Utility Profit Decoupling; Building Integrated PV

In service territories across the country, the solar industry is facing an uphill battle. Because rate cases are often structured so that more energy consumption equals more profits, utilities don’t have an incentive to encourage energy efficiency or distributed renewables. But there is a solution: Profit decoupling.

We’ll talk with Wayne Shirley, principal of the Regulatory Assistance Project, about how profit decoupling works and why it’s so important for distributed generators connecting to the grid.

Also in the podcast: We’ll explore some new PV products coming on the market. Stephen Torres, chief operating officer of Lumeta, will tell us about the company’s new “Peel and Stick” panel and its residential solar tiles.

Then John Langdon, vice president of marketing for the thin-film manufacturer HelioVolt tells us about the company’s latest venture to make building integrated PV products with its Copper Gallium Indium Selenide (CIGS) cells.

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