alone or integrated communication networks and electronic security systems. For nearly two decades, Adesta has offered commercial, industrial, and governmental clients a single point of contact for all project issues. Adesta has deployed more than 2 million fiber miles in more than 140 areas and completed more than 800 security systems in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Central America, and the Middle East.

Adwel International Ltd.

50 Ironside Crescent, Unit 6
Toronto, Ontario M1X 1G4 Canada
Telephone: 416-321-1988
Contact: Peter Kantardziski; info@adwel.com
Booth #122

A recognized manufacturer of instrumentation for assessing stator core insulation condition (since 1986): COPA, the easiest to use full-featured continuous online partial discharge monitoring system on the market; ELCID, detects problems in laminations, world standard since 1970; WTD wedge tightness detector, verifies wedging quality; Robotic Inspection Vehicle, carries ELCID, WTD, or a video camera when inspecting stators with rotor in place; and DC Ramp Test, ramps voltage (to 50 kilovolts) and produces current vs. voltage curve.

ALSTOM Power Inc.

7921 SouthPark Plaza, Suite 208
Littleton, CO 80120-4504
Telephone: 303-730-4000
Contact: Francois Berthiaume; bruno.b.kaelin@  power.alstom.com
Booth #401

ALSTOM Hydro is a world leader, with more than 100 years of experience in the hydropower industry and about 25 percent of the global hydropower installed capacity – 435 GW. We are the expert in building new and refurbishing old hydropower plants. Our capabilities include turnkey projects, complete plant modernization, turbines, generators, excitation systems, governors, hydro-mechanical, controls and protection systems, balance of plant, small hydro plants, and services. Using our advanced technology, we can deliver a plant with better reliability and efficiency.

AMEC Earth & Environmental

3800 Ezell Road, Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37211
Telephone: 615-333-0630
Contact: Andy Clevenger
Booth #120

For more than 50 years, AMEC has engineered, constructed, and analyzed dams and levees for water supply, recreation, hydroelectric, and flood control needs worldwide. Our projects consist of dams and retaining facilities ranging from 10-foot earthen dikes to award-winning, roller-compacted-concrete dams hundreds of feet high. We offer a broad range of integrated services, including National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) permitting, siting studies, geotechnical investigations, hydrologic and hydraulic studies, design, construction oversight, and instrumentation. AMEC’s services are backed by an experienced team.

American Ductile Iron Pipe/American SpiralWeld Pipe

P.O. Box 2727
Birmingham, AL 35202-2727
Telephone: 800-442-2347
Contact: Scott Summers; ssummers@acipco.com
Booth #427 

American Ductile Iron Pipe (ADIP) and American SpiralWeld Pipe (ASWP) manufacture ductile iron pipe and spiral-welded steel pipe for penstocks and other water applications. Our ductile iron pipe is available in sizes from 4 to 64 inches. Its Fastite joint is a rubber-gasket, push-on joint pressure rated for 350 pounds per square inch (psi). Our spiral-welded pipe is available in diameters up to 144 inches with both rubber-gasket and welded joints and coatings and linings for above or below ground applications.

American Governor Company

76 Steamwhistle Drive
Warminster, PA 18974
Telephone: 215-354-1144
Contact: Scott Ginesin; scottg@americangovernor.com
Booth #408

American Governor Company (AGC) provides support for hydro governors from all manufacturers, including Woodward Governor, Pelton, Allis-Chalmers, Voith, and Lombard. AGC provides new replacement parts, overhauls, field service, training, and technical support. Specialties include Woodward gateshaft governors, mechanical cabinet actuators, electric cabinet actuators (MOD I&II), A-actuators, and digital controls. AGC also provides digital governor upgrades and unit/plant automation. Other products include XX-Pump repairs/overhauls, pump/ unloader upgrades, distributing valve plungers/ushings, PMG and speed switch parts, and numerous reconditioned parts.

American Hydro Corporation

135 Stonewood Road, P.O. Box 3628
York, PA 17402
Telephone: 717-755-5300
Contact: Diane Hake; ahc@ahydro.com
Booth #300

American Hydro offers innovative solutions and personal attention for the upgrade and rehabilitation of hydroelectric plants. Since 1986, we have built more than 450 custom-designed runners for existing and new turbines. Our expertise and advanced computer technology includes the design and manufacture of new turbines and the upgrade of any existing Francis, Kaplan, and propeller turbines, pump-turbines, and large pumps. Our engineered solutions increase capacity and energy production and resolve cavitation, vibration, structural failures, dissolved oxygen, and other operational problems.


University Research Park
10735 David Taylor Drive, Suite 500
Charlotte, NC 28262
Telephone: 704-943-4343
Contact: Vanessa L. Ames; vames@vatechhydro.com
Booth #701

ANDRITZ VA Tech Hydro is a global water-to-wire supplier of electromechanical equipment and services for hydropower plants. ANDRITZ VA Tech offers packages, including all types of turbines and generators, governors, control and excitation systems, steel structures, and electrical balance-of-plant equipment. In addition to new plant equipment, ANDRITZ VA Tech Hydro holds a leading position in the growing market of plant refurbishment. With technological innovations and a customer-oriented staff, ANDRITZ VA Tech Hydro has the solutions for all your hydro needs.

Aquatic Sciences L.P.

40 Centre Drive, Quaker Centre Business Park
Orchard Park, NY 14127
Telephone: 716-667-3507
Contact: Barbara Laurens; info@aquaticsciences.com
Booth #101

Aquatic Sciences L.P. is a marine services, engineering, and environmental sciences company that specializes in the civil engineering inspections of marine structures, dams, pipelines, and flooded tunnels. Using a fleet of customized remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and other tools – in conjunction with state-of-the-art remote sensing technologies – Aquatic Sciences L.P. has helped clients save time and money in the flooded inspection of critical intakes, outfalls, and other tunnel structures and to plan and execute time-effective remediation strategies as needed.


1210 Premier Drive, Suite 200
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Telephone: 423-756-7193
Contact: Maurice S. Bandy, PE; mbandy@arcadis-us.com
Booth #705

ARCADIS is a global leader in the water resources industry. With our headquarters in the Netherlands, we know water. Our services include Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Part 12 dam safety inspection; inspection, investigation, and design of dams, levees, canals, reservoirs, gates, pump stations, and related structures; design of water treatment and delivery systems; ground and surface water modeling; storm surge modeling; water supply planning and development; construction management; and related environmental investigations. ARCADIS has 125 U.S. offices.

ASL AQFlow, Inc.

1986 Mills Road
Sidney, British Columbia V8L 5Y3 Canada
Telephone: 877-656-0177
Contact: Jan Buermans; jbuermans@aqflow.com
Booth #209

ASL AQFlow, Inc. manufactures the Acoustic Scintillation Flow Meter (ASFM), a non-intrusive, user-friendly acoustic instrument for measuring turbine flow in both relative and absolute terms. The ASFM can be deployed in intake gate slots and is well-suited for short-intake Kaplan and bulb turbines. Its frame-mounted portable version allows flow measurements to be conducted without intake dewatering and without plant downtime. Its permanently installed version allows long-term flow monitoring.

Association of Diving Contractors International

5206 FM 1960 W, Suite 202
Houston, TX 77069
Telephone: 281-893-8388
Contact: Phil Newsum; pnewsum@adc-int.org
Booth #934

The Association of Diving Contractors International, Inc. (ADCI) is a not-for-profit corporation organized in 1968 to serve as a forum in support of improving safety, education, and communication throughout the commercial diving industry. ADCI is comprised of more than 470 member companies in 41 nations and is organized in four U.S. regional chapters: the Asia-Pacific Chapter; the Latin American & Caribbean Chapter; the Chilean Chapter; and an International Chapter. Memberships are available in the classes of Supporting, General, Associate, and Individual.

Association of State Dam Safety Officials

450 Old Vine Street, 2nd Floor
Lexington, KY 40507-1544
Telephone: 859-257-5140
Contact: Lori C. Spragens; info@damsafety.org
Booth #730

The safe design operation and repair of all dams, privately and publicly owned, is the responsibility of engineers, owners, and operators. Since its formation in 1984, the Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) has served as one of the premier professional organizations for individuals committed to ensuring the safety of dams in the U.S., including government officials, engineering consultants, contractors, manufacturers and suppliers, researchers, teachers, dam owners and operators, and university students.

Atlas Polar Company Limited

60 Northline Road
Toronto, Ontario M4B 3E5 Canada
Telephone: 416-751-7740
Contact: Gary Mackey; mfg@atlaspolar.com
Booth #515

Atlas Polar Company manufactures the Hydrorake system. The Hydrorake Division supplies automated trash raking systems to the hydropower and water management industries. More that 350 Hydrorake systems are cleaning intakes throughout North America. Several models are available with up to 4,000 pounds of lifting capacity at depths to 70 feet. Hydrorake Control Systems are manufactured, assembled, and tested at Atlas Polar facilities. With the support of the engineering and computer-aided drafting department, this division offers custom site solutions and turnkey installations.

AVK Engineering Services

11757 West Ken Caryl Avenue, F-334
Littleton, CO 80127
Telephone: 303-932-2304
Contact: John Wilber, P.E.; wilber.jw@avkus.com
www.avkes.com, www.americanavk.com
Booth #533

AVK Engineering Services, a subsidiary of American AVK Co., represents the AVK/ Glenfield line of valves in North America. For more than 150 years, Glenfield has served the worldwide hydro industry. We manufacture fixed cone, sleeve, gate, and butterfly valves. Our goal is to be the supplier of choice, providing engineered solutions from concept through design and manufacture. From the lowest operating pressures to the most demanding flow conditions, AVK Engineering Services has the valve to meet your requirements.

A.W. Chesterton Company

500 Unicorn Park Drive
Woburn, MA 01801
Telephone: 781-481-7000
Contact: Alan Evans; evansa@chesterton.com
Booth #417

A.W. Chesterton Company is an international manufacturer of industrial fluid sealing, hydraulic/pneumatic, and maintenance products for the hydropower industry. The company offers engineered equipment protection to abrasion and erosion-corrosion and solutions to environmental concerns.

Ayres Associates

3433 Oakwood Hills Parkway
Eau Claire, WI 54701
Telephone: 715-834-3161
Contact: Todd M. Rudolph, P.E; rudolpht@ayresassociates.com
Booth #326

Ayres Associates provides innovative solutions for hydro industry challenges. Ayres Associates’ staff provides Federal Energy Regulatory Commission-required inspection (including potential failure mode analysis) compliance services, rehabilitation design, hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, probable maximum precipitation (PMP) and probable maximum flood (PMF) studies, and design of our proprietary hinged floating bulkhead for dewatering gates and intakes. Underwater inspection of structural components, climbing inspection of tainter gates, sediment and stream morphology studies, and photogrammetric mapping provide extra value to our clients.

AZUR Rubber Inc.

10135 Garon Avenue
Montreal, Québec H1H 5V2 Canada
Telephone: 514-321-9692
Contact: Raymond Greffe; r.greffe@azurrubber.com
Booth #405

Azur Rubber Inc. is a manufacturer of custom-engineered J-seals. Over the past few years, our order book has increased at a growing clip, particularly regarding products used by the hydroelectric industry. This increase in demand has led to a more diversified client base. As a consequence, our technical department is called upon more often than before to resolve problems of all sorts, from the characteristics of seals to appropriate installation methods. Our turnaround times are the fastest in the industry.

Barnard Construction Company, Inc.

P.O. Box 99

Bozeman, MT 59771-0099
Telephone: 406-586-1995
Contact: Daniel J. Hertel, P.E.; dan.hertel@barnard-inc.com
Booth #429

Barnard Construction Company, Inc. has 32 years of experience in heavy civil construction throughout the U.S. We have built our reputation on skill, innovation, reliability, safety, and our ability to complete projects ahead of schedule. Our expertise includes dam construction and rehabilitation, roller-compacted concrete, dike repair, slurry wall construction, water transmission pipelines, sewer improvement systems, pipeline rehabilitation, environmental restoration, and major oil and gas pipelines. Barnard is a resolution-oriented company committed to partnering.

Basler Electric

P.O. Box 269, Route 143
Highland, IL 62249
Telephone: 618-654-2341, extension 125
Contact: Jake Hinterser; info@basler.com
Booth #600

Basler Electric recently acquired the Cutler Hammer Excitation Control product line, including the Westinghouse distribution/ control systems, expanding its capability to supply excitation systems for any generator. ECS-2100 and DECS-400 excitation control systems provide precision control for exciter or main field applications, for new or retrofit projects. DECS-200N is a negative forcing excitation system. BE1-GPS, generator protection systems, can be primary or back-up relay protection. BE1-25A, automatic synchronizer, brings up large hydro units in minimum time, controlling up to six generators.

Bently Pressurized Bearing Company/RoMaDyn – Rotating Machinery Engineering Services

1711 Orbit Way
Minden, NV 89423
Telephone: 775-783-4606
Contact: Carlo Luri; sales@bpb-co.com
Booth #537

Bently Pressurized Bearing Company designs and manufactures externally pressurized fluid bearings that can be lubricated with water to eliminate environmental liability. Custom-designed radial and thrust bearings can be retrofit into a wide range of existing equipment. Pressurized bearings offer excellent performance, reliability, and efficiency in a simple and low-cost design. RoMaDyn offers engineering services needed to protect and optimize the operation of rotating machinery. RoMaDyn’s experienced professionals are ready to assist with machinery diagnostics, vibration instrumentation service, and technical training.

Biomark, Inc.

7615 W. Riverside Drive
Boise, ID 83714
Telephone: 208-275-0011
Contact: Brian Beckley; brian.beckley@biomark.com
Booth #221

For more than 15 years, Biomark has contributed to the fish and wildlife research and conservation community by application of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in research, design, manufacture, and sale of products and services that aid customers in achieving their research goals. We provide solutions for detecting juvenile and adult PIT-tagged fishes at hatcheries, hydroelectric facilities, and riverine locations. Our systems have been used in relicensing and monitoring and evaluation programs to provide information on a variety of fish.

BioSonics, Inc.

4027 Leary Way NW
Seattle, WA 98107
Telephone: 206-782-211
Contact: Bob McClure; bmcclure@biosonicsinc.com
Booth #106

BioSonics provides the most advanced, automated detection, classification, assessment, and monitoring of untagged fish using custom hydroacoustic (SONAR) technology. BioSonics solutions provide low manpower requirements, remote ac-cess and control, and real-time information. Since 1978, BioSonics has provided hydroacoustic tools for underwater monitoring and assessment of fish and other biological resources associated with hydro facilities. BioSonics scientists and engineers work with public and private sector clients to optimize water use and operations through continuous, automated collection and assessment of quantifiable, reliable information.

Black & Veatch

10995 Gold Center Drive, Suite 100
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
Telephone: 916-858-2433
Contact: Carlos Araoz; araozc@bv.com
Booth #303

Black & Veatch Corporation is a leading global engineering, consulting, and construction company specializing in infrastructure development in energy, water, information, and government markets. Founded in 1915, Black & Veatch develops tailored infrastructure solutions that meet clients’ needs and provide sustainable benefits. Solutions include conceptual and preliminary engineering services, engineering design, procurement, construction, financial management, asset management, information technology, environmental, security design and consulting, and management consulting services. The employee-owned company has more than 90 offices worldwide.

Bluegrass Concrete Cutting, Inc.

P.O. Box 427
Greenville, AL 36037
Telephone: 800-734-2935
Contact: Lisa Mullen; lmullen@concretecutters.com
Booth #803

Bluegrass Concrete Cutting, Inc. is the world leader in diamond wire sawing. Our unequaled equipment resources, diamond wire inventory, and teams of cutting technicians have supported contractors around the country for 28 years to create fish bypass systems, remove plugs, and modify spillways. Our experience in locks and dams, marine, and bridges allows us to best dovetail our cutting solutions to your project requirements, whether they are: speed, silence, vibration-free work, smooth surfaces, small footprint, dust-free, or limited or remote access.

Boart Longyear Company

2200 Centre Park Court
Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Telephone: 770-469-2811
Contact: George Burnhart; gburnhart@boartlongyear.com
Booth #616

Sonic drilling is a proven method for dam drilling, sampling, and construction. It is used for exploration and grout curtain installations. This method penetrates soil, cobbles, and boulders more efficiently than other techniques. It eliminates fluid circulation to avoid hydraulic fracturing. It provides continuous samples in dam foundations, delineating subsurface soil conditions and converting to high-speed coring in rock. We also offer diamond coring, air/fluid rotary, dual rotary, reverse-circulation, percussive, hollow stem auger, and cone penetration test (CPT) tools.

Bob Fidler Services, Inc.

21030 Zuni Road
Apple Valley, CA 92307
Telephone: 760-961-0236
Contact: Bob Fidler; bob@bfsinc.org
Booth #936

Bob Fidler Services, Inc. (BFS) is the leading CO2 blast cleaning company in the world. BFS has capabilities for high-pressure blasting gas turbines or hydro generators across the U.S. BFS has been in service for 13 years now. BFS is so mobile that we fly to our projects rather than trucking equipment in, which saves you money! What makes BFS different? We C02, abrasive, hydro, and chemically clean and have certifications in asbestos, lead, and mold removal.

Brayman Construction Corporation

1000 John Roeblong Way
Saxonburg, PA 16056
Telephone: 724-443-1533
Contact: Kristin Hoffman; k_hoffman@braymanconstruction.com
Booth #602

Brayman Construction Corporation is a full-service general and specialty foundation contractor offering design and construction services for bridge, foundation, and marine construction projects. Our foundation services include: drilled/driven piling, rock/soil anchors, dam anchors, cofferdams, tremie concrete, caissions, shoring, micropiles, soil nail walls, retaining walls, foundation grouting, slurry walls, jet grouting, and environmental remediation services. The Foundation Division combines more than a century of experience with innovative techniques to successfully complete projects throughout the Mid Atlantic, Northeastern, Midwestern, and Southeastern U.S.

Bridgestone Industrial Products America, Inc.

30386 Esperanza, Suite 200
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
Telephone: 949-709-0929
Contact: Andrew Parry; aparry@bep-usa.com
Booth #226

The Bridgestone rubber dam is an air-tight, heavy-duty rubber, pneumatic tube that is bolted to a concrete foundation or existing dam crest. By varying the amount of air in the tube, the size will vary from completely flat up to the design height, thus acting as a gate. The rubber dam is a durable, low-maintenance, safe alternative to traditional steel gates, flashboards, stoplogs, and other water control systems. Bridgestone has produced the rubber dam since 1976.

