Vehicle to grid

Nissan Wants Free Power for All EVs

Nissan today said it is expanding its collaboration with German utility E.ON in Europe to advance its vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology so EV drivers can charge their cars for free.

Utilities Plot Their Digital Future

In December, 20 months into the top job at Germany’s Innogy AG, Peter Terium unveiled a 3 billion-euro plan to transform the utility into a provider of electric car technology, digital networks, and offshore wind farms. His goal, he said, was to become “a trailblazer of change. We do not wait to see what happens. We set trends.” Terium didn’t need to wait long to see what happened. A week later, he was out of a job. 

How Should EV Owners Be Rewarded for Supporting the Grid?

A group of organizations with funding from the U.K. government will work to understand how best to reward drivers who use their electric car batteries to support the U.K.’s power grid.

Inside Renewable Energy —The Business of Blockchain: Where Cryptotech Fits for Renewables Today and...

Businesses are asking how much attention they should be paying to blockchain now and what the opportunities are for this crypto-technology in the future. In this podcast episode, Dan Wellers, Global Lead for Digital Futures for SAP, ventures into the coming possibilities of blockchain for renewables and the entire energy value chain.

“Mom, My School Bus Is a Peaking Power Plant” and Other Things We Didn’t...

It is amazing that we get to see things we never thought were possible within our lifetime. The smartphone is a great example — who could imagine that we’d have technology more advanced than what we saw on Star Trek as a kid?