Virent Joins President’s Hydrogen Initiative

[] Virent Energy Systems has focused on chemically converting sugar-based liquids into hydrogen, and their efforts have paid off in the form of grant funding. Acting Under Secretary of Energy David K. Garman announced that the Department of Energy has awarded the company $1.9 million for research in support of the President’s Hydrogen Fuel Initiative. President of Virent Eric Apfelbach said the grant will fund the creation of a reactor large enough to produce 2.5 kilograms of hydrogen per hour, which is enough to power a car. Virent uses a one step process for chemically converting sugar-based liquids into hydrogen and other fuel gases for distributed systems. Its process can be tuned to offer blends of hydrogen and other fuel gases, such as natural gas. This reforming system can be used at existing gasoline stations or offer on-board reformation, which could eliminate the need for a substantial hydrogen transport and delivery infrastructure.
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