CADSWES — RiverWare

University of Colorado, UCB — 421
Boulder, CO 30309-0421
Telephone: 303-492-3972
Contact: Tim Magee; rwinfo@cadswes.colorado.edu
Booth #531

RiverWareTM is a computational decision support system to manage rivers for multiple objectives: water supply, flood control, environmental flows, recreation, and hydropower optimization. Using state-of-the-art computational and professional software techniques, RiverWare is a version-controlled product widely applied for planning, scheduling, and policy analysis by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and other agencies and consultants for more than 10 years. CU-CADSWES provides training, user support, software maintenance, and R&D and enhancements. See www.riverware.org.


Measurement Systems Division
Caldon Ultrasonic Technology Center
1000 McClaren Woods Drive
Corapolis, PA 15108
Telephone: 724-273-9300
Contact: Tony Mediate; ms-caldon@c-a-m.com
Booth #430

Through its line of Caldon LEFM ultrasonic flow systems, Cameron has been a trusted supplier of precision flow meters and leak detection systems to the worldwide hydro industry since 1971. Today, Cameron offers more than just meters and monitoring systems for penstocks and open channel flow. Cameron delivers engineering services for site review, system configuration recommendations, system installation, and commissioning. We provide a level of comfort that comes from hands-on experience, advanced technologies, reliable service, and a commitment to customer and program support.

Canadian Babbitt Bearings Ltd.

64 Dalkeith Drive
Brantford, Ontario N3P 1N6 Canada
Telephone: 800-963-9863
Contact: John Sanderson; john@cbb.ca
Booth #913

Canadian Babbitt Bearings Ltd. (CBB) in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, is the largest repairer and manufacturer of babbitt bearings in Canada. CBB’s two-shift operation offers quick deliveries and 24/7 emergency service. CBB also produces machined components including runner plates and springs. CBB is ISO 9001:2000 registered. CBB’s newly expanded 20-ton computer numerical control (CNC) machine shop works closely with its sister company Canadian Specialty Castings to meet customer needs and deliveries. CBB is dedicated to serving the South and North American hydro industry.

Canadian Hydro Components Ltd.

16 Main Street, P.O. Box 640
Almonte, Ontario K0A 1A0 Canada
Telephone: 613-256-1983
Contact: Mike Dupuis; inquiries@canadianhydro.com
Booth #520

Canadian Hydro Components Ltd. (CHC) is a leading Canadian manufacturer of Kaplan, propeller, and Francis turbines. CHC canprovide new or replacement runners up to 2.5 meters in diameter or a complete water-to-wire package for projects from 50 kW to 15 MW. The engineering, design, manufacturing, and assembly are done in-house by highly trained professionals committed to building a high-quality product. Our turbine technology has been used in the manufacture of turbines for more than 300 projects worldwide.

Canadian Specialty Casting Inc.

PO Box 838, 4248 Broughton Ave.
Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6V6 Canada
Telephone: 905-356-2655, extension 12
Contact: Paul Rossi; sales@cscastings.com
Booth #911

CSC, located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, offers casting steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous alloys up to 28,000 pounds gross melting capacity. CSC’s three-shift operation has a standard lead time of four to six weeks and offers 24/7 emergency service. ISO 9001:2000 registered, Lloyd’s certified, member of American Foundry Society (AFS) and Canadian Foundry Association (CFA), CSC is Canada’s fastest growing stainless steel foundry and, together with sister company Canadian Babbitt Bearings, is dedicated to serving the international hydro industry.

CANMEC Group inc.

1615, Boulevard St-Paul
Chicoutimi, Quebec G7J 3Y3 Canada
Telephone: 418-683-8316
Contact: Jacques Brochu; jbrochu@canmec.com
Booth #633

CANMEC Group inc. has been providing engineering, manufacturing, and installation services to the hydroelectric industry for more than 20 years. Recognized as a competitive supplier of high-quality metallic components and equipment, CANMEC has experience in large hydroelectric projects as well as mini plants. From design to installation, CANMEC offers a comprehensive product line, including: intake, draft tube, spillway, and sluice gates; stoplogs; trashracks; penstocks; gantry, overhead, and mobile cranes; wire rope and hydraulic hoists; embedded parts; and custom-made equipment.

CANMET Energy Technology Centre/Natural Resources Canada

580 Booth Street, 13th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0E4 Canada
Telephone: 613-996-6119
Contact: Cynthia Handler; cyhandle@nrcan.gc.ca
Booth #516

CANMET/Natural Resources Canada’s Hydraulic Energy Group is involved in research and technology development for small and low-head hydro and actively engaged with industry stakeholders. Current projects are focused mainly on competitive low-head systems, environmental engineering, refurbishment, and tools for site assessment and design. CANMET conducts a joint annual workshop with the International Energy Agency’s Small Hydro program and is involved with IEA’s Small-Scale Hydro International Atlas (www.small-hydro.com), an online resource to assist developers in assessing potential small hydro sites.


2706 Ogden Road, Suite 3
Roanoke, VA 24018
Telephone: 540-776-7727
Contact: John A. Wilkes; carpiwlks@aol.com
Booth #208

CARPI has worldwide experience in waterproofing and protection of all types of hydraulic structures – including concrete and embankment dams, reservoirs, canals, and tunnels. CARPI has pioneered new installation techniques on all types of dams, to heights exceeding 600 feet. Our technology includes geomembrane systems installed underwater. Our geomembrane systems have been in service on dams for more than 30 years, with a total service life for our systems on dams exceeding 800 years. CARPI’s geomembrane systems require no maintenance.


1100 112th Avenue NE, Suite 400
Bellevue, WA 98009-4504
Telephone: 425-233-3294
Contact: Mark Bricker; mark.bricker@ch2m.com
Booth #319

CH2M HILL is a global leader in engineering, construction, and operations for water, energy, environmental, transportation, communications, and industrial projects. We help public- and private-sector clients develop and manage infrastructure and facilities that improve efficiency, safety, and quality of life. We have a strong commitment to partner successfully with our clients to achieve their full strategic and operational agendas. Our goal on every project extends beyond simply meeting requirements – we strive for “outperformanceTM” in delivering innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions.

Cincinnati Babbitt Inc.

9217 Seward Road
Fairfield, OH 45014
Telephone: 800-776-4809
Contact: Nick Smith; nsmith@cinbab.com
Booth #535

Cincinnati Babbitt Inc. is a premier supplier of babbitt bearings for the hydro industry. Our services include machining and spin casting of bearings up to 120 inches outside diameter. We rebabbitt turbine guide bearings, guide shoes, and thrust shoes. Thrust shoes are held to within 0.0005 inch. We also offer repair, machining, and grinding of thrust runners of any size. And we also provide ultrasonic test and dye penetrant test inspection services.

Climax Portable Machine Tools, Inc.

2712 E. Second Street
Newberg, OR 97132
Telephone: 503-538-2185
Contact: James Remfert; sales@cpmt.com
Booth #607

Climax Portable Machine Tools is a full-service provider of on-site machining solutions. The company offers specialized engineering consulting services, customized training programs, and a comprehensive line of portable machine tools, enabling customers to quickly perform a variety of on-site machining procedures. Climax offers a broad selection of standardized portable machine tools as well as a range of custom-built solutions based on our extensive experience within the hydropower industry. Climax Portable Machine Tools serves domestic and international markets.

COH Inc.

801 Curé Boivin
Boisbriand, Québec J7G 2J2 Canada
Telephone: 450-430-6500
Contact: Gilles Lafleur; sales@coh.ca
Booth #504

COH Inc., in service since 1969, is an International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2000 integrated manufacturer offering the complete range of stoplogs, gates, embedded parts, and overhead handling equipment for the hydroelectric industry: powerhouse cranes; intake gates, hoists, and gantries; draft tube and spillway gates, hoists, cranes, and gantries; also rack and pinion stoplog and gate handling gantries. Specialists in applying overhead handling equipment in the hydroelectric industry will be available to answer your questions.

Coler & Colantonio, Inc.

101 Accord Park Drive
Norwell, MA 02061-1605
Telephone: 781-982-5445
Contact: Mark W. Rohde; mrohde@col-col.com
Booth #619

Coler & Colantonio, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firm established in 1986, providing government agencies and dam owners with deformation monitoring, surveying, and mapping services to support the building, maintenance, and reconstruction of dams and ancillary structures. Specific services include: deformation monitoring program specification and field surveys; real-time global positioning system (GPS) or robotic total station automated monitoring systems; hydrographic surveys for reservoir mapping, dredging, and sedimentation studies; photogrammetric and topographic mapping; hydrodynamic modeling surveys; and boundary and easement surveys.

Columbia Industrial Products

29538 Airport Road, Unit A
Eugene, OR 97402
Telephone: 888-999-1835
Contact: Steve Phillips; cipsteve@aol.com
Booth #621

Columbia Industrial Products’ (CIP) Hydro Composites material is a laminated plastic material made by impregnating fabric with thermosetting resin. The physical and mechanical properties of CIP Hydro composite make it an excellent bearing material. Our self-lubricating bearings offer the design engineer an alternative to more traditional materials used earlier in the hydro industry for bearings, wear pads, gates, slides, and many other applications. CIP Hydro composites are easily machined, have good dimensional stability, and contain no harmful or toxic material.

Continental Field Systems, Inc.

23 Westgate Blvd.
Savannah, GA 31419
Telephone: 912-232-8121
Contact: Ashley Mize; amize@cfsusa.net
Booth #105

Continental Field Systems, Inc. (CFS) is a field machining company. We were founded more than 25 years ago and specialize in supporting power plant activities. We offer a variety of services. We have portable lathes that can handle any rotor in the U.S. We can line bore casings and pump housings, replace valve seats, remove studs, and machine crossover flanges or any other type of flanges. In short, we can machine anything a client has, on-site.

Crofton Industries

16 Harper Avenue, P.O. Box 7756
Portsmouth, VA 23707
Telephone: 757-397-1131
Contact: Jay Crofton; jcrofton@croftondiving.com
Booth #327

Since 1949, Crofton Industries has provided services to the hydroelectric industry. Crofton Diving performs shallow- and deep-water construction, closed caption television (CCTV) and substructure investigation, and repair. Crofton Construction Services conducts heavy construction, including overhaul/ installation of power plant components. Crofton Technical Services specializes in permit acquisition for dredging and utility installations; remotely operated vehicle (ROV) operations to 1,000 feet; and nondestructive testing (NDT), hydrographic, side scan sonar, magnetometer, and historical/ archeological studies.

Cutting Edge Services Corp.

807 Eight Mile Road
Cincinnati, OH 45255
Telephone: 513-388-0199
Contact: Tim Beckman; info@cuttingedgeservices.com
Booth #506

We are a diamond wire cutting, drilling, and precision demolition contractor, offering field services for concrete and metal cutting applications. We focus on equipment foundation modifications, pier removal, rotor/stator cutting, alkali-aggregate reactivity (AAR) slot cutting, fish bypass modifications, and deep hole drilling. Our services range from planning and technical support to complete turnkey projects requiring cutting, drilling, demolition, and removal. Recycling of water and slurry waste is available with our proprietary filtration systems.

David Round, Inc.

32405 Aurora Road
Solon, OH 44139
Telephone: 440-248-4700
Contact: Matt Downing; info@davidround.com
Booth #826

Established in 1869, David Round remains one of the oldest hoist manufacturers in the world. We design and manufacture cable hoists for radial, tainter, and bulkhead gate lifting applications. Other products include barge positioning systems and man-rated personnel lifts. David Round’s gate hoists feature readily available off-the-shelf components to simplify service efforts. David Round provides modular gate hoists for new builds, while also working directly with facility operators and engineering firms to design and manufacture replacement hoists for modernization projects.

Deep Ocean Engineering

1431 Doolittle Drive
San Leandro, CA 94577
Telephone: 510-562-9300
Contact: Mike Gilson; customersolutions@deepocean.com
Booth #124

Deep Ocean Engineering is the designer and manufacturer of integrated underwater remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) systems solutions for many of the world’s leading hydro and dam organizations, including: Hydro-Quebec, The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Chelan County Public Utility District, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Deep Ocean is celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2007 with the delivery of the new Vector L4 and M5 ROVs that deliver superior performance and capability for inspection, repair, and maintenance of dams and hydro facilities.

Delstar Power (Energie)

12885 Jean Grou
Montreal, Québec H1A 3N6 Canada
Telephone: 514-642-8222
Contact: Sherif Kerba; kerbas@delstar.qc.ca
Booth #233

Delstar Power is specialized in manufacturing and refurbishing poles, coils, and connectors; fabrication of copper bars; and all that hydropower customers need for their machine upgrades. We have developed expertise in converting brush exciters to brushless excitation systems. We also provide rewind capacity for DC exciters, generators, and related maintenance works.

Delta Rim Composites Inc.

651 Bridge Street
Montreal, Quebec H3K 2C8 Canada
Telephone: 514-932-7901
Contact: Hadi Helbawi; delta@deltarim.com
Booth: 331

DRC specializes in the custom molding of polyurethanes in a variety of hardnesses and has been very active in hydroelectric sealing applications. DRC has developed composite seals that have properties superior to rubber. These seals can be designed with a thin, hard polyurethane shell that is 100 percent chemically bonded to the soft sealing matrix and encompass contact surfaces, reducing sliding friction and increasing abrasion resistance. This technology is ideal for J-type, stoplog, penstock, butterfly valve, and wicket gate seals.

Devine Tarbell & Associates, Inc.

970 Baxter Boulevard
Portland, ME 04103
Telephone: 207-775-4495
Contact: Alan Roth; alan.roth@devinetarbell.com
Booth #309

Devine Tarbell & Associates, Inc. (DTA) is a leader in hydroelectric services, with professional engineers, scientists, and regulatory experts located in eight offices nationwide. DTA increases the value of our clients’ assets by providing high-quality, specialized consulting services for conventional hydropower and emerging technologies. If it’s hydro, it’s DTA.

Durham Geo Slope Indicator

2175 West Park Court
Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Telephone: 800-837-0864
Contact: Matthew J. Sullivan; msullivan@  durhamgeo.com
Booth #804

Durham Geo Slope Indicator (DGSI) manufactures geotechnical and environmental products for the following applications: Geotechnical and structural, permanently installed sensors to monitor tilt, displacement, pressure, and strain in soil, rock, concrete, and steel structures, including inclinometer systems, tiltmeters and beam sensors, BCS tunnel convergence system, strain gauges and load cells, piezometers and pressure cells, extensometers and settlement systems, and web-based data acquisition; Materials testing, instruments for testing of soil, concrete, and asphalt; and environmental, pumps to monitor and remove contaminated groundwater.

Dyrhoff Ltd.

Unit 21B Folkestone Enterprise Centre
Shearway Road
Folkestone, Kent CT19 4RH United Kingdom
Telephone: 44-1303-246900
Contact: Don Mason; donmason@dyrhoff.co.uk
Booth #230

Dyrhoff Ltd. specializes in the design and supply of inflatable rubber dams and pneumatically-operated spillway gates. In 2003, Dyrhoff took over the rubber dam business of Sumitomo Electric, the world’s leading manufacturer of rubber dams. Dyrhoff also sells rubber dams manufactured by Chinese company Qingdao Huaxia Rubberbelt Co. Ltd. In Europe, Dyrhoff is the main agent for Obermeyer Hydro spillway gates. Recently, Dyrhoff has completed rubber dam and/or spillway gate projects in the United Kingdom, Norway, France, Italy, and Hong Kong.

Eason Diving & Marine Contractors, Inc.

PO Box 70040
Charleston SC 29415
Telephone: 843-747-0548
Contact: Tom Eason; info@easondiving.com
Booth #505

Eason Diving and Marine Contractors, Inc., providing diving services since 1980, performs underwater inspection, maintenance, and repairs for utilities, industry, engineers, and governmental agencies. All operations exceed Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and are in full compliance with the Association of Diving Contractors. With our professionally trained diving personnel and vast inventory of specialized equipment, including a remotely operated vehicle, Eason Diving has the resources to ensure every operation is conducted in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

Eaton Electrical

1000 Cherrington Parkway
Moon Township, PA 15108-4312
Telephone: 412-893-4630
Contact: Alan Colorito; alanecolorito@eaton.com
Booth #601

Eaton’s electrical business is a global leader in electrical control, power distribution, uninterruptible power supply, and industrial automation products and services. Eaton’s global electrical brands, including Cutler-Hammer7reg;, Powerware7reg;, Holec7reg;, and MEM7reg;, provide customer-driven PowerChain ManagementTM solutions to serve the power system needs of the industrial, institutional, government, utility, commercial, residential, information technology, mission critical, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) markets worldwide. Eaton Corporation is a diversified industrial manufacturer with 60,000 employees and 2006 sales of $12.4 billion.

Eaton Hydraulic Operations

14615 Lone Oak Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Telephone: 843-238-8895
Contact: Thomas J. Moore; thomasjmoore@eaton.com
Booth #603

Manufacturers of complete hydraulic components and systems ranging from valves, pumps, cylinders, hoses, fittings, hydraulic power units, manifolds, and custom steel fabrications. Also provides turnkey solutions such as total program management, including design, manufacture, logistics, field service, test training, and commissioning.

Eimco Water Technologies

2850 South Decker Lake Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Telephone: 801-526-2000
Booth #135

Eimco Water Technologies, through its Brackett Green product line, offers solutions for coarse screening to fine screening, with automatic pipeline filtration and on-line condenser tube cleaning systems. Plus chamber isolation, fish, and corrosion control systems to offer a complete package of screening and filtration. Eimco Water Technologies can advise and provide the correct system effectively.

Electric Power Research Institute

3412 Hillview Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Telephone: 800-313-3774
Contact: Thomas Key; tkey@epri.com
Booth #232

EPRI brings together members, participants, the institute’s scientists and engineers, and other leading experts to work collaboratively on solutions to the challenges of electric power.

Encardio-rite Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

A-7, Industrial Estate, Talkatora Road
Lucknow, UP — 226011 India
Telephone: 91-522-2661044
Contact: Mr. Amit Gujral; sales@encardio.com
Booth #918

Encardio-rite, an ISO 9001:2000 certified, 40-year-old company, is recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality geotechnical instrumentation for dams, powerhouses, spillways, penstocks, tunnels, metros, underground cavities, etc. While executing instrumentation for more than 80 percent of hydroelectric projects in India, Encardio-rite also exports regularly to more than 40 countries. Encardio-rite has excellent experience in the geotechnical field and provides services for projects on turnkey basis, including supply, installation and commissioning, data monitoring, and data-collection facilities.

