Vermont Solarfest Approaches

Where else can you go in Vermont to find over 12 kW of photovoltaics (PV) generating electricity from the sun, 1.4 kW of windpower, solar hot water and organic gardening? You can find this and much more this weekend at Solarfest in Poultney, Vermont. Located on the campus of Green Mountain College, Solarfest celebrates renewable energy and sustainable living through the arts and world music.

Poultney, Vermont – July 10, 2003 [] Both the main stage and the family stage will be powered renewably by both “off-grid” mobile power units, as well as, for the first time ever, a 5 kW net-metered array connected to the utility. This array was installed several weeks prior to the festival to essentially store the sun’s power by sending the electricity generated back through the electric utility meter, actually spinning the meter backwards. With more than 12 power providers, the event will be 100 percent powered from the sun. Festival attendees will have a wide selection of renewable energy and sustainable living workshops to attend, including a daily tour of the systems in operation at the festival. Green Mountain College is also a fitting location for Solarfest, as their curriculum teaches sustainable living practices, as evidenced by the student created organic garden, the newly finished green house and 1 kW wind turbine, and the 900 Watt fixed PV array on an academic building. Organizers said the event is appropriate for the whole family, with hands-on activities for children and an eclectic variety of music performed live throughout the weekend. For more details and information, please visit the link below.
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