US Army Installs Largest Battery Storage System

by Nicholas Nhede, Smart Energy International

The US’ largest stand-alone battery energy storage system ever to be developed at an army base is being installed at Fort Carson, El Paso County in Colorado.

The project is part of an energy savings performance contract signed between the US Army, infrastructure development firm AECOM and technology provider Lockheed Martin.

The 4.25MW/8.5MWh lithium battery energy storage system is expected to help reduce energy demand during peak intervals and reduce the base’s energy costs.

John Battaglini, a director with Lockheed Martin Energy, said: “The versatility of energy storage is a key enabler for the military’s aggressive goals of achieving energy resiliency.”

The plant will help the base to optimize its solar photovoltaic assets and will be used for microgrid support.

Lockheed Martin’s energy storage batteries will be integrated with predictive analytics software developed by Growing Energy Labs to enable real-time operation, monitoring and management.

The revenue-generating system will operate behind Fort Carson’s electric utility meter.


This article was originally published at Smart Energy International and was reprinted with permission.

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