ENECON Corporation

38 Water Crest Drive
Doylestown, PA 18901
Telephone: 215-489-1050
Contact: Lauren Otto; lauren@enecon.com
Booth #218

ENECON Corporation is the one source for all your fluid flow system repair and maintenance needs, including erosion, corrosion, cavitation, wear, and chemical attack on pipes, pumps, impellers, valves tanks, condensers, heat exchangers, etc. ENECON is a world leader in developing advanced polymer technologies. ENECON has pioneered unique coating systems for industry, including the U.S. Navy and the petrochemical and electrical utilities. ENECON is positioned to provide industry, utilities, and institutions with the finest repair and protection products and services.

Enerfin Inc.

5125 J.A. Bombardier
St-Hubert, Québec J3Z 1G4 Canada
Telephone: 800-724-2919
Contact: Ray Arseneau; rarseneau@enerfin-inc.com
Booth #620

Since 1989, Enerfin Inc. has cooled hydro generators worldwide. Projects with major utility companies across North and South America and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have made us world leaders in designing new coolers for increased generator output. Enerfin also manufactures a complete line of upper, lower, and thrust bearing coolers. All of our designs and manufacturing are based around our extruded aluminum fin tubing. With our ultra-modern fin tubing machine, we can offer competitive prices with good lead times.

Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

200 Harry S Truman Parkway, Suite 400
Annapolis, MD 21401
Telephone: 410-266-0006
Contact: Dave Blaha; david.blaha@erm.com
>Booth #805

ERM is an environmental consulting firm with more than 3,000 employees in 40 countries. ERM offers a range of services, including Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licensing support, surface water modeling, land and shoreline management, recreation studies, ecological assessments, socioeconomic analyses, and aesthetic evaluations. Internationally, ERM is a recognized leader in preparing environmental impact assessments (EIA) in compliance with the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Performance Standards and Equator Principles. ERM has significant experience in social impact assessment and resettlement action plans.

FARO Technologies

125 Technology Park
Lake Mary, FL 32746
Telephone: 407-333-9911
Contact: Linda Massie; linda.massie@faro.com
Booth #800

FARO’s powerful, highly accurate computer-aided measurement devices can solve your metrology needs – from taking dimensions of large parts to obtaining three-dimensional facility data. Discover how Laser Tracker X, the world’s best-selling laser tracker, and digitizing Laser Scanner LS can help operations and maintenance. With a 230-foot range and accuracy of 0.001 inches, Tracker X is the proven solution for measuring turbine shafts. Laser Scanner LS records 120,000 points per second – perfect for rebuilding a generation unit with minimal downtime.

Federal-Mogul DEVA GmbH

Schulstrasse 20
35260 Stadtallendorf, Germany
Telephone: 49-6428-7010
Contact: Paulo Pereira
Booth #638

Federal-Mogul DEVA GmbH has been manufacturing sliding materials for more than 100 years. The materials are optimized for the toughest conditions in the hydropower and mechanical industry, like turbines and valves. Major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are using DEVA bearings in more than 4,000 projects worldwide. The most important advantages of DEVA products are: environmental protection because of oil-free operation, maintenance-free operation, high load capability, and the possibility of individual design for each project.

Firestone Specialty Products

310 E. 96th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Telephone: 888-428-4442
Contact: Bill Johnson; info@firestonesp.com
Booth #103

Firestone Specialty Products manufactures high-quality; durable geomembrane systems used in a wide variety of critical containment applications, including irrigation canals; storm water retention ponds, and dam facing. Our product offerings include PondGard EPDM and MultiLiner RPP (fPP-R) membranes, as well as a full line of accessories. Backed by Firestone’s century-old tradition of quality and innovation in rubber polymer technology, Firestone Specialty Products is the first and only company to offer a labor and material warranty with our membranes.

Flash Technology

332 Nichol Mill Lane
Franklin, TN 37067
Telephone: 615-261-2000
Contact: Ron Brown; ron.e.brown@dielectric.spx.com
Booth #421

Flash Technology’s Aquatic Guidance LightingTM (AGL) System uses underwater strobe lighting for cost-effective compliance to fish entrainment/impingement regulations. Because of their strong aversion to underwater strobe lighting, the movement of many species of fish can be directed. AGL systems are presently installed at private sector utilities, as well as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Bureau of Reclamation facilities. Unlike physical barrier options, maintenance is easy and inexpensive, consisting only of the periodic replacement of the unit’s flash tube.

Flow Science, Inc.

383 Harkle Road, Suite A
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Telephone: 505-982-0088
Contact: Amanda Ruggles; sales@flow3d.com
Booth #806

Flow Science Inc. develops and markets FLOW-3D7reg;. This simulation tool specializes in transient, free-surface fluid flow and now offers coupled fluid/solid interaction. When designing a hydraulic structure, traditionally a physical model would be constructed and analyzed. FLOW-3D7reg; eliminates scaling issues associated with physical models by simulating at full scale. Users can increase the capacity of existing infrastructure, develop novel approaches to fish passages, design intakes that minimize head loss, develop improved forebay designs and tailrace flows, and analyze scour and deposition.

Fugesco Inc.

80 Leacock
Pointe-Claire, Québec H9R 1H1 Canada
Telephone: 514-631-3246
Contact: Richard H. Viens; sales@fugesco.com
Booth #305

Fugesco manufactures mechanical seals for hydraulic turbines and large pumps. Our products are studied, designed, and manufactured to fit your new or existing equipment. We also provide seal water control units complete with electronic flow meters and automatic pressure differential valves to ensure a positive water flow to the seal. And we supply seal water filtration systems complete with automatic backwash. Fugesco is certified International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2000.

FujiFilm Hunt Smart Surfaces, LLC

40 Boroline Road, P.O. Box 320
Allendale, NJ 07401-0320
Telephone: 877-770-7446
Contact: Steven M. Escaravage; sescaravage@  fujihuntusa.com
Booth #828

FujiFilm Hunt Smart Surfaces’ Fouling Release Coating prevents fouling (zebra mussels, etc.) from attaching to water intake tunnel pipes, trashracks, screens, feeder pipes, etc., enabling a more efficient flow of water and reducing damage to equipment. Our coating is non-toxic, contains no metals or biocides, and does not damage the environment. Environmental safety is paramount to FujiFilm Corp. Instead of treating fouling with harmful chemicals that damage our waters, the Smart Surfaces Duplex Fouling Release Coating System offers an alternative.

Fusion Babbitting Company

4540 West Burnham Street
Milwaukee, WI 53219
Telephone: 414-645-5800
Contact: Mark McKindley; fusionbabb@sbcglobal.net
Booth #335

Fusion Babbitting Company is a high-quality, service-oriented company specializing in rebuilding babbitt-lined bearings. Fusion uses the latest and most efficient equipment in the bearing rebuilding procedure, operated by a staff of specialists with combined experience of more than 35 years. Every bearing is ultrasonic tested by our Level II inspector. Fusion’s experience in the hydro industry includes upper and lower guide bearings; thrust shoes; and generator bearings.

Gannett Fleming, Inc.

8025 Excelsior Drive
Madison, WI 53717-1900
Telephone: 608-836-1500
Contact: William B. Bingham, P.E.; wbingham@  gfnet.com
Booth #735

Gannett Fleming provides water resources and environmental consulting engineering services through our 50 offices. Completed projects include 100 new dams, 250 dam rehabilitations, and more than 500 dam safety evaluations. Dam rehabilitation services include planning, permitting assistance, design, construction management, start up, and performance monitoring. Our clients include private entities; utilities (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission-regulated); and local, state, and federal agencies, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

GE Analytical Instruments

6060 Spine Road
Boulder, CO 80301
Telephone: 800-255-6964
Contact: Steve Austin; geai@ge.com
Booth #203

Leakwise7reg; oil-on-water detection and monitoring systems are the most versatile and reliable technology available for oil-on-water detection and monitoring. The Leakwise sensor provides reliable oil sheen detection and valid indications of hydrocarbon layer thicknesses without false alarms. Leakwise meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) plan requirements and can help you avoid expensive downtime, regulatory fines, and cleanup costs by detecting oil sheens before they become large spills. Stop by the booth for a demonstration.

GE Energy Optimization and Control 

1631 Bently Parkway South
Minden, NV 89423 
Telephone: 775-215-1817
Contact: Lorri Williams; lorri.williams@ge.com www.ge-energy.com/oc
Booth #201

GE Energy’s optimization and control team helps customers in the hydroelectric power generation industry through products and services that maximize the economic performance of operating assets. Our solutions span: turbine/machinery controls, supervisory controls, and plant-wide distributed control systems (DCS); Bently Nevada™ continuous machinery protection systems and sensors, including an air gap monitoring system; portable and permanent mechanical and thermodynamic condition monitoring systems; and many types of services, including machinery monitoring and diagnostics, installation, and other site services.

GEI Consultants, Inc.

311 B Avenue, Suite F
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Telephone: 503-697-1478
Contact: John Pizzimenti; jpizzimenti@geiconsultants.com
Booth #228

GEI Consultants, Inc. offers customized solutions to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) compliance needs, including implementing the new integrated licensing process (ILP), fish tracking in real-time (a GEI innovation), unique fish passage solutions, and decision support systems that manage multiple needs (power generation, reservoir levels, environmental requirements). For 35 years, GEI has proven experience in traditional engineering of dams, permitting, design, water resource development, flood control, and services for the hydroelectric industry.

Geokon, Inc.

48 Spencer Street
Lebanon, NH 03766
Telephone: 603-448-1562
Contact: Chris Brun; cbrun@geokon.com
Booth #419

Geokon Incorporated, the world leader in vibrating wire technology, manufactures a complete line of high-quality geotechnical instrumentation suitable for monitoring the safety and stability of earth and concrete dams, tunnels, foundations, etc., and for various ground water monitoring applications. Instrumentation includes vibrating wire piezometers, inclinometers, tiltmeters, extensometers, embedment jointmeters, load cells, pressure cells, strain gages, temperature sensors, and data loggers. Geokon’s vibrating wire instrumentation provides excellent long-term stability, accuracy, and reliability even in the most difficult environments.

GeoSyntec Consultants

1255 Roberts Boulevard NW, Suite 200
Kennesaw, GA 30144-3694
Telephone: 678-202-9563
Contact: Steve Layman, Ph.D.; slayman@geosyntec.com
Booth #629

Geosyntec Consultants is a more than 500-person employee-owned environmental engineering, geotechnical, and construction management firm. Geosyntec staff is composed of leading practitioners in the earth and environmental sciences; geotechnical, hydrological, and environmental engineering; and water and natural resources management. The firm brings value to its clients through technical innovation, exceptional project delivery, and outstanding service. Engineering News Record ranked Geosyntec No. 92 among the Top 500 design firms. We have 33 offices in the U.S., Canada, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom.

Gerace Construction Company, Inc.

4055 South Saginaw Road
Midland, MI 48640
Telephone: 989-496-2440
Contact: Rusty Friedle; rusty@geraceconstruction.com
Booth #626

Gerace Construction has 20 years of experience in constructing and rehabilitating dams. Areas of expertise include: emergency dam repair, spillway rehabilitation, gate replacement, dive inspections, turbine and generator replacement, conventional concrete construction, hydrodemolition, and rock/soil anchor installation. Our in-house capabilities include a steel fabrication shop, capable of building tainter, crest, roller, and slide gates and custom structural steel systems. We are certified by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) and have an experienced dive team with Association of Diving Contractors (ADC) membership.

GGB Bearing Technology (GGBNA)

700 Mid Atlantic Parkway
Thorofare, NJ 08086
Telephone: 856-848-3200
Contact: Frank Trivieri; frank.trivieri@ggbearings.com
Booth #709 

GGBNA is the global leader in plain bearings. GGBNA, a division of EnPro Industries, employs 1,000 engineers and professionals with seven manufacturing facilities worldwide. Hydropower bearings are manufactured in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Thorofare, N.J., which is also the research and development center for filament wound bearings. GGBNA has extensive plain bearing design and hydro turbine application experience, with advanced knowledge of plain bearing tribology. Globally recognized GGBNA will design and manufacture self-lube bearings for any turbine type and size.

Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd

Canal Head North
Kendal, Cumbria LA9 7BZ United Kingdom
Telephone: 44-1539-720028
Contact: Tom Askew; t.askew@gilkes.com
Booth #614

Gilkes is a world leader in small hydro, with installations spanning more than 80 countries, offering equipment designed for a specific site at an economic cost using one of three machine types: Francis, Turgo Impulse, and Pelton. Gilkes Hydro provides a complete service to the hydroelectric industry, including design and supply of turbines, specifying and/or provision of water-to-wire me- chanical and electrical solutions and equipment, project management services, refurbishment and upgrades, service and maintenance, installation, and commissioning.

Glenn Underwater Services, Inc.

6401 Carmel Road, Suite 209
Charlotte, NC 28226
Telephone: 704-540-9777
Contact: Richard L. Glenn; rickglenn@glenndiving.com
Booth #630

At Glenn Underwater Services, our goals are simple … To provide an underwater service company that can respond to the work at hand efficiently, professionally, and with top-of-the-line equipment, and also offer resources that let us assist our clients with information on underwater materials, procedures, and equipment available. Our company has become expert in the inspection, assessment, and repair of hydroelectric dams worldwide. We have provided services in the U.S., South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, West Africa, and Europe.

Global Diving & Salvage Inc.

3840 W. Marginal Way S.W.
Seattle, WA 98106
Telephone: 206-623-0621
Contact: Mike Langen; mlangen@gdiving.com
Booth #902

Global Diving & Salvage Inc. has served the maritime community of the Pacific Northwest since 1975, with offices in Seattle, Wash., and Rio Vista, Calif. In 1997, Global formed a separate Inland Marine Operations Division to bring our marine construction experience to civil works projects in the inland waterways. We offer a wide range of underwater services, from remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspections/surveys to complete saturation diving operations in depths of more than 300 feet.

Golder Associates Inc.

3730 Chamblee Tucker Road
Atlanta, GA 30341
Telephone: 770-492-8280
Contact: Henry Mock; hmock@golder.com
Booth #821

Golder Associates Inc. strives to be the most respected global group specializing in ground engineering and environmental services. Employee-owned since our formation in 1960, we have created a unique culture, resulting in long-term organizational stability. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and the specific environments in which they operate. We now employ more than 5,000 people who operate from more than 130 offices across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Granger Underwater Services, Inc.

12801 Industrial Park Drive
Granger, IN 46530
Telephone: 574-273-9122
Contact: Bill Carnes; bcweldgusdive@sbcglobal.net
Booth #904

Has your company experienced problems when fabricating and installing projects on or under water? Problems such as back charging, cost overruns, and delays can happen when inspections, design, engineering, fabrication, and installation are done by different companies. Granger Underwater Services can eliminate most or all of these issues. We are a fully equipped fabrication facility, contractor, and Association of Diving Contractors (ADC) commercial diving contractor. We have fabricated and installed stoplogs, trashracks, tainter and head gates, and floating bulkheads.

The Gund Company

2121 Walton Road
St. Louis, MO 63114-5807
Telephone: 314-423-5200
Contact: John M. Anderson; janderson@thegundcompany.com
Booth #732

The Gund Company is an International Standards Organization (ISO) 9002-certified fabricator of electrical insulation materials for the power generation and distribution industries. The Gund Company has been serving apparatus manufacturers and repair facilities for more than 30 years, and has the ability to produce both rigid and flexible insulation components. We offer a complete line of insulation products for the repair of large generators and motors. We also supply stator wedges, rotor pole collars, turn insulation, and ripple springs.

Hach Environmental

5600 Lindbergh Drive
Loveland, CO 80539
Telephone: 800-949-3766
Booth #126

Hach Environmental designs, manufactures, and services Hydrolab and OTT instruments. Hydrolab multi-parameter water quality instruments incorporate multiple sensors into a single housing and are used for either unattended monitoring or sampling and profiling. OTT instruments include surface water and groundwater level monitors, precipitation gages, and complete hydrological and meteorological stations.

Hall Contracting Corporation

6415 Lakeview Road
Charlotte, NC 28269
Telephone: 704-598-0818
Contact: David Beaver; dbeaver@hallcontracting.com
Booth #437

Founded in 1954, Hall Contracting Corporation has grown into one of the most respected contractors in the Southeast. Our hydroelectric team has more than 120 years of facility construction and maintenance experience. Our team works on projects during outages and while plants are in service. From turnkey turbine overhauls to flood gate fabrication and installation, our team has the experience and expertise necessary to provide safe and cost-effective workmanship to meet your project needs. Call Hall for all your hydro needs.

Hardie-Tynes Co., Inc.

800 28th Street N.
Birmingham, AL 35203
Telephone: 205-252-5191
Contact: Mr. Lynn Taylor; ltaylor@hardie-tynes.com
Booth #634

The name Hardie-Tynes has been associated with and recognized by the hydro industry for many years. We remain an experienced and qualified supplier of water control gates, valves, and mechanical/hydraulic operating machinery serving water control projects throughout the U.S. Recently, we completed rehabilitation of an 83-year-old 110-inch-diameter needle valve. Previous projects have included: 168-inch-diameter butterfly valves, 132-inch-diameter fixed cone valves, and many water control gate configurations. We are geared for new equipment and rehabilitation of existing gates, valves, and machinery.

Hatch Energy

100 Sylvan Parkway
Amherst, NY 14228
Telephone: 716-689-3737
Contact: Harbinder Gill; hgill@hatchenergy.com
Booth #404

Hatch Energy offers engineering and management services to the hydro industry. Formerly Acres, and now a member of the Hatch Group, Hatch Energy has 900 engineers, scientists, and economists. Hatch Energy has provided hydro consulting services for 80 years in 115 countries. Hatch Energy provides engineering, procurement, and construction management services for all aspects of hydro projects, including design of new, rehabilitation, and upgrade projects; dam safety; FERC licensing and compliance; due diligence; water resource management; and environmental services.

HCI Publications

410 Archibald Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
Telephone: 816-931-1311
Booth #807

HCI Publications is the world’s leading provider of hydro information resources. HCI publishes two magazines: Hydro Review, dedicated to the North American market, and HRW, which covers the hydro industry worldwide. The magazines deliver comprehensive coverage of development, management, and operational issues. More timely news coverage is available 24/7 through an innovative online news product, HydroNews.net. HCI publishes numerous hydro-related books and reports and organizes two major international industry conferences: HydroVision and Waterpower.

HDR Engineering, Inc.

