UPS gets Fuel Cell Delivery from DaimlerChrysler

Businesses in Ann Arbor expecting packages through UPS probably won’t see the well known brown van driving up to their door. DaimlerChrysler, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and UPS have joined together to put fuel cell technology on the road in a real business world situation.

Auburn Hills, Michigan – June 24, 2004 [] UPS is using an F-Cell fuel cell vehicle, which is based on a Mercedes-Benz A-Class and powered by a Ballard fuel cell, on their daily express-delivery route in southeast Michigan. “It’s been a great experience, and I love telling my customers that their package was delivered with zero emissions,” UPS driver Charmaine Farrell said. Farrell’s vehicle is fuelled at a hydrogen station at the EPA National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory. This program enables the organizations to gain considerable operational experience with a fuel cell fleet vehicle and hydrogen re-fuelling station. Substantial data in fuel economy has already been gathered from the test, which started in February of 2004. Cold weather operation and driving performance information was also compiled from the first vehicle’s short time in operation. Freight trucks on U.S. roads account for roughly 20 percent of the nation’s total transportation fuel use, and energy use by freight trucks is forecast to grow exponentially over the next two decades. Alternative fuel solutions, including hydrogen-powered vehicles, will help address environmental and energy source concerns. “This fuel cell program demonstrates how DaimlerChrysler, along with UPS and the EPA, is delivering on a challenge from President Bush for industries to create viable alternative fuel transportation solutions,” said Mark Chernoby, who is the vice president of Advanced Vehicle Engineering at the Chrysler Group.
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