Walking the walk (and driving the drive) on eco-friendly transport – The Tesla European road trip – Day Zero

It won’t come as any surprise to hear that students on the Energy Management MSc programme at the ESCP Europe Business School are all big fans of the concept of eco-friendly transport and particularly of electric powered cars. But what happens to that enthusiasm when classroom theory is turned into reality?

To find out, a group of students and graduates are setting off this Saturday on a week-long European road trip from the school’s London campus, which will take them to three more of our six campuses across the continent – Berlin, Turin and Paris – and cover seven countries along the way.



Will the cars live up to their producer’s confidence in their long-range ability? Will they find enough charging points to keep the electric motor operating at top performance and how will they fill the time it takes to get this to happen? Will they silently hanker for the convenience of a good, old-fashioned gas guzzler instead? Or will they wish they had taken an equally eco-friendly train?

As well as pounding the autobahn, autoroute, autostrada, etc, the ESCP Europe crew will be visiting the Tesla factory in the Netherlands and joining discussions on energy efficiency, sustainable transport and climate change at all of their target stops with experts from the commercial world, science and academia. And, of course, they’ll be keeping a road diary about their exploits and lessons learned in the form of regular blogs here at Renewables World. For the first report check out RenewableEnergyWorld.com tomorrow and look for the ESCP Europe Road Trip – Day One.


ESCP Europe road tip

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Established in 1819, ESCP Europe is the oldest business school in the world. Its mission is to develop the next generation of transnational business leaders, preparing them to embrace the opportunities offered by cultural diversity.With its six urban campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw, ESCP Europe's true European Identity enables the provision of a unique style of cross-cultural business education and a Global Perspective on international management issues.

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