1001 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 1800
Portland, OR 97204
Telephone: 763-591-5383
Contact: John Larson, P.E.; john.larson@hdrinc.com
Booth #631

HDR is an architectural, engineering, and consulting firm that excels at complex projects and solving challenges. More than 5,700 employee-owners in 140 locations worldwide pool their strengths to provide solutions beyond the scope of traditional A/E/C firms. Our water resources and fisheries professionals use an integrated approach on projects, creating long-term, sustainable solutions. Our expertise includes dams and hydropower engineering and inspection, watershed management and planning, water quality, environmental restoration and engineering, stormwater management and flood control, and fisheries engineering.

Hendrick Screen Co.

3074 Medley Road
Owensboro, KY 42304
Telephone: 270-685-5138
Contact: Mike Isbill; mike.isbill@hendrickscreenco.com
Booth #526

Hendrick Screen is an International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2000 certified company and a leading manufacturer of water intake tee and drum, fish diversion, and bypass screens for the power industry. We also supply air burst systems and screen guide rail systems and provide design assistance. Hendrick fish diversion screens are used in dam and river systems around the world to protect fish and marine life from hydroelectric turbines, pumps, and dams.

Henry Pratt Company

401 S. Highland Avenue
Aurora, IL 60506
Telephone: 630-844-4000
Contact: Sky LeBlanc; marketing@  henrypratt.com
Booth #214

The Henry Pratt Company designs, develops, and manufactures butterfly, rectangular, ball, cone, sleeve, energy dissipating, and tilting disc check valves, as well as valve actuators and control systems. Henry Pratt provides high-quality products to the water distribution, water treatment, nuclear, fire protection, and power generation markets. Pratt valves are installed in water treatment plants, water distribution systems, power plants, and industrial facilities worldwide. Headquarters are located in Aurora, IL.

Hibbard Inshore, LLC

361 Gallogly Road
Lake Angelus, MI 48326
Telephone: 248-745-8456
Contact: Brad Hibbard; info@hibbardinshore.com
Booth #835

Hibbard Inshore has 20 years’ experience in underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspection and intervention. We specialize in long tunnel and pipe internal inspection ranging in size from 6-inch internal diameter to miles of penetration in large tunnels. The latest equipment and full-time Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI)-certified supervisors provide inspection results with high-resolution video cameras, multiple-head sonar systems, inertial navigation and positioning systems, ultrasonic thickness, electric and hydraulic manipulators, ROV lift bags, and other Vehicle Assisted Tools™ (VAT™).

Hitachi Power Systems America, Ltd.

645 Martinsville Road
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
Telephone: 908-605-2737
Contact: Thomas Beverly; thomas.beverly@  hal.hitachi.com
Booth #606

Hitachi began manufacturing hydro turbine and generator equipment in 1911. Hitachi continues to supply new equipment and provide rehabilitation services to existing units around the world. Supplied equipment includes all types of turbines, as well as generators, valves, governors, and excitation and control systems. Utilizing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and hydraulic analysis in Hitachi’s Hydraulic Laboratory, customers can be provided with estimated performance improvements based on runner replacement and/or stationary parts modification.

Hunger Hydraulics C.C., Ltd.

P.O. Box 37
Rossford, OH 43460
Telephone: 800-248-9232
Contact: Armin Hunger; info@hunger-hydraulics.com
Booth #217

Hunger Hydraulics has been known for more than 60 years in the waterpower business for its reliable hydraulic cylinder products, innovation, and design know-how. In addition, the Hunger Group is capable of supplying complete systems. In the past, Hunger has supplied its products worldwide with installations in North America, Latin America, India, Asia (China), Europe, and more than 26 other countries. Hunger is International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001 certified.

Hydro Component Systems, LLC

319 Hart Street, P.O. Box 553
Watertown, WI 53094
Telephone: 920-261-2139
Contact: Tom Reiss; info@hydrocomponentsystems.com
Booth #615

Hydro Component Systems, LLC designs and manufactures trashracks and trash rakes and fine mesh screens used to filter debris for all water intake environments, including power generation plants such as coal-burning, nuclear, and hydroelectric plants. These products are also adaptable for use in non-power-generating environments, including wastewater and chemical plants. The lightweight trashracks will never rust or corrode. Hydro Component’s Trash Raker keeps trashracks clean, is simple to operate, and is easy to maintain.

Hydro Consulting & Maintenance Services, Inc.

2828 South McCall Road, 32 PMB #31
Englewood, FL 34224
Telephone: 941-276-2478
Contact: Clyde Krout; cekrout@hydro911.com
Booth #318

We are the solution to all your hydro maintenance needs. Whether it’s routine maintenance, a complete overhaul, or troubleshooting a problem, experience can make the difference between getting your unit producing power or losing thousands of dollars because of unnecessary delays. Our hydro specialists have a vast array of knowledge that is exceptionally broad in scope. Call Ken Hostler in the East, 717-825-1332 or John Eppley in the West, 509-993-9184.

Hydro Expertise DL Inc.

295 Roy Avenue
Dorval, Québec H9S 3C9 Canada
Telephone: 514-422-9161
Contact: Dany Lessard; dany.lessard@hydroexpertise.com
Booth #618

Hydro Expertise is offering field services for the installation, supervision, and commissioning of hydro generators and turbines. Hydro Expertise has strong expertise on unit alignment, assembly, and commissioning, including balancing, and index tests. Modern measurement techniques (electronic level, laser tracker, air-gap sensors), as well as conventional methods are being used for alignment. Hydro Expertise also offers technical support from the office and preparation of inspection and test plans to help customers going through major overhauls with strong technical guidance.

Hydro Power Services, LLC

1415 Stuart Street
Chattanooga, TN 37406
Telephone: 423-622-2910
Contact: Steve Rinehart; srinehart@hydropowerservices.com
Booth #715

Hydro Power Services, LLC is a service contractor specializing in field maintenance and repair within the hydro industry. Our mission is to provide our customers with professional, value-added services from technical assistance to completion of on-site work, utilizing a highly motivated professional team working together with pride and integrity. Our management team with more than 50 years’ experience within the hydro industry specializes in providing the customer with turnkey solutions from outage planning to site rehabilitation.

HydroLogics, Inc.

811 Mordecai Drive
Raleigh, NC 27604
Telephone: 919-856-1288
Contact: Steven Nebiker; snebiker@hydrologics.net
Booth #717

HydroLogics, Inc. has more than 20 years of experience in modeling and managing water resources for power companies, federal and state agencies, and municipalities. Despite the company’s small size, about 20 percent of the U.S. population relies on water resources managed by operating rules and/or software developed by HydroLogics. The firm’s OASIS software is used to support water allocation decisions as part of relicensing efforts, as well as in the optimal scheduling of hydropower.


301 Plantation Road
Harahan, LA 70123
Telephone: 866-586-2825
Contact: Amy Stallings; astallings@hydrolox.com
Booth #121

Hydrolox™ has revolutionized water screen technology with long-lasting, easy-to-install engineered polymer screens. The innovative screen design offers power producers many advantages: no submerged moving parts or uneven wear, drastically reducing operations and maintenance; screens last up to four times the life of metallic chains and baskets, eliminating screen failure problems; patented, interchangeable attachments for debris- and fish-handling deliver proven reductions in impingement mortality; and constructed of non-corrosive, impact-resistant polymer material, weighing 40 percent less than steel screens for improved worker safety.

Hydroplus, Inc.

P.O. Box 1731
Falls Church, VA 22041
Telephone: 703-575-9075
Contact: Hasan Kocahan; contact@  hydroplus.com
Booth #708

Hydroplus is the developer of the “Fusegate System,” a non-mechanical spillway control system that offers highly flexible and versatile solutions for existing and new dams. Implemented in 14 countries across five continents since 1991, Fusegates allow for cost-efficient and safe modifications to undersized spillways, without any loss in storage capacity and with a reliability degree equivalent to that of an uncontrolled spillway. They also provide additional live storage to dams without affecting the spillways’ ability to pass the inflow design flood.

Hydropower Performance Engineering Inc.

215 Carlingview Drive, Unit #204
Toronto, Ontario M9W 5X8 Canada
Telephone: 416-798-1382
Contact: Albert Mikhail; albert.mikhail@hppe.com
Booth #536

Hydropower Performance Engineering offers services to the hydro industry in unit and turbine performance analysis to improve operation and optimize water flow usage. Hydropower Performance has state-of-the-art equipment to measure turbine and unit performance for acceptance tests, operation analysis, and water flow determination. Albert Mikhail, principal engineer, has 23 years of testing experience at a variety of hydro stations. The company can offer the highest quality of engineering services at competitive budgets. We are an independent performance testing company.

Hydropower Turbine Systems, Inc.

P.O. Box 736
Hayes, VA 23072
Telephone: 804-360-7992
Contact: Alfred Patzig; hts-inc@hts-inc.com
Booth #204

We are an engineering firm specialized in design and supply of turbine-generator sets. The U.S. Division of Ossberger manufactures Ossberger cross-flow turbines and distributes HIS Kaplan turbines with runner sizes up to 10 feet. About 10,000 Ossberger turbines are installed around the world. The U.S. Division of Hitzinger manufactures European generators with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 certification. The company has built about 4,000 generators. Also U.S. base for HTS Rakes, manufacturer of trashrack cleaners for cleaning intake screens.

Hydrothane Systems, Inc.

P.O. Box 533
Scituate, MA 02066
Telephone: 781-740-4200
Contact: Matthew Brown; mbrown@hydrothane.com
Booth #402

Hydrothane Systems is an industry leader in non-metallic trashracks and fish diversion structures since 1989. Through design innovation, superior craftsmanship, and a field-proven product, we can offer our customers solutions that work. If fish or mammal protection is the issue, Hydrothane’s patented products address the changing environmental concerns. Some of the operating and economic benefits of Hydrothane trashracks include: elimination of ice buildup, diminished marine growth adhesion, reduced head losses, strong yet lightweight design, corrosion-resistant material, and lower maintenance costs.

HydroVision GmbH

Gewerbestrasse 61A
Kaufbeuren 87600 Germany
Telephone: 49-8341-9662180
Booth #917

We, HydroVision GmbH, are an independent manufacturer of different types of ultrasonic measuring equipment. Our high-quality instruments meet the exalted demands of modern technology and environmental care. Around the world, we reach customers in more than 30 countries in different application ranges of rivers, industry, power plants, and waste water. Even though HydroVision is a young company.

IBM United States PLM/North America

590 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Telephone: 212-745-3500
Contact: Stephan Clambaneva; clamban@  us.ibm.com
Booth #819

IBM PLM helps companies innovate and manage their products and services throughout the entire business life cycle. PLM solutions produce quantifiable time and cost savings for IBM’s customers and IT solutions that foster data sharing, knowledge capture, and design reuse. Power generation industry leaders are reaping the benefits of IBM’s powerful PLM tools to better integrate data from multiple disciplines, including mechanical equipment, hydraulic and electrical systems, as well as concrete and steel structures, in a single development environment.

iCrane Systems Inc.

2067 Highway 440 West
Laval, Québec H7L 3W3 Canada
Telephone: 450-687-5570
Contact: Alex Di Domenico; alex@icranesystems.ca
Booth #436

iCrane Systems Inc. supplies both custom design and standard solutions. Products are: custom-engineered powerhouse cranes, spillway gates and hoists, intake gates and hoists, draft tube gates and gantry cranes, stoplogs and monorails, racks and pinions gate hoists and gantries, special environment hoists, spreader and load beams, embedded parts, and penstocks. Services include: project budget estimation and technical counseling, turnkey engineering and manufacturing projects, installation and commissioning, detailed engineering inspection and analysis, and equipment upgrade and modernization.

IIHR – Hydroscience and Engineering

The University of Iowa
100 C. Maxwell Stanley Hydraulics Laboratory
Iowa City, IA 52242-1585
Telephone: 319-335-5237
Contact: Larry J. Weber; larry-weber@uiowa.edu
Booth #431

IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering is one
of the nation’s premier and oldest fluids research and engineering laboratories. For more than six decades, IIHR has maintained a close, synergistic relationship with the electric power industry including field surveys near power-related structures, design development for optimal diffusion of heated effluents, structural modification development to ameliorate flow problems within intakes and fish diversion structures, and development of physical and computational (CFD) models to simulate flow through hydroelectric structures.

INCON-Intelligent Controls Inc.

92 Industrial Park Road, P.O. Box 638
Saco, ME 04072
Telephone: 207-283-0156
Contact: Tony White; twhite@incon.com
Booth #202

INCON manufactures products that provide on-line monitoring for hydroelectric plants, transformer load tap changers, and power circuit breakers. The INCON product line offers solutions to reduce maintenance costs, optimize equipment utilization, and increase productivity. Load tap changer (LTC) position, gate position, governor control position, and highly accurate liquid level measurements all can be made using robust synchro motor transmitter technology. INCON makes an on-line oil condition monitor, called the CENTURION, for use on transformer LTCs where dielectric strength is important.

International Diving Services, LLC

3311 West Division Street
Arlington, TX 76012
Telephone: 866-788-3438
Contact: Rachel Corbani; info@internationaldivingservices.com
Booth #832

A leader in the hydro industry, International Diving Services, LLC understands that each day presents new challenges in trying to manage your water resources. IDS works as a partner with you to help find solutions to whatever challenges you may face. We offer the best pricing in the industry and the most complete customer service package available. Specializing in lake intake, dams, and reservoirs, IDS dispatches a commercially certified dive team to handle all of your inspection and remediation needs.

International Journal on Hydropower and Dams

123 Westmead Road
Sutton, Surrey SM1 4JH United Kingdom
Telephone: 44-208-2889009
Contact: Gael Bozec; sales@hydropower-dams.com
Booth #416

The International Journal on Hydropower and Dams is a bi-monthly publication dealing with technical, environmental, social, and economic aspects of hydro plants, dam construction, and multi-purpose water resources development projects. We annually publish The World Atlas and Industry Guide as well as technical posters and maps (world and regional). We also organize international conferences and exhibitions. Hydro 2007 will take place in Granada, Spain, October 17-20, 2007.

International Water Power & Dam Construction

Wilmington House, Maidstone Road
Sidcup, Kent DA14 5HZ United Kingdom
Telephone: 44-208-2697820
Contact: Scott Galvin; sgalvin@wilmington.co.uk
Booth #434

Published monthly since 1949, International Water Power & Dam Construction (IWP&DC) is fully independent and is
an established subscription journal serving the needs of those involved in dams and hydropower worldwide. The IWP&DC Yearbook contains statistical information and a comprehensive Buyers Guide, which also is fully searchable online. IWP&DC’s website features a fully searchable archive, news, technical articles,
tenders and diary information, and a free weekly e-mail newsletter. IWP&DC also publishes Dam Engineering, a refereed academic journal.

International Water Screens

30904 Merced Avenue, Building J
Shafter, CA 93263
Telephone: 661-979-7206
Contact: Chris Gargan; iwschris@sbcglobal.net
Booth #716

International Water Screens employees have more than 30 years of screening experience. We custom design mild or stainless steel framed screens, with stainless steel mesh belting, to be installed in canals and waterways for removal of all types of debris. If there is debris in your water, we can remove it.

Iris Power LP

1 Westside Drive, Unit #2
Toronto, Ontario M9C 1B2 Canada
Telephone: 416-620-5600
Contact: Rajiv Sharma; sales@irispower.com
Booth #635

Iris Power LP is a world leader of on-line partial discharge (PD) monitoring systems. We provide several products for implementing a predictive maintenance program to aid in assessing the risk of stator and rotor winding conditions. Products designed and manufactured by Iris Power include: PD sensors, PD data collection instruments (portable and continuous), rotor flux monitors, current signature analysis monitor, voltage surge monitoring equipment, and expert system software. We also provide condition assessment consultancy to support predictive maintenance efforts.

Jacobs Associates

465 California Street, Suite 1000
San Francisco, CA 94104
Telephone: 415-434-1822
Contact: Paula Goodwin; goodwin@jacobssf.com
Booth #207

Jacobs Associates specializes in the design and construction management of underground projects, especially tunnels and water conveyance systems, for a broad range of uses including hydropower generation. Our staff of engineers has specialized education and extensive practical experience in: engineering geology; rock mechanics; geotechnical, structural, and construction engineering; and construction contracting, management, and disputes avoidance and resolution. We provide professional services worldwide from offices in San Francisco, Calif.; Boston, Mass.; Portland, Ore.; Los Angeles and San Diego, Calif.; and Seattle, Wash.

James Walker Mfg. Co.

P.O. Box 467
Glenwood, IL 60425
Telephone: 708-754-4020
Booth #702

James Walker Mfg. Co. is a long-standing original equipment manufacturer and operator supplier to the hydroelectric industry, specializing in the manufacture of elastomeric seals. These include Kaplan blade bearing seals, wicket gate and servomotor packings, gate seals, and packings
for penstock valves, navlock cylinders, fish screen bearings, and transformer gasketing. James Walker has also developed an innovative mainshaft seal for small- to medium-sized turbines called Hydrosele. This technology surpasses both braided packing and mechanical seals in performance and service life.

J.F. Brennan Company, Inc.

820 Bainbridge Street, P.O. Box 2557
La Crosse, WI 54603-1560
Telephone: 608-784-7173
Contact: Glenn Green; ggreen@jfbrennan.com
Booth #215

J.F. Brennan Company, Inc. is a full-service marine contractor specializing in all phases of hydro services, including: dive inspections; concrete repairs of dams and spillways; powerhouse repairs; water control and void filling; erosion control; scour
protection; pile- driving; millwright; dredging; rubber-dam installation, and mussel removal services. Brennan has formed long-term partnering relationships with companies and organizations including Dairyland Power, Minnesota Power, Exelon Energy, Alliant Energy, Georgia Pacific, U.S. Steel, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Johnson Machine Works, Inc.

318 North 11th Street
Chariton, IA 50049
Telephone: 641-774-2191
Contact: Jeff Johnson; steel@jmworks.com
Booth #439

Johnson Machine Works has more than 50 years’ experience in building hydraulic steel structures for hydropower companies throughout the U.S. Johnson Machine Works can design and build tainter gates, bonneted high-pressure slide gates, roller gates, bulkhead gates, hinge crest gates, miter gates, trashracks, and screens. We can provide these products in either structural steel or stainless steel.

Kamatics Corporation

P.O. Box 3, 1330 Blue Hills Avenue
Bloomfield, CT 06002-1303
Telephone: 860-769-3277
Contact: John Bertolini; johnbertolini-kam@kaman.com
Booth #307

Kamatics Corporation manufactures greaseless, maintenance-free self-lubricating bearings. The Karon Bearing System offers a unique combination of high load capacity, low friction, and the ability to operate in both a wet or dry environment. Karon bearings are ideally suited for applications where performance counts and life-cycle costs are important, such as in Kaplan hubs and flood gates.

