Waldeck Pumped-Storage Hydro Plant in Germany Begins Operation

The Waldeck 1 pumped-storage hydropower plant in Germany has officially been inaugurated, Voith Hydro Inc. reported. Voith Hydro, together with the consortium partner for civil construction, Bilfinger Berger, developed the overall technical concept for the hydro plant.

E.ON Wasserkraft GmbH invested a total of about 52 million euros (US$63.1 million) into Waldeck 1 to realize a new, state-of-the-art station and to carry out the rehabilitation of the existing plant from the 1930s, which was due for modernization after decades of reliable operation. As part of the project, a new pumped-storage station with an output of 74 megawatts was constructed, Voith reported.

The hydropower plant is located on Lake Edersee near the town of Waldeck in Hesse, Germany.

The upper reservoir has been refurbished, and two turbines of the old Waldeck I plant have been modernized. These two units will remain in place in order to provide the so-called tertiary control, Voith reported.


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