Upgrade Will Nearly Triple Capacity of Germany’s Schwerin Battery Park

German utility WEMAG and energy storage software provider Younicos have begun construction on a project that will nearly triple the storage capacity of the existing Schwerin battery park.

The upgrade will double the storage resource output from 5 MW to 10 MW, while the energy capacity will increase from 5 MWh to 14.5 MWh, according to Younicos.

“The fact that WEMAG is now investing 5 million euros in order to increase the available power and energy for system service is a strong testament to the commercial success and performance of battery storage in Europe,” Alexander Schönfeldt, vice president of sales for EMEA, Younicos, said in an Oct. 5 statement.

Schwerin battery park, which was commissioned in 2014, was the first commercial battery storage resource in Europe, and participates in the region’s frequency regulation market.

WEMAG plans to commission the second power plant block in June 2017.

Lead image credit: Younicos


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