Kingsbury, Inc.

3615 Davisville Road
Hatboro, PA 19040
Telephone: 215-956-0565
Contact: Don Ackerman; repair@kingsbury.com
Booth #521

Kingsbury invented the fluid film bearing in 1911. Kingsbury Repair and Service Division is the preeminent provider of engineered solutions for all types and makes of fluid film bearings. When hydro plant modernization involves upgrade or replacement of thrust and journal bearings, load cells, or high-pressure oil lift, your choice of a bearing supplier is critical to the dependable operation of your equipment. Built into every Kingsbury bearing are the invaluable technical support and experience that help maximize bearing performance.

KISTERS North America, Inc.

1401 El Camino Avenue, Suite 370
Sacramento, CA 95815
Telephone: 916-643-1260
Contact: Rand Willard; kna@kisters.net
Booth #818

Kisters North America (KNA) is a division of the Kisters Group representing the Kisters line of environmental and energy time series data management software throughout North America. KNA’s current business focus is on the WISKI and Hydstra line of hydrological, meteorological, and environmental data management. KNA focuses on several fields of activities in environmental information including: Hardware telemetry systems for hydrological and meteorological stations; Software for managing and analyzing hydrological and meteorological date; User-friendly GIS and web-GIS solutions; and Database applications for standard RDBMS (Oracle and MS-SQL) in client-server or Citrix frame type architecture.

Kleinfelder, Inc.

611 Corporate Circle, Suite C
Golden, CO 80401
Telephone: 303-237-6601
Contact: Keith Ferguson; kferguson@kleinfelder.com
Booth #617

Kleinfelder is an employee-owned professional services firm with over 2,000 professionals in 75 offices across the nation. We provide water resources, geotechnical, environmental, hydrologic and civil engineering services for municipalities, government agencies, electric utilities and private companies. We have experience on projects representing the entire life-cycle of diverse water storage and conveyance facilities, ranging from planning, feasibility studies and alternatives analyses, new and remedial design, construction management and construction quality control, performance monitoring, safety evaluations, reliability and asset management assessments and operations and re-licensing support.

Kleinschmidt Associates

75 Main Street, P.O. Box 576
Pittsfield, ME 04967-1528
Telephone: 207-487-3328
Contact: Rick Giallombardo; rick.giallombardo@kleinschmidtusa.com
Booth #636

Kleinschmidt Associates is a trusted name
in the hydro business, having served many clients on a repeat basis for more than 40 years. We specialize in all aspects of hydropower design, licensing, and environmental service. The benefit of this diversity is a depth of experience that we can bring to your project regardless of the complexity, schedule, or size of need. If you are looking for a consulting firm you can rely on to get the job done right, call us.

Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd.

Suite 500, 2955 Virtual Way
Vancouver, British Columbia V5M 4X6 Canada
Telephone: 604-669-3800
Contact: Shane Johnson; sjohnson@klohn.com
Booth #420

Hydroelectric consulting engineering/design and construction services for more than 50 years in more than 40 countries worldwide. We provide a full range of consulting services, including feasibility studies, site investigations, condition assessments, dam safety assessments, hydrology, licensing, design, environmental impact assessments (EIAs), cost and scheduling, and construction and project management. Klohn Crippen Berger – excellence, teamwork and innovation building a better world.

Koontz Electric Company, Inc.

1223 E. Broadway
Morrilton, AR 72110
Telephone: 501-354-2526
Contact: Dean Hoover; dean@koontzelectric.com
Booth #502

Koontz Electric is a nationwide heavy/high-voltage electrical contractor specializing in hydroelectric power generation, controls, instrumentation, and turnkey substations. Koontz has installed numerous retrofit digital exciters for such companies as General Electric, Siemens, ABB, and VA Tech. Control panels fabricated in-house are installed in hydroelectric power plants and lock and dam venues. Recognized nationally for safety, quality, and timely project completion and winner of a 2005 national Safety Award, Koontz Electric bonds major projects as subcontractor or general.

KPSI Transducers, Pressure Systems

34 Research Drive
Hampton, VA 23666
Telephone: 757-865-1243
Contact: Reece Carter; sales@pressuresystems.com
Booth #909

Pressure Systems manufactures its industry-leading KPSI level and pressure transducers for environmental, hydropower, industrial, and municipal applications. Available with a broad range of pressure and level measurement capability, this line includes analog and digital outputs. The Series 300 family of submersible hydrostatic level transducers is designed for small bore applications and to meet the rigorous environments encountered in ground water level measurements. For complex datalogging requirements, the waterMONITOR series offers a variety of communications protocols, applications software programs, and power options.

Kuenz America Inc.

8625-B Barefoot Industrial Road
Raleigh, NC 27617
Telephone: 919-783-8427
Contact: David Moosbrugger; david.moosbrugger@kuenz.com
Booth #418

Kuenz manufactures custom-engineered trash rakes (hydraulic or cable operated), powerhouse cranes, gantry cranes, highly automated cranes, and hydro steel structures. We focus on providing an engineered solution for each site. Kuenz builds all equipment to meet the highest standards for crane manufacture; this is why our equipment is in reliable operation worldwide.

Lakeside Equipment Corporation/Muhr

1022 East Devon Avenue, P.O. Box 8448
Bartlett, IL 60103
Telephone: 630-837-5640
Contact: Dan Widdel; dw@lakeside-equipment.com
Booth #727

Proven at more than 700 installations worldwide, Muhr trashrack cleaning machines are designed to remove heavy debris from stationary bar racks at hydropower plants and water intake structures. Raking methods are available in hydraulic and cable styles. The hydraulic trash rake could be either a telescoping arm or an elbow-type rake arm. Both styles of trash rakes are available as a stationary or traversing unit. The raking devices can operate automatically and are available for cleaning depths of up to 200 feet.

Laser Technologies Inc.

1061 North Raddant Road
Batavia, IL 60510
Telephone: 630-761-1200
Contact: Keri Foster; kfoster@lasertechnologiesinc.com
Booth #426

Laser Technologies Inc. is a precision metal fabricator specializing in the manufacture, maintenance, refurbishment, and repair of turbine and generator-motors for hydro companies worldwide. Processes include laser cutting, lamination coating/ refurbishing, laser welding, tig welding, computer numeric controlled (CNC) machining, bending, forming, stamping, and other secondary operations. All services conform to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. We have more than 20 years experience in the industry, and we are International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2000 certified.


2487 Judes Ferry Road
Powhatan, VA 23139
Telephone: 804-598-2204
Contact: Bob Shortridge; bshortridge@lignum-vitae.com
Booth #820

Lignum Vitae is a wood that was the standard for hydro bearings in water mills before plastics and modern metals. Nothing has proven better than Lignum Vitae. Its homogenous and oily nature reduces heat and friction. Naturally slippery and non-abrasive, it is one of the hardest and most dependable bearings on record. Propeller bushings and other underwater applications all relied on Lignum Vitae. Maintenance agreements are available. Call Bob to purchase your authentic Lignum Vitae bearing or simply the wood.

Linita Design and Manufacturing Ltd.

383 Elmira Road
Guelph, Ontario N1K 1H3 Canada
Telephone: 519-836-1562
Contact: Carlos Vera; carlo@linita.com
Booth #514

Linita Design and Manufacturing Ltd., with 25 years of experience in steel fabrication, offers a comprehensive range of mechanical product lines for the hydroelectric industry including (but not limited to): design and supply of water control gates, head gates, radial gates, hoist equipment, and turbine housings. From design to installation, Linita will assume full responsibility and commissioning for your project, in a cost-effective and responsive manner.

Long View Associates, Inc.

2705 N.E. 163rd Street
Ridgefield, WA 98642
Telephone: 360-576-3579
Contact: Steve Padula; spadula@longviewassociates.com
Booth #134

Long View Associates is a consulting firm that specializes in Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) hydropower licensing. For more than 12 years, we have provided strategic, project management, consultation, studies oversight, document preparation, and negotiations support to meet our clients’ licensing and related regulatory needs. LVA is experienced with all FERC licensing processes, 401 certification, and settlement agreements. We also assist in new license implementation, with expertise in developing compliance programs.

L&S Electric, Inc.

Engineering Division
1810 County Road XX
Rothschild, WI 54474-7801
Telephone: 800-283-8332
Contact: Jess Yenter; info@lselectric.com
Booth #500

L&S Electric is a world class supplier of integrated, cost-effective, and non-proprietary solutions for small and large hydroelectric systems. We support our customers with a complete line of new and retrofit governor systems, unit and plant automatic control systems, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, switchgear, excitation systems, electrical and mechanical protection systems, and plant auxiliary equipment. Our services include installation (turnkey) packages, power system services, control panel manufacturing, project management, on-site start-up services, and 24/7 customer support.

Ludeca Inc.

1425 N.W. 88th Avenue
Doral, FL 33172-3017
Telephone: 305-591-8935
Contact: Dieter Seidenthal; info@ludeca.com
Booth #605

Ludeca Inc. is a distributor of laser alignment and condition monitoring instruments, software, training, and support services to suit the power generating industry. Our exhibit will highlight the PERMAPLUMB7reg;, the world’s fastest plumbness measuring tool, for vertical hydro turbines. A laser-based system that replaces the time-consuming wire method! Other laser alignment, vibration, and balancing instruments also will be featured for use in other hydro applications and in general industry.

Mainstream Commercial Divers, Inc.

322 C.C. Lowry Drive
Murray, KY 42071
Telephone: 270-753-9654
Booth #129

Mainstream Commercial Divers, Inc. is a full-service underwater inspection, construction, and diving company with more than 19 years of experience in the commercial diving industry. MCDI provides a complete spectrum of services to heavy industry clients, including construction, maintenance, and repair projects at locks, dams, and power plants. MCDI’s vast knowledge and experience with hydroelectric and dam operations has allowed us to faithfully and economically serve a variety of clients. View a showcase of our projects on our website.

Mannings U.S.A.

P.O. Box 896
Dover, NJ 07802
Telephone: 800-447-4473
Contact: Daniel Ciarlariello; sales@manningsusa.com
Booth #507

Mannings provides on-site services on a wide range of heating applications, including thermal expansion of rotor rims for key removals, induction brazing of windings, induction bolt heating, localized preheat and post-weld heat treatment for cavitation repairs, and our unique motor-generator winding dryout system. These services are provided by qualified technicians to keep your project on schedule and within budget. Let us show you how our experience in hydro projects has earned us an international reputation that is second to none.

Marion Hill Associates, Inc.

P.O. Box 252
New Brighton, PA 15066
Telephone: 724-847-3390
Contact: Jeffery Thomas; jthomas@marionhilldivers.com
Booth #435

Marion Hill Associates, Inc. (MHA) has your solutions to underwater problems. Since 1980, MHA has provided the finest, safety conscious commercial diving services and has a combined field experience of more than 75 years. MHA uses only state-of-the-art equipment, including a U.S. Coast Guard II recompression chamber, which allows us to provide our customers and divers with the maximum safety capabilities possible. MHA was awarded the Contractor Safe Performance Award for 1995 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Mavel, a.s.

Parris Landing 2204, 42 8th Street
Charlestown, MA 02129
Telephone: 617-242-2204
Contact: Jeanne Hilsinger; jeanne@mavel.cz
Booth #315

Mavel a.s. is a Czech/American-owned company specializing in the design, engineering, and manufacture of turbines and related technology for hydroelectric power plants from 25 kW to 25+ MW using standard or customized Kaplan, Francis, Pelton, or crossflow turbines. The company was founded in 1990 to commercialize the patents of a top hydro technologist in the Czech Republic. Today, Mavel employs more than 165 people, has (ISO) 9000:2001 certification, and delivers about 35 to 40 turbines per year.

McCord Communications

1508 Noble Street
Anniston, AL 36201
Telephone: 800-741-0697
Contact: Bruce Hancock; brucehancock@  mccordcommunications.com
Booth #128

McCord Communications is an Alabama-based company that provides a variety of wireless communication products. McCord is the largest worldwide distributor of Whelen Outdoor Warning Systems. Such systems – including voice and tone warning systems, mass notification systems, and sirens – can be used at hydro projects to meet security and safety needs. McCord
also offers services for erecting and maintaining towers and sirens.

Mead & Hunt

6501 Watts Road
Madison, WI 53719-2700
Telephone: 608-273-6380
Contact: James Borg, P.E.; james.borg@meadhunt.com
Booth #509

Mead & Hunt is a full-service architectural engineering firm, serving the hydro industry for more than 100 years. With offices nationwide, we offer engineering, hydrology and hydraulics, planning and permitting, environmental, and geographic information systems (GIS) services. Call us toll-free at 888-449-3647.

Mesa Associates Inc.

832 Georgia Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Telephone: 423-424-7471
Contact: Jay Anders; janders@mesainc.com
Booth #721

Mesa Associates, Inc. is a full-service engineering firm specializing in engineering and design for the hydroelectric industry. Mesa has served the electric utility industry for 18 years and has more than 350 employees. Mesa offers one of the most experienced and capable teams available for preparing detailed engineering designs, engineering studies, power system analysis, equipment and project specifications, construction support, and cost estimates. We are also able to offer the services of project managers and project control specialists.

Michell Bearings

Scotswood Road
Newcastle Upon Tyne NE15 6LL United Kingdom
Telephone: 44-191-2730291
Booth #407

For more than eight decades, Michell Bearings has been a world leader in the design, manufacture, and refurbishment of babbitted bearings for hydro turbines and generators. Since the early 1990s, Michell Bearings has developed polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) faced hydrodynamic tilting pad bearings and has several proven installations across four
continents. In February 2005, Michell signed an agreement with Pioneer Motor Bearing Co. to manufacture our PTFE bearings within the U.S. and to further strengthen our aftermarket support to end-users across North America.


200 Technology Way
Butte, MT 59701
Telephone: 406-533-6800
Contact: Jeff Hartwick; jeff.hartwick@mse-ta.com
Booth #102

For more than 30 years, MSE-Tetragenics has delivered complete supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solutions for automation, control, and monitoring of new and refurbished hydroelectric plants. We manufacture controls (remote terminal unit hardware and master/human-machine interface software) developed for the automation and control of hydroelectric generation plants and substations. The reliability of our control systems is proven in hydro plants across the U.S. We offer turnkey solutions for project management, system integration, installation, programming, commissioning, and 24/7 long-term support.


175 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60604-2814
Telephone: 312-831-3000
Contact: Norman A. Bishop; norman.a.bishop@mwhglobal.com
Booth #200

MWH is building a better world by providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to a diverse group of clients, including municipalities, government agencies, multinational corporations, and utility and industrial concerns. MWH provides complete business solutions, planning, design, and construction management services for clients with large and small projects, including: new dams and reservoirs, diversion schemes, hydroelectric power generation, pumped storage, fish passage, dam inspection and rehabilitation, water storage and supply, planning and licensing, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) relicensing, and environmental studies.

National Electric Coil

800 King Avenue, P.O. Box 370 (43216)
Columbus, OH 43212
Telephone: 614-488-1151
Contact: Steve Jeney; sjeney@national-electric-coil.com
Booth #703

As a coil manufacturer and aftermarket retrofitter for more than 80 years, National Electric Coil (NEC) provides services for the repair, upgrade, and refurbishment of large rotating electric equipment. These include in-plant or on-site repairs and upgrades for generators, motors, exciters, and other equipment; coil manufacturing; services such as failure analysis, testing, balancing, assessments, troubleshooting, and engineering design; and fabrication of replacement components. NEC operations include manufacturing sites in Columbus, Ohio, and Brownsville, Texas, and a service facility in Columbus.

National Hydropower Association (NHA)

One Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Suite 850
Washington, DC 20001
Telephone: 202-682-1700
Contact: Linda Church Ciocci; help@hydro.org
Booth #317

The National Hydropower Association (NHA) is a non-profit national association that represents all segments of the hydropower industry, including conventional, ocean, tidal, and hydrokinetic technologies. NHA seeks to secure hydropower’s place as a non-emitting, renewable, and reliable energy source that serves the U.S.’s environmental and energy policy objectives. It champions hydropower’s many public benefits among lawmakers, regulators, and the general public. NHA is the only national trade association dedicated exclusively to representing the interests of hydro.

New England Braiding Company, Inc.

P.O. Box 4917
Manchester, NH 03108-4917
Telephone: 603-669-1987
Contact: Linda Finnegan
Booth #734

Founded in 1979, New England Braiding Company, Inc. (NEBCO), the manufacturer of patented ANTI-KEYSTONE7reg; II Mechanical Packings, is committed to providing the highest quality compression packings available in the market today. In pursuit of providing a product with superior performance, we have developed our exclusive ANTI-KEYSTONE7reg; packing technology. Use of this ANTI-KEYSTONE7reg; packing technology has shown that in most applications our products routinely outperform competitor packings of similar material by lowering operational costs, reducing energy consumption, and increasing packing life.

Normandeau Associates, Inc.

1921 River Road, P.O. Box 10
Drumore, PA 17518
Telephone: 717-548-2121
Contact: George A. Nardacci; gnardacci@normandeau.com
Booth #508

Many environmental challenges face the hydropower industry, requiring firms to work with resource and regulatory agencies to find practical solutions to complex ecological and water quality issues. Normandeau Associates has served the electric utility industry since 1967. Normandeau is a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission-approved environmental impact statement (EIS) consultant. We are recognized leaders in fish behavior, passage survival, and bypass evaluation. Our experience and understanding of regulatory requirements/ climate is an asset in providing innovative, cost-effective solutions for the industry.

Norris Screen & Mfg., Inc.

21405 Governor G.C. Peery Highway
Tazewell, VA 24651
Telephone: 276-988-8901
Contact: Kevin Toler; info@norrisscreen.com
Booth #206

Norris Screen manufactures Coanda, flat plate, tee intake, and virtually any type of profile wire diversion screen. If you are looking for a surface water intake screen or need a Coanda for a run-of river hydro project, Norris can assist you in designing your system from concept to installation. Now celebrating our 30th anniversary, we want to thank our many valued customers for making Norris a leader in the screening industry.

