W2 Energy Inc. to Develop Reactor Capable of Being Powered by Solar Energy

W2 Energy Inc., a developer of Green Energy, will begin development to modify its non-thermal plasma reactor technology to be powered by solar energy.

“We believe that this technology could be the first of its kind in the gasification field,” said Michael McLaren, CEO. “The units will be smaller, transportable reactors for use in remote or off-grid situations. The product will be developed in partnership with solar power companies with experience with applications ranging from 10-20 kilowatts. The company is presently in negotiations with several companies at the moment that fit these criteria.”

The project required very little change to the company’s current reactor technology and allows the company to access a large market that was currently without competition without defocusing the company from current projects.

Because of the manner in which the W2 Energy non-thermal plasma technology works it is possible to run the reactor from alternate power sources like solar or wind. The plasma is relatively low power and acts as a catalyst using the energy stored in the feedstock to assist in the gasification process.

“By being able to power our reactor technology from alternate sources like solar, wind and small hydro, the product opens itself up to enormous possibilities,” said McLaren.


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