North American Hydro

8310 Technology Drive
Schofield, WI 54476
Telephone: 715-359-0209, extension 11
Contact: Ron Hahn; ron.hahn@nahydro.com
Booth #302

North American Hydro is a supplier for the hydroelectric marketplace, specializing in developing, upgrading, owning, and operating hydroelectric facilities. Retaining assets in more than 40 facilities allows us to offer integrated control solutions that are backed by direct operations and maintenance experience. Our integrated product offerings are non-proprietary. We offer automation systems, governor solutions, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), switchgear, protection, excitation systems, and more. Services include system investigations, design, testing, installation, on-site start up, training, and field services.

North American PTFE Bearing

1419 Rimrock Court
Boise, ID 83712
Telephone: 208-345-0833
Contact: Kjell Nyqvist; aehydrov@cs.com
Booth #308

AE Hydro, LLC (AEH), with more than 30 years of experience in the hydro industry, is based on its principal engineer’s experience of automation of power plants for a Swedish power company. Demands brought this expertise to the U.S. in the 1980s. AEH is a testing, start-up, and operations and maintenance procedures service company. Through an agreement with EnEnergo, Russia, AEH through its subsidiary North American PTFE Bearing, made the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-lined thrust bearings available to the North American market.

North Fork Electric, Inc.

1309 Willie Brown Road
Crumpler, NC 28617
Telephone: 336-982-4020
Contact: Jodie Chastain Copeland; jodie@  nfei.com
Booth #107

North Fork Electric, Inc. design-builds the Dragrake, a revolutionary trash rake that exceeds the industry’s performance standards. Incomparable to other designs with its fully automated operation and nearly limitless depth capacity, each rake spans up to 45 feet wide and lifts more than 6 tons, cleaning large and small debris well beyond the immediate intake area. NFEI’s Dragrake’s performance exceeds customers’ expectations for operator safety, maintenance/labor savings, and production. NFEI also offers full-service renovations, including integrated controls and head gate systems.

Northwest Hydraulic Consultants

30 Gostick Place
North Vancouver, British Columbia V7M 3G2  Canada
Telephone: 604-980-6011
Contact: Brian Hughes; bhughes@nhc-van.com
Booth #320

nhc is an international firm of consulting engineers and scientists providing professional services for the development, management, and protection of water resources. nhc’s areas of expertise include hydraulic design, river engineering, hydrologic engineering, sedimentation, watershed restoration, construction management, fisheries engineering, and physical and numerical modeling. nhc can provide clients with specialist advice or services for particular aspects of a project or organize and manage a project team to provide complete engineering services. nhc has completed more than 3,000 projects worldwide.

Northwest Underwater Construction, LLC

800 N.E. Tenney Road, Suite 110-11
Vancouver, WA 98685
Telephone: 866-270-1114
Booth #833

Northwest Underwater Construction LLC (NUC) is a privately held company specializing in hydroelectric facility construction, maintenance, and inspection. NUC commonly performs work on facility structures including spillways, aprons, penstocks and tunnels, chambers and shafts, drop shafts, tide gates, gate guides and sills, head gates and stoplogs, trashracks, internal repair seals, lower outlet drains, fishways, installed sensors, etc. Northwest Underwater Construction is a pre-qualified commercial diving contractor with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

P.O. Box 2008, MS-6036
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6036
Telephone: 865-574-7305
Contact: Michael J. Sale; salemj@ornl.gov
Booth #729

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) largest multi-program laboratory, managed by UT-Battelle LLC (University of Tennessee and Battelle Memorial Institute) as a non-profit company. We have worked with all aspects of the U.S. hydropower industry since 1977, providing objective, high-quality support to DOE’s Hydropower Program, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, other federal agencies, EPRI, private industry, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Our expertise is broad and multidisciplinary, from regulatory compliance to environmental research to climate change effects.

Obermeyer Hydro Inc.

P.O. Box 668
Fort Collins, CO 80522-0668
Telephone: 970-568-9844
Contact: Henry Obermeyer; hydro@obermeyerhydro.com
Booth #501

Obermeyer’s pneumatically operated spillway gates combine the precision flow control and debris damage resistance of fabricated steel gates with the cost-effectiveness of inflatable structures. Applications in the height range of 0.3 to 10 meters include: head increase; storage increase; spillway capacity increase; fish attraction water control; debris flushing; sediment control; river diversion; siphon control; and ground water recharge. Obermeyer spillway gates have been used to replace wooden flashboards, rubber dams, drum gates, and mechanically operated gates.

Oiles America Corporation

44099 Plymouth Oaks Boulevard, Suite #109
Plymouth, MI 48170
Telephone: 734-414-7400
Contact: Jim Glynn; jglynn@oiles.com
Booth #415

Oiles America Corporation and its parent represent 40-plus years of experience in hydro bearing applications. Our proven solution to the self-lubricated wicket gate, dam gate, and lock pintle bearing application is a bronze-based bearing with a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) plug system. Oiles has more than 900 turbine applications with 100 percent reliability. Oiles’ #500 series bearings are available in standard parts, interior diameters to 200 millimeters, and custom bearings and thrust rings of any dimension. Oiles manufactures low-friction, stick-slip-free, polymer-based self-lubricated bearings.

Om Metals Infra Projects Ltd.

Lane W – 3 / 3, Western Avenue, Sainik Farms
New Delhi 110062 India
Telephone: 91-11-29551612
Contact: Vikas Kothari; info@ommetals.com
Booth #118

Om Metals is a leading ISO 9001 engineering construction company specializing in turnkey contracts from designing, engineering, manufacturing, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning for all types of hydro-mechanical equipment, such as radial gates and stoplogs, vertical gates, intake and draft tube gates, all types of hoists and cranes, and trashracks. We take care of all your hydro-mechanical needs from design to commissioning.

Oregon Iron Works, Inc.

9700 S.E. Lawnfield Road
Clackamas, OR 97015
Telephone: 503-653-6300
Contact: Lisa Lewis; llewis@oregoniron.com
Booth #726

Oregon Iron Works, Inc. has more than
30 years of experience in the hydroelectric industry. Oregon Iron Works has established itself as a world-class performer in complex metals fabrication, mechanical equipment manufacturing, and systems integration. This requires a continuous commitment to the evaluation and improvement of our technology and processes. We have had an exceptional history of success as a supplier and take pride in exceeding customer expectations in all areas, including performance, design, logistics, schedule, delivery, and cost.

Orkot Hydro Bearings

2535 Prairie Road, Unit D
Eugene, OR 97402
Telephone: 541-688-5529
Contact: Andy Standerfer; andy.standerfer@  trelleborg.com
Booth #314

Orkot Hydro Bearings is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of bearing materials for the hydro industry. Supported by an extensive global network of manufacturing plants, regional sales offices, agents, and distributors, Orkot Hydro Bearings is able to offer the highest level of quality and service associated with a leading global company. Part of the Trelleborg group of companies, Orkot Hydro Bearings has been active and successful in the American and Asian hydro markets for more than 12 years.


P.O. Box
Madetswil CH-8322 Switzerland
Telephone: 41-44-9566565
Contact: Patrick Lämmle; info@panolin.com
Booth #609

PANOLIN AG is a privately owned company founded in 1934. For 20 years, PANOLIN HLP SYNTH lubricant technology has been characterized by cost effectiveness, high technical reliability, environmental compatibility, and low toxicity. PANOLIN AG offers a wide range of high-tech lubricants; leading products are PANOLIN HLP SYNTH and PANOLIN TURWADA SYNTH. Fields of application are lubrication of lock gates, sluices, water turbines, and hydraulic equipment. PANOLIN AG is International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001 and 14001 certified.

Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc.

105 Mall Boulevard, Suite 270-E
Monroeville, PA 15146
Telephone: 412-856-9700
Contact: Mel Koleber; mel.koleber@rizzoassoc.com
Booth #339

Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc. is a leading engineering and consulting firm specializing in water resources engineering, dam analysis and design, geotechnical engineering, instrumentation programs, and construction management. Founded in 1984, Rizzo employs more than 130 technical and design professionals. Company headquarters is located in Monroeville, Pa., with offices in Johnstown, Pa., the New York City metro area, St. Louis, Mo., Columbia, S.C., and San Francisco, Calif. We also have several European and South American locations, serving local clients.

Pennsylvania Electric Coil, Ltd.

1000 Ohio Avenue
Glassport, PA 15012
Telephone: 800-394-7366
Contact: Brad Child; penncoil@aol.com
Booth #801

Pennsylvania Electric Coil, Ltd., provides coil manufacturing and rewind services to the hydro generation industry. The company celebrates its 90th year of providing medium and high voltage stator coils, exciter armature and field coils, and rotating field coil manufacturing and reinsulation. State-of-the-art automated equipment for manufacturing high-voltage stator coils ensures consistency of shape and repeatability of all test parameters. Experienced field crews are available to perform generator rewinds and repairs throughout the world.

Petro-Canada America Lubricants

980 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1400, #1431
Chicago, IL 60611
Telephone: 888-284-4572
Booth #930

Petro-Canada produces more than 350 lubricants, specialty fluids, and greases exported to more than 60 countries. Products are manufactured from 99.9 percent pure base oils – among the purest in the world. With more than 25 years of experience in blending Group II and III base oils, Petro-Canada offers innovative lubricants to meet a range of global specifications. Petro-Canada specializes in lubrication consolidation, technical leadership, and training, offering products and services proven to increase productivity and lower operating costs.

Phoenix Power Control, Inc.

16778-146th Street SE, Suite 190

Monroe, WA 98272
Telephone: 360-794-8550
Contact: John Claybrook; jclaybrook@phoenixcontrol.com
Booth #227

For more than 30 years, Phoenix Power Control, Inc. has been a leader in innovative control system designs for the hydroelectric industry. We specialize in the use of microprocessor-based automatic controls that simplify plant operations and optimize power production. Phoenix provides leading-edge designs that use world-class, universally available hardware components for new plants as well as rehabilitation projects. Phoenix-designed software packages are well-documented, allowing project owners independence from costly proprietary support services. Phoenix offers contract maintenance services, including 24-hour support.

Pinnacle Technologies

219 Airtex Boulevard
Houston, TX 77090
Telephone: 218-686-8170
Contact: Miguel Delgado; miguel.delgado@pinntech.com
Booth #235

Pinnacle Technologies provides high-resolution monitoring equipment for ground or structure deformation in dams and hydroelectric facilities, including: penstocks, earthen dams, dikes, or steep slopes. Our three-dimensional (3D) tracker software makes it easy for dam operators to monitor vertical and horizontal motion by as much as 1 millimeter accuracy in real-time. Our built-in alarm notifies of any motion outside the permitted parameters using common communication methods: phone, cell phone, e-mail, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), network, etc. Turnkey packages are available.

Pioneer Motor Bearing Company

129 Battleground Road
Kings Mountain, NC 28086
Telephone: 888-813-9001
Contact: Robert Swisher; sales@pioneer1.com
Booth #409

Pioneer offers a full spectrum of services related to fluid film bearings and seals, including: analysis of rotordynamics, critical speeds, thrust bearings, oil cooling systems and root causes of bearing damage; design and manufacture of new bearings; and repair and upgrade of existing bearings to improve the operation of virtually any rotating equipment, including vertical guide journal and tilting pad thrust bearing assemblies and runners. Pioneer is a licensee of Siemens, Alstom, and Michell Bearings (a member of the Rolls-Royce Group).

Pipe Eye International

7056 Arbutus Crescent
Lantzville, British Columbia V0R 2H0 Canada
Telephone: 888-756-2033
Contact: Simon Rideout; srideout@pipeeyeinternational.com
Booth #127

Pipe Eye International utilizes an ultra-long-range robotic crawler system to gather sonar and video images of any confined space. Our system can penetrate up to 6,000 feet in a minimum diameter of 8 inches and offer picture perfect imagery, including 360-degree weld or joint inspection. Pipe Eye International gathers data via fiber optics and can adapt the reporting method to include other modalities. Pipe Eye International can inspect sanitary lines, potable water lines, penstocks, and seabed outflow lines.

Plesh Industries, Inc.

12534 Emerson Drive
Brighton, MI 48116
Telephone: 248-486-4500 extension 210
Contact: Andrew Poltorak; apoltorak@allor.com
www.plesh.com; www.allor.com
Booth #830

Plesh Industries, Inc. has serviced the hydro and heavy industry for more than 30 years, providing high-quality dam gate, lift gate, roller gate, tainter gate, and barge unloader chain. In addition, Plesh is the industry leader in providing buckets for continuous bucket unloaders. Let us show you how we can design, manufacture, or re-build your chain with upgraded designs that will reduce maintenance and increase the life of your conveyor systems.

PME of Ohio

518 Crescentville Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Telephone: 800-848-7994
Contact: Bill Downing; sales.pme@fuse.net
Booth #802

For more than 27 years, we have been repairing and manufacturing babbitted bearings and bearing related components to hydroelectric plants nationwide. PME Babbitt Bearings, with facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio, Atlanta, Ga., and Reno, Nev., is a licensee of Siemens Power Generation and an authorized repair center for Alstom Power. Contact us for your next project. You will find excellent quality and turnaround times that fit your schedule.

PMP Precision Valve Inc.

250 Cooper Avenue, Suite 102
Tonawanda, NY 14150
Telephone: 518-238-2583
Contact Sean McAleer; sean@pmpvalve.com
Booth #915

PMP Precision Valve Inc. is pleased to present the Mono One Piece Bonneted Bi-directional Knife Gate Valve. This unique design offers exceptional features and benefits for water, wastewater and industrial applications. The Mono-T and Mono-W are available in full lugged and wafer design. Available in stainless steels and ductile iron bodies, the one-piece bonneted body eliminates potential leak paths through the bonnet seal at the full working pressure to 150 psi.

Potencia Industrial, S.A.

Ave Ano de Juarez No 205
Col Granjas San Antonio
Iztapalapa DF CP 09070 Mexico
Telephone: 52-555-6867277
Contact: Gus Gottfried; potenciasa@aol.com
Booth #920

Potencia Industrial, SA is a leader in the custom-made generator and motor manufacturing business. The company started manufacturing in 1958 under license from Reliance Electric and Kato Engineering, then added larger frames under license from Parsons Peebles, Electric Products, and Louis Allis. Today, the firm has developed its own technology and is a leader in high-efficiency synchronous and induction generators up to 13.8 kilovolts. Potencia will design and install generators for any size project up to 20 megawatts.

Powel Inc.

930 Blue Gentian Road, Suite 1300
St. Paul, MN 55121
Telephone: 651-251-3005
Contact: Timothy Perkins; info@powel.com
Booth #527

Powel develops sophisticated energy management solutions for electric power, gas, water, and wastewater utilities. Offerings include decision support software for transmission and distribution management, hydro generation, trade and risk management, customer management, and geographic information systems. Powel’s generation software models and services address complex engineering, operational, and environmental variables for efficient generation and improved water management. Powel’s software and services cover operational hydrology, maintenance planning, water quality monitoring/modeling, power systems, planning studies/relicensing, probable maximum flood (PMF) analysis, and reservoir operations analysis.

Power Engineering

16632 Millikan Avenue
Irvine, CA 92606
Telephone: 949-260-9716
Contact: Patricia Grissom; pgrissom@powerengineering.com
Booth #539

Power Engineering and LMH (owned by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) are strategic partners offering independent testing and consulting services to the hydro industry. Our hydraulic expertise includes prototype and model performance testing; machinery diagnostics; flow and cavitation analysis; and runner geometry recovery. We provide all services necessary to solve problems with large rotating machinery, including: bearing analyses; winding inspections and life appraisal; vibration, alignment, and other field measurements; metallurgical and tribological testing; finite element modeling; and computational fluid dynamics.

PowerHouse Welding & Machining Services, Inc.

805 Brookcrest Lane
Hixson, TN 37343
Telephone: 423-843-1659
Booth #900

PowerHouse Welding & Machining Services, Inc. was formed with the mission of providing high-quality, competitively priced cavitation repair, completed on or ahead of schedule. With more than 16 years of extensive experience in the hydropower industry, coupled with a low-overhead business structure, we are uniquely positioned in the marketplace to deliver on our commitments. While other companies must pass on their high, overhead we can pass that savings on to you. We look forward to serving you … the customer.

Powertech Labs Inc.

12388 – 88th Avenue
Surrey, British Columbia V3W 7R7 Canada
Telephone: 604-590-7500
Contact: Avaral Rao
Booth #831

Powertech Labs Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of BC Hydro, provides testing, consulting, and research services to the electric industry. Powertech offers electrical, chemical, environmental, mechanical, metallurgical, materials, civil, corrosion, coating, and structural engineering expertise. Powertech provides: cavitation testing; development of turbine runner repair welding procedures; failure analysis; fracture mechanics analysis; fitness-for-service analysis; self-lubrication bushing testing; vibration testing; risk assessment/seepage analysis for dams; and diagnostic tests and condition assessment of generators, motors, cable insulation, and penstock coatings.

Process Measurement & Controls, Inc.

11 Old Sugar Hollow Road
Danbury, CT 06810
Telephone: 203-792-8686
Contact: Steve Borchardt; sales@pmc1.com
Booth #714

PMC has been providing solutions to level measurement since 1963. The VersaLine Level transmitter has been designed to provide precision long-term monitoring for both ground and waste water applications at the surface or deep wells. Ocean mapping is also a feature, with the use of titanium construction. The PMC/Sensor Technik Simach (STS) brand increases the product range to include range ability, field replaceable cable, and digital outputs. From Ω-inch-diameter wells and sewage lift stations to deep oceans, PMC/STS has a solution.

Reservoir Environmental Management, Inc.

900 Vine Street, Suite 5
Chattanooga, TN 37403
Telephone: 423-265-5820
Contact: Jim Ruane; jimruane@comcast.net
Booth #132

REMI provides consulting services for water quality management of hydropower reservoirs, including developing water quality management strategies for complying with water quality standards and alleviating water quality problems. REMI is led by Jim Ruane, who has 40 years of experience in developing such strategies. REMI and its associates have worked on more than 110 reservoirs and participated in improving water quality associated with more than 65 projects. Their work includes water quality modeling, assessments, developing feasibility studies, and preparing conceptual designs.

Rittmeyer, Ltd.

Inwilerriedstrasse 57
CH-6341 Baar/Switzerland
Telephone: 509-926-6873
Contact: Tom Rector; tom.rector@rittmeyer.com
Booth #321

Rittmeyer is specializing in instrumentation and process control systems for water and energy management and provides multi-path transit-time flowmeters, as well as turnkey automation solutions like machine control/ protection and water management systems. Rittmeyer also provides safety functions like penstock monitoring, flood/dam control, as well as turbine efficiency monitoring. Other product lines include optical shaft encoders and angle transmitters for gate position and level sensors for head and tailwater and reservoir level measurement.

Rodney Hunt Company

46 Mill Street
Orange, MA 01364
Telephone: 978-544-2511
Contact: Thomas J. McAndrew, P.E.; tomm@rodneyhunt.com
Booth #316

Since 1840, Rodney Hunt Company has supplied flow control products for the waterpower market. Rodney Hunt operates a pattern shop, foundry, and fabrication facility with machine, testing, and assembly capability to support the castings and fabrications. Products designed and manufactured include: cast iron sluice (penstocks), fabricated slide, roller, bonneted, bulkhead, crest, and tainter (radial) gates; rigid and flexible flap, Steamseal7reg; circular and rectangular butterfly, Rotovalve7reg; cone, and Howell Bunger7reg; energy dissipating valves; and hydraulic actuating systems including the SCUBA7reg; electro-hydraulic actuator.

Ross Valve Mfg. Co., Inc.

P.O. Box 595
Troy, NY 12181
Telephone: 518-274-0961
Contact: R. Andrew Ross; andrewross@rossvalve.com
Booth #627

Founded by George Ross in 1879, Ross Valve is a custom design valve manufacturer specializing in automatic control valves for water service. Standard product lines include high energy-dissipating valves for pipe-flow situations as follows: the severe-duty Water Tamer, the Fixed Energy Dissipater (FED), and the sleek Multi Orifice Valve (MOV). Additionally, Ross Valve offers a complete line of piston and diaphragm-operated control valves, including: electric, pump control, pressure-reducing, flow control, altitude, back pressure sustaining, relief, surge control, and float valves.


793 Lakemont Place, Suite 6
San Ramon, CA 94582
Telephone: 925-415-0842
Contact: Serge Bouchard; sbouchard@sbiw.com
Booth #932

SBIW, Inc. serves the hydro industry with unique expertise for refurbishment, upgrade, and construction of turbine-generator units and auxiliary equipment. We execute projects requiring on-site machining, runner replacement, generator repair, or complete refurbishment and upgrade of equipment. SBIW has unparalleled capabilities for turnkey solutions, including design, manufacturing, construction, and testing, but executes projects with the approach that will most satisfy our customers. Our key personnel have tremendous experience with hydro equipment and have the ability to overcome the most challenging projects.

Schnabel Engineering

11A Oak Branch Drive
Greensboro, NC 27407
Telephone: 336-274-9456
Contact: Lori Crossland; lcrossland@schnabel-eng.com
Booth #718

Schnabel Engineering’s tradition dates back to 1956, when Jim Schnabel established a consulting firm to offer services in “soil mechanics engineering.” Today, Schnabel Engineering, Inc., with our subsidiary Lachel Felice & Associates, is an employee-owned company offering dam engineering, geotechnical engineering, geostructural design, tunneling and underground engineering, environmental and applied geoscience services, construction monitoring, and resident engineering services. From 21 locations throughout the U.S. with more than 350 employees, Schnabel serves commercial clients and local, state, and federal government agencies.

Schoen Insulation Services, Inc.

850 Univeter Road
Canton, GA 30115
Telephone: 770 345-5156
Contact: Robert Kimball; bob@schoenins.com
Booth #707

Fabricator of rigid insulating materials (g11, g10, canvas, gpo, and molded kevlar) for hydroelectric and steam generators. Stator applications include: wedges, slides, top and side ripple springs, filler, coil supports, and drive boards. Rotor applications include blocking, creep blocks, ret ring, temp wood, slot armor, and turn insulation. Additional parts include pole collars, nomex insulation, and teflon g11. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified, and open two shifts with a sense of urgency service. Complete stator or rotor rewind insulation kits available.

SeaBotix Inc.

1425 Russ Boulevard, T112D
San Diego, CA 92101
Telephone: 619-239-5959
Contact: Don Rodocker; info@seabotix.com
Booth #133

The Little Benthic Vehicle (LBV) offers a portable, rapid deployment solution to virtually any underwater inspection. The LBV’s list of features includes auto-heading, depth, and speed; 270-degree field of view; lateral thruster; and video overlay. Options include imaging sonar, positioning system, metal thickness gauge, and umbilical lengths to 2,000 meters. SeaBotix’ newest product, the Little Benthic Crawler (LBC), uses a suction device to attach to any hard surface and can drive along in any attitude up to 30 meters per minute.

Sealogic Innovations Corp.

Box 23089, 43C Putman Industrial Road
Belleville, Ontario K8P 5J3 Canada
Telephone: 613-966-4567
Contact: Kevin Drumm; eng@seal-ogic.com
Booth #827

Incorporated in 1991, SEAL-OGIC’s main personnel have almost 60 years of combined practical experience in rotary shaft sealing. Our expertise is highly regarded, with several patents to our credit. We have solved a multitude of demanding applications where the established giants of our industry have repeatedly failed. Visit us to see our ingenious “splitting technology!” We’ve achieved impressive successes with fully split turbine shaft seals, and guide-bearing seals, up to 4 foot in diameter, to date.

Seals Unlimited Inc.

17300 S.W. Baseline Road
Beaverton, OR 97006
Telephone: 503-690-6644
Contact: Darwin Fair; seals@sealsunlimited.com
Booth #517

Seals Unlimited, Inc., a privately held small business corporation established in 1987, has extensive rubber hydro gate seal molding capabilities. Our purchase of the Huntington Brand Seal division from Buckhorn Rubber has expanded our manufacturing capability. We are a diversified rubber part manufacturer with press sizes from 14 to 48 inches square and to 24 inches wide by 12 feet long. Seals Unlimited manufactures rubber extrusions from as small as 2 millimeters in diameter through 12-inch-square marinefendering.

Seamor Marine Ltd.

2569 Kenworth Road, Suite E
Nanaimo, British Columbia V9T 3M4 Canada
Telephone: 250-729-8899
Contact: Robin Gang Li; rli@seamor.com
Booth #532

Seamor Marine Ltd. has adopted a new remotely operated vehicle (ROV) SEAMOR from Inuktun Services Ltd. The 40-pound underwater ROV can operate to depths of 1,000 feet with maximum tether length of 1,500 feet. This ROV is suitable for inspecting intakes, penstocks, trashracks, and sluice gates. Equipped with four thruster modules and a joystick control system, SEAMOR can be maneuvered through challenging conditions. SEAMOR’s vision system includes a high-resolution, color, zoom video camera and two 50-watt variable intensity lights.

SeaView Systems, Inc.

9890 Huron Creek Drive
Dexter, MI 48130
Telephone: 734-426-8978
Contact: Matthew Cook; mcook@seaviewsystems.com
Booth #519

SeaView Systems, Inc. is a specialty service company performing a range of underwater investigation services using remote technology. Services include: pipeline, tunnel, and penstock investigations using specialized, in-house developed robotic underwater vehicles and reporting techniques; sophisticated three-dimensional (3D) modeling and geographic positioning of underwater structures; and hydrographic survey using multibeam, singlebeam, and sidescan sonar. Our modern, technologically advanced equipment is configured for fast, cost-effective mobilization worldwide.

SKF Coupling Systems

1447 New Litchfield Street
Torrington, CT 06790
Telephone: 860-489-1817
Contact: Stefan Norberg; cs_usa@skf.com
Booth #503

As manufacturer of the well-known OK shaft coupling and Supergrip bolt, SKF Coupling Systems AB has supplied solutions to the marine and power industries for many years. For hydro stations, we have developed a number of special products that enable a rapid and easy exchange of turbine wheels (for situations caused by excessive wear of the runner and seasonal flow changes). These new solutions have brought many shaft connections up-to-date by using the benefits of high-pressure oil and hydraulic power.

Sko-Die, Inc.

8050 Austin Avenue
Morton Grove, IL 60053
Telephone: 800-486-4756
Contact: John Roberts; info@skodie.com
Booth #438

Core manufacturing specialists.

SoftPLC Corporation

25603 Red Brangus Drive
Spicewood, TX 78669
Telephone: 512-264-8390
Contact: C. Hollenbeck; info@softplc.com
Booth #428

SoftPLC Corporation provides programmable automation controller systems. Our open architecture systems provide powerful, flexible, low-cost solutions through features such as user/integrator customization and easy integration of products from multiple vendors such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), human machine interface (HMI), drives, input/output (I/O), and more. Powerful networking, high-speed logic execution, and extensive data storage and manipulation capabilities make SoftPLC systems ideal for large and small hydro applications, including turbine and governor controls, fish ladder/gate controls, and data acquisition/annunciation systems.

Solomon Associates

13455 Noel Road Galleria, Tower II, Suite 1500

Dallas, TX 75240
Telephone: 972-739-1791
Contact: Ron Fluegge; ron.fluegge@solomononline.com
Booth #330

Solomon has developed data collection tools specifically for hydroelectric generating companies that facilitate the data collection and analysis of hydro plant reliability and cost performance. Our services provide a cost-effective and non-resource-intensive means (as little as one work hour per quarter) to help monitor and manage a fleet of assets. Known for its precise benchmarking and patent-pending methodologies, Solomon has a tradition of analyzing client assets and setting practical strategies and goals for maximizing operational performance and profitability.

Sorensen Systems/Sorensen Governor Company

70 Bearfoot Road, P.O. Box 840
Northboro, MA 01532-0840
Telephone: 508-351-1815
Contact: Mark Ferland; mferland@sorensensystems.com
Booth #306

Sorensen Governor is a leader in the supply of turbine-generator systems integration for the hydroelectric industry. We provide complete design, procurement, manufacturing, and project management services for new installations, refurbishment projects, and station automation. We provide full-service engineering and project management from initial concept through commissioning and start up. Our products and services range from governor control and gate operating equipment to complete turbine-generator and station automation systems. We have established our reputation based on innovation and cost-effective solutions.

Sotek Inc./Belrix Industries

3590 Jeffrey Boulevard
Buffalo, NY 14219
Telephone: 716-821-5961
Contact: John Maurer, Jr.; johnjr@sotek.com
Booth #706

Sotek and Belrix are sister companies that serve the medium through heavy industrial motor and power generation industries. The companies manufacture rotor, stator, and pole laminations and assemblies used in motors and generators. They were incorporated in 1984 and received International Standards Organization (ISO) registration in 2001. We currently use stamping presses, laser machines, and notching presses to produce our components. We also have complete in-house tooling capabilities.

Sound Metrics Corp.

15029 Bothell Way N.E., Suite 100
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155
Telephone: 206-364-1441
Contact: Ed Belcher; info@soundmetrics.com
Booth #229

Our acoustic camera, Dual-Frequency Identification Sonar (DIDSON), provides near video-quality images for inspection and identification of objects and aquatic life in turbid or dark water. The sonar’s high resolution and high operating frequency make it especially suited for operation around dams, multi-faceted construction, and other reverberate structures. DIDSON allows unparalleled study of fish behavior around turbines and fish bypass systems, as well as detailed inspection of surfaces for cracks and other anomalies in water where optical systems are ineffective.

Southeastern Underwater Services, Inc.

126 N. Washington Ave.
Greenville, SC 29611
Telephone: 864-220-3481
Contact: Steve Burdsal/Chip Gray; seunderwaterinc@yahoo.com
Booth #928

Southeastern Underwater Services, Inc., is much more than a diving contractor. We offer the normal underwater inspections, repairs, and construction services, but we also have a paint division and a wastewater division to provide a wide array of services to the water industry. We maintain a cadre of divers with diverse experience, from hydro and nuclear work to intakes and screens. We are a licensed underwater contractor in South Carolina and serve the southeast from our home in Greenville, SC.

Southwest Electric Company

21 Cleveland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37210
Telephone: 800-494-5658
Contact: Todd Newton; todd.newton@swelectric.com
Booth #534

Southwest Electric Company is your one stop for high-voltage equipment service, specializing in a variety of high-voltage remanufacturing and maintenance services. Services include: power transformer rewinding and remanufacturing up to 200 megavolt ampere autotransformers; substation equipment maintenance, testing, and repair of transformers, load tap changers, oil, vacuum, and SF6 breakers, regulators, and transformer oil processing; rotating equipment service and rewinding of motors and generators; low- and medium-voltage breaker testing and rebuilding; and custom switchgear lineup manufacturing and upgrading of existing switchgear.

Specialty Sealing Technologies

PO Box 566, 105 Silverleaf Drive
Pelham, AL 35124
Telephone: 205-620-1644
Contact: John R. Jakubowski; jwsealguy@aol.com
Booth #119

Specialty Sealing Technologies (SST) manufactures and distributes hydraulic seals, floating v-packing, gate seals (J seals), braided packing, and custom-molded rubber or urethane products. We have more then 60 years of experience in manufacturing hydraulic seals and years of experience in solving sealing problems in the hydroelectric industry. SST manufactures seals for adjustable blade Kaplans, wicket gates, brakes, and servomotors, which are also on Francis and bulb units.

St. Anthony Falls Laboratory

2 Third Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Telephone: 612-624-4427
Contact: Omid Mohseni, PhD, P.E.
Booth #926

St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) is a research facility of the University of Minnesota. SAFL is involved in a variety of applied and basic research and engineering projects commissioned by government agencies, private companies, and consultants. These projects span physical, mathematical, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of hydropower plants and hydraulic structures; hydrologic and hydrodynamic studies of rivers; river modeling for environmental protection and restoration; water quality of lakes, rivers and reservoirs; wind engineering; and various performance and calibration testing.

Steel America

400 East Indian River Road
Norfolk, VA 23523
Telephone: 757-545-5311
Contact: Kenneth Mebane; steelam@erols.com
Booth #704

Steel America specializes in in-place or heavy machining, and heavy fabrication to 500 tons of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We perform manufacture, repair, and overhaul of heavy machinery, equipment, structures, and components for industrial plants, both in-house and on-site. Steel America maintains a complete inventory of tools, equipment, and capabilities dedicated to heavy machining and heavy fabrication projects. A large facility and skilled staff enables us to tackle the largest – and toughest – jobs just about anywhere.

Steel-Fab, Inc.

P.O. Box 2145, 430 Crawford Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420-8645
Telephone: 978-345-1112
Contact: Louis Bartolini; bartolini@steel-fab-inc.com
Booth #304

Steel Fab designs and manufactures large fabricated gates, valves, and operating systems for flood control dams, reservoirs, and hydroelectric projects. We have earned a solid reputation for producing high-quality water control equipment that includes crest gates, roller gates, slide gates, floating bulkheads, jet flow gates, tainter gates, fixed cone valves, and their corresponding operating systems.

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

5465 S.W. Western Avenue, Suite F
Beaverton, OR 97005
Telephone: 503-469-8000
Contact: Fred Holloway; fholloway@stevenswater.com
Booth #720

Since 1911, Stevens Water Monitoring Systems has manufactured water monitoring instrumentation for the environmental industry. Our product line includes complete data collection platforms, telemetry systems, and software for database management. Contact Stevens for complete solutions for your monitoring needs whether it’s for water level, water flow, water quality, or weather. Stevens operates offices in Portland, Ore., and Lake Charles, La.

STS Consultants, Ltd.

1035 Kepler Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311
Telephone: 920-468-1978
Contact: Stacy Bouchard; bouchard@stsconsults.com
Booth #332

STS Consultants, Ltd.’s (STS) intimacy with the hydroelectric industry goes well beyond that of a typical consulting firm. STS, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, STS Hydropower, developed and operated more than ten plants in four states during the 1980s and early 1990s. The plants ranged from 800 kW to 44.95 MW, with hydraulic heads from 12 feet to 1,060 feet. Although STS Hydropower was sold in 1994, our engineers remain active in the design, construction, and rehabilitation of dams and hydropower projects.

Superbolt, Inc.

P.O. Box 683
Carnegie, PA 15106
Telephone: 412-279-1149
Contact: Aaron Kushner; akushner@superbolt.com
Booth #528

Superbolt provides solutions to bolting problems. They manufacture patented Multi-Jackbolt tensioners that eliminate unsafe, time-consuming, and expensive bolting methods. Only hand tools are required for installation and removal of any size tensioner. Visit our website to learn about the many advantages of using Superbolt products.

Sutron Corporation

21300 Ridgetop Circle
Sterling, VA 20166-6520
Telephone: 703-406-2800
Contact: Ashish Raval; sales@sutron.com
Booth #432

Sutron hydrological systems, stations, software, and services collect, store, transmit, and host data and commands to and from extreme sites to personal computers, including IPAQ, anywhere on the planet. Using satellite, Internet, line-of-sight (LOS) radio, and telephone, Sutron designs, manufactures, installs, services, and supports the following: flood forecasting, warning, and control stream gaging; river/reservoir monitoring supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and gate control; station maintenance hydrological services; and software in your specified format web-posting.

Swiger Coil Systems, Inc.

4677 Manufacturing Road
Cleveland, OH 44135
Telephone: 216-362-7500, extension 211
Contact: Ron Hartman; ronhartman@swigercoil.com
Booth #728

Swiger Coil Systems specializes in manufacturing and refurbishing large edgebent coils, poles, connectors, and alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) formed coils for the hydropower and power generation industries. We reinsulate asbestos or non-asbestos coils or we can wind new Omega joint or continuous wound coils in our 130,000-square-foot Cleveland, Ohio, facility to ensure the fastest delivery possible. We offer 24/7 service from our team of 160 employees. Certified ISO 9001

Synexus Global Inc.

4342 Queen Street, P.O. Box 1001
Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6W1 Canada
Telephone: 905-357-6973
Contact: Stuart G. Bridgeman; marketing@synexusglobal.com
Booth #406

Synexus Global is a provider of decision support systems to the hydropower industry. These solutions improve asset operations using advanced information technology and optimization methods. They have been proven to: increase hydropower generation output and revenue by optimizing reservoir and plant operation over the long- and short-term; increase productivity by enhancing the interactivity between applications; ease the management of operational data; demonstrate environmental compliance and speed up relicensing; facilitate the development of rehabilitation strategies; and minimize flood and drought risks.

systec Controls Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH

Lindberghstrasse 4
82178 Puchheim Germany
Telephone: 49-89-809060
Contact: Sebastian Fischer; sebastian.fischer@systec-controls.de
Booth #433

systec Controls is an innovative company in the field of flow measurement and environmental measuring methods for fossil, wastewater, and hydro plants. Efficient and safe plant operation needs accurate, reliable flow data. With our ultrasonic flowmeter deltawave, we are able to provide systems for manifold applications within hydro plants, for example: flow measurement according to American Society of Mechanical Engineers Performance Test Code 18, penstock leak detection, and field acceptance tests for turbines and pump-turbines according to International Electrotechnical Commission 41.

TAW Miami Service Center

9930 NW 89th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178
Telephone: 305-884-1717
Contact: Rodney Johnson; rodney.johnson@tawinc.com
Booth #628

TAW provides high-quality, competitive, timely electrical and mechanical repair and maintenance services to power generation and industrial markets since 1921. TAW is prepared to serve the hydroelectric industry with 14 facilities located throughout the Southeast, staffed by more than 600 trained professionals. TAW offers in-house design/ re-rate electrical engineering and field services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With manufacturing, maintenance, and repair capabilities ranging from control panels to stator cores, TAW is your one-stop electrical and mechanical services provider.


717 17th Street, 5th Floor

Denver, CO 80202
Telephone: 303-298-7117
Contact: Rodney W. Eisenbraun; rodney. eisenbraun@tcb.aecom.com

Booth #329

Dam and hydropower specialists for TCB bring innovative ideas to investigation, design, supervision of construction, and inspection of dams and their components. TCB provides all disciplines required for water resource projects, including hydrologic, hydraulic, civil, structural, geologic, geotechnical, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

Tennessee Valley Authority Resource Management

P.O. Box 1010
Muscle Shoals, AL 35662
Telephone: 800-831-5744
Contact: Jerry E. Liner; resmgt@tva.com
Booth #529

TVA’s Resource Management business provides professional environmental consultation, technologies, products, and services, including environmental assessment, remediation, and information management; integrated resource management tools; and hydro energy services. Specific examples of these products and services include: ecological risk assessments; regulatory compliance verification; bioremediation technologies; GIS databases and tools; watershed planning; land-use planning; river system operation software; aerating turbine technologies; aeration and minimum-flow systems; and hydro-turbine diagnostics.

Terracon Consultants, Inc.

16000 College Boulevard
Lenexa, KS 66219
Telephone: 913-599-6886
Contact: Scott Nichols; scnichols@terracon.com
Booth #834

Terracon is a 100 percent employee-owned consulting engineering firm that has provided high-quality engineering services since 1965. From its roots in geotechnical engineering, Terracon has evolved into a successful multi-discipline firm specializing in geotechnical, environmental, construction materials, and facilities services. In recent years, Terracon has consistently achieved growth above the industry average. Just 13 years ago, the company had only 18 offices in the Midwest. Today, Terracon has more than 2,600 employees and more than 90 offices in 33 states.

Thordon Bearings Inc.

3225 Mainway
Burlington, Ontario L7M 1A6 Canada
Telephone: 905-335-1440
Contact: Lorraine Higham; info@thordonbearings.com
Booth #530

Thordon has more than 25 years’ experience supplying main shaft guide, pump, wicket gate, operating mechanism bearings, and radial shaft seals Long wear life, low friction, high abrasion resistance, grease/oil free operation, and application engineering technical support provide customers with bearing solutions that meet, or exceed, specifications. With worldwide installations ranging from micro-turbines to units with main shafts up to 94 inches (2,400 millimeters), Thordon provides a proven alternative to grease-and oil-lubricated bearings.

Trentec Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corp./ Trentec Division

4600 East Tech Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45245-1000
Telephone: 513-528-7900
Contact: William Robert Carson; rcarson@trentec.com
Booth #328

Trentec provides diamond wire concrete cutting services. Diamond wire provides precision, vibration-free, and controlled cutting in sensitive areas. We manufacture an exclusive line of diamond wire and sawing equipment. Services are provided in the U.S., Canada, and overseas. Our history of innovation includes the first slot cut for alkali-aggregate reaction stress relief and the design and development of large-diameter wires for slot cutting. Please contact us to discuss the benefits to your application and estimates, and to arrange cutting services.

Tyton, Fematics Canada, Inc.

1100 St.-Amour
Saint-Laurent, Québec H4S 1J2 Canada
Telephone: 514-331-3712
Contact: Jeff Chen; jchen@fabgroups.com
Booth #216

Founded in 1961 under the banner of Huhn Seal and subsequently as Tyton Seal in 1972, we are now known as Fematics Canada Inc. In addition to Tyton turbine seals, our product lines include ship shaft seals and mechanical seals for the pulp and paper and mining industries. Engineering and manufacturing of turbine seals and replacement parts are handled exclusively at Fematics Canada. We have produced seals for all types of turbines, with shaft sizes ranging from 4 to 89.375 inches.

Underwater Construction Corporation

110 Plains Road
Essex, CT 06426
Telephone: 800-USA-DIVE
Contact: Charles Vallance; cvallance@uccdive.com
Booth #608

Work associated with relicensing, modernization, upgrades, rehabilitation, repair, or maintenance of dams often has an underwater component. Underwater repair minimizes the effect on power generation and recreation and eliminates the adverse structural and environmental effects of dewatering. Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) has more than 30 years’ experience servicing dams and hydroelectric facilities and has the capability and experience to provide diving services for any project. UCC can support emergency call-outs, long-term maintenance programs, or large turnkey rehabilitation projects.

Unifin International

1030 Clarke Road
London, Ontario N5V 3B2 Canada
Telephone: 519-451-0310
Contact: Gilles Schami; gilles.schami@unifin.com
Booth #104

Unifin International LP is a market leader in the design and manufacture of coolers for large hydro, fossil, and nuclear generators – air and hydrogen cooled machines – as well as for large power transformers and water-air-cooled motors. Unifin also provides a full line of Cardinal transformer oil circulating pumps and has recently added pump remanufacturing capabilities to its product offering. Headquartered in London, Ontario, Canada, Unifin also has facilities in Alberta, Canada, Ohio, Virginia, and Tennessee.


500 12th Street, Suite 100
Oakland, CA 94607
Telephone: 510-874-1701
Contact: John Bischoff; john_bischoff@urscorp.com
Booth #100

URS Corporation has provided full-service professional and technical expertise to the hydropower industry for more than 50 years. We are the single source for all of the services required by your projects, from initial reconnaissance through start up. URS has unique expertise in all aspects of hydropower, water supply, flood control, and recreation issues pertaining to this specialized industry. We offer outstanding capabilities, ranging from planning and feasibility studies, environmental impact analyses and licensing activities, to design engineering and construction.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hydroelectric Design Center

P.O. Box 2946
Portland, OR 97208-2946
Telephone: 503-808-4203
Contact: Teri Galloway; teresa.r.galloway@nwp01.usace.army.mil
Booth #538

The Hydroelectric Design Center (HDC) is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ center of expertise for the engineering and design of hydroelectric powerhouses and large pumping plants. With nearly 60 years of experience in hydroelectric powerhouse design, HDC has the capability to assist Corps districts with hydroelectric engineering and design support services to maintain 75 hydroelectric generating stations with more than 400 units. The center is organized into an Electrical Branch, a Mechanical/Structural Branch, and a Product Coordination Branch.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Control System Security Program

c/o Idaho National Laboratory

PO Box 1625
Idaho Fall, ID 83404
Telephone: 208-526-6178
Contact: Jeff Hahn; cssp@dhs.gov
Booth #333

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Control Systems Security Program (CSSP) is a key effort in response to the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace. The CSSP is working with asset owners, vendors, universities, national laboratories, and government agencies to reduce cyber risk to critical infrastructure control systems by providing guidance and building partnerships.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Sector Specific Agency Executive Management Office (SSA EMO)

Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.
ATTN: IP/SSA EMO/Enrique Matheu
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
245 Murray Lane
Washington, DC 20528
Telephone: 703-235-5638
Contact: Kristen Baumgartner; kristen. baumgartner@associates.hq.dhs.gov
Booth #632

Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7 assigned responsibility for the protection of dams to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Consequently, the department is leading an effort involving federal, state, and local governments, as well as the private sector, to enhance the preparedness and protection of U.S. dams against terrorist attacks or other types of incidents.

U.S. Underwater Services, L.P.

101 NE Haskew
Burleson, TX 76028
Telephone: 800-860-2178
Contact: Brent Mathis; brent@ usunderwaterservices.com
Booth #731

U.S. Underwater Services, L.P. has been
in business for more than 19 years and has continued to grow with the industry and technology to serve your needs. Services that U.S. Underwater Services, L.P. can provide include: potable water services such as inspections, cleanings, and repairs; raw water projects such as intake inspections and cleanings; bridge and dam inspections and remediation services; emergency response and hazardous materials diving services; underwater and topside cutting and welding (certified); and custom fabrication services.

VAG-Armaturen GmbH

Carl-Reuther-Str. 1
68305 Mannheim, Germany
Telephone: 49-621-7490
Contact: Peter Oppinger; info@vag-armaturen.com
Booth #837

VAG is one of the worldwide leading valve manufacturers, for all kinds of applications in the field of water and sewage. The solutions emphasize longevity, reliability, and economic effectiveness.

Van Ness Feldman, P.C.

1050 Thomas Jefferson Street N.W., Suite 700
Washington, DC 20007
Telephone: 202-298-1890
Contact: Mike Swiger; mas@vnf.com
Booth #219

Founded in 1977, Van Ness Feldman provides strategic advice to clients in a variety of industries who are affected by government policies and regulations in the areas of energy, environment, federal land use, and Indian law. With offices in Washington, D.C., and Seattle, Wash., we have counseled hydroelectric projects in all regions of the country, helping clients anticipate and address the competing demands of project economics, management, and regulatory compliance, as well as take advantage of new opportunities and emerging markets.

Veolia ES Special Services, Marine Division

2135 West Nordale Drive
Appleton, WI 54914
Telephone: 920-948-5088
Contact: Eric Caylor; eric.caylor@veoliaes.com
Booth #334

Veolia ES Special Services, Marine Division offers services in industrial diving, hydraulic dredging, hydrographic surveys, remotely operated vehicles (ROV), deep gas diving, and saturation diving. Veolia ES Special Services has teamed high-quality personnel with state-of-the-art equipment to provide unsurpassed service. Veolia’s marine personnel have created higher productivity that results in lower bottom-line job costs. From our American Welding Society (AWS) D3.6-certified welders/ divers to our multi-beam swath sonar hydrographic survey team, Veolia ES Special Services offers creative solutions to challenging marine problems.


P.O. Box 40647
Cleveland 2022 South Africa
Telephone: 866-635-7596
Contact: Mark Opperman; vesconite@vesconite.com
Booth #205

Vesconite is a supplier of self-lubricating, long-life bearings and bushings. We have more than 40 years of experience in designing and producing self-lubricating, premium polymer alloys that have excellent dimensional stability, no swell in water, a high load-carrying capacity, and low friction and are environmentally friendly. Maintenance-free Vesconite materials are easy to machine to fine tolerances and are ideally suited to hydro applications that require tight clearances. Vesconite stock shapes are available off-the-shelf in California and Texas.

Vibro-Meter, Inc.

10 Ammon Drive
Manchester, NH 03103
Telephone: 209-552-2235
Contact: Dave Martin; dave.martin@vibro-meter.com
Booth #403

Vibro-Meter has been supplying measurement solutions since 1952 and is now successfully providing complete machinery monitoring systems for land, sea, and air applications. Specific monitoring techniques have been developed for the hydropower sector, including air gap sensing, low-frequency vibration, and displacement measurement, plus advanced protection and condition monitoring systems in use all over the world. From a single-channel monitor to complex multi-site installations, depend on us for a reliable and cost-effective solution.


2727 Jacques-Cartier East Boulevard
Longueuil, Québec J4N 1L7 Canada
Telephone: 450-646-2157
Contact: Marc Bissonnette; sales@vibrosystm.com
Booth #234

VibroSystM is a world leader in on-line monitoring systems for hydro generators of all sizes, types, and designs. Our products are used to monitor, trend, and display critical machine parameters, such as: overall dynamic machine condition (ZOOM); rotor-stator air gap (AGMS); stator winding vibration (SBV/FOA); bearing/shaft vibration, proximity, and displacement (VibraWatch); magnetic flux (MFM); rotor and stator temperature (ThermaWatch); turbine clearance; and rotor creep and speed detection. We also offer results interpretation of machine/parameter condition data.

VideoRay LLC

580 Wall Street
Phoenixville, PA 19460
Telephone: 610-458-3000
Contact: Chris Gibson; info@videoray.com
Booth #829

VideoRay, the global leader in micro-ROV (remotely operated vehicle) technology has more than 750 ROVs deployed around the world. Starting at just $5,995 and weighing just eight pounds, the VideoRay ROV is ideal for surveys, offshore inspections, search and recovery missions, homeland and port security, science and research, fish farming, and other underwater applications. VideoRay is currently available on the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule.

Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation, Inc.

P.O. Box 712
760 East Berlin Road
York, PA 17405
Telephone: 717-792-7082
Contact: Stanley Kocon; stanley.kocon@vs-hydro.com
Booth #301

Voith Siemens Hydro has provided full services and equipment for hydropower projects for more than 135 years. Installed patented technology for environmental enhancements – fish friendly and aerating runners are examples of the company’s commitment to the hydro industry. A worldwide network of engineering, manufacturing, and service organizations combined with proven skills in optimized project planning and execution continue to assure the high levels of quality and financial stability that our customers have come to expect.>

VSG ‘The Green Grease’ Utility Service Associates

58 Garnock Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4K 1M2 Canada
Telephone: 888-442-5008
Contact: Ken Brown; info@fluidcenter.com
Booth #906

Our company was formed in 1993 to provide tribological solutions for power stations. For hydro, the product is VSG, “The Green Grease,” with canola oil for natural sourcing and improved biodegradability. VSG is used in wicket gates, bearings, stoplogs, and on wire ropes. The company also offers synthetic greases; greases with long service lives to reduce costs; extreme pressure (EP) greases without zinc, chlorine, or lead; coupling greases; and radiation-resistant greases.

Warning Systems, Inc.

6767 Old Madison Pike, Suite 110
Huntsville, AL 35806
Telephone: 256-880-8702, extension 107
Contact: Jim Conrad; jconrad@warningsystems.com
Booth #130

Warning Systems, Inc. manufactures very and ultra high frequency (VHF and UHF) tone alert radios that can be selected geographically, individually, or by common interest groups and activated by the common alerting protocol. We also provide web-based activation and automation systems for tone-encoded devices such as sirens, pagers, radios, and two-tone. WSI offers Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant strobe and text displays for hearing-impaired recipients and high-noise environments.

Washington Group International, Inc.

10900 N.E. 8th Street, Suite 500
Bellevue, WA 98004
Telephone: 425-451-4500
Contact: Wayne Pietz; wayne.pietz@wgint.com
Booth #518

Washington Group International’s Infrastructure Unit provides hydroelectric, water resources engineering, and project/construction management services in the U.S. and internationally. We designed and/or constructed 150+ successfully completed/operational hydroelectric and pumped storage plants that generate 45,000 MW. Since 1992, we have completed 75+ U.S. projects for hydroelectric facility maintenance, rehabilitation, and upgrades to structures, major equipment, and auxiliary systems (i.e. fish protec- tion). We provide a full range of engineering services including technical evaluations/ analyses, preliminary/final design preparation, startup/testing, and construction management.

Weld Mart, Inc.

1023 Pineville Road
Chattanooga, TN 37405
Telephone: 800-344-1363
Contact: Scott Smith; scott.smith@vs-hydro.com
Booth #700

Weld Mart, Inc. is a full-service field machining and specialized welding contractor dedicated to the hydro industry. More than 20 years of research and development sets Weld Mart apart as a highly specialized contractor with working expertise of automated machining and welding processes, and complex welding solutions. Whether it is machining, cavitation repair, or custom fabrication, Weld Mart is capable. Located in the southern U.S., Weld Mart has completed more than 400 contracts with utility companies throughout North America.

Williams Form Engineering Corp.

8165 Graphic Drive
Belmont, MI 49306
Telephone: (616) 866-0815
Booth #733

Williams Form Engineering is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rock, soil, and concrete anchor systems. Williams’ products are used worldwide for foundation tiedown anchors, slope stability, tiebacks, tunnel and roofbolting, post-tensioning, and fastening to concrete. Williams manufactures anchors using steel bar with ultimate strengths as high as 960,000 pounds.

Willowstick Technologies, LLC

11814 S. Election Road, Suite 100
Draper, UT 84020
Telephone: 801-984-9850
Contact: Paul Rollins; prollins@willowstick.com
Booth #719

Willowstick Technologies is a leading provider of groundwater mapping services. AquaTrack – a patented geophysical technology – maps, tracks, and monitors groundwater using an audio frequency electrical current. Electrodes placed in wells, springs, or surface water inject electricity into the groundwater. Because groundwater is a conductor, the current follows the groundwater between electrodes. The current flows through the groundwater, creating a magnetic field characteristic of the injected electrical current. This magnetic field can be surveyed from the ground surface using a magnetic receiver.

Woodex Bearing Company, Inc.

216 Bay Point Road
Georgetown ME 04548
Telephone: 207-371-2210
Contact: Starkey Steuernagle; sales@woodexbearing.com
Booth #231

Woodex Bearing Company manufactures custom-designed wet-running thrust and guide bearings for hydroelectric turbines. Woodex designers use your equipment drawings, existing bearings, shaft dimensions, speed. and load information to produce reliable yet economical bearings, tailor-made for your machinery. In addition to Woodex oil-impregnated maple and lignum vitae, high-performance synthetic materials are available, headed up by Meco4000, a bearing-grade, filled polyetheretherketone (PEEK) with outstanding wet-running wear properties. Woodex bearings offer long service life.

Wood Group Generator Services

1113 Camina Entrada
Farmington, NM 87401
Telephone: 505-327-6363
Booth #337

Wood Group Generator Services (WGGS) specializes in servicing electric generators and motors, inspection and testing, as well as providing goods and services to the power generation industry. WGGS rewinds, repairs, maintains, and refurbishes generator and motor stators and rotors in-house or on-site. WGGS manufactures low-, medium-, and high-voltage formed coils and Roebel bars. Our seasoned engineering staff is capable of uprating, redesigning, and/or repowering hydropower sites. Services include electrical system evaluations and testing, start-up monitoring, generator component manufacturing, replacement, and refurbishment.

Worthington Products, Inc.

3405 Kuemerle Avenue NE
Canton, OH 44705-5074
Telephone: 800-899-2977
Booth #400

Worthington is the world’s premier provider of log and debris booms, boat barriers, waterway security barriers, buoys, and channel markers. Our installation base spans every continent but Antarctica and includes some of the world’s largest dam owners, including: Empresa, Ontario Power Generation, ESCOM, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, BC Hydro, Brookfield Power, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the government of Ontario, ALCON, and INCO. Worthington offers complete engineering and turnkey support. You can count on our high-quality products